Top 10 Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames in 2019 Reviews

Photos tell the stories of the beautiful times that we have spent. We do not just capture a moment with the camera rather we capture all the emotions and good feelings of the moment along with it. That is why; happy memories and emotions flood back when you take a look at your photos. With the development of digital cameras, the need for printing the photos have reduced drastically. You can simply store the photos in folders of your computer or mobile without any hassle. But what will you do if you want to get Wireless Digital Photo Frames?

All of us want to frame our special moments or photos of special persons in front of us in order to get reminded about the happy times always. However, printing a photo, then buying a frame and sticking the photo inside it; all of it can be a highly tiring job.

With the digital wireless photo frames, you will no longer have to go through all the troubles ever again. Just store your photos in a digital photo frame and it will show your photos without any problem. Moreover, you can also add multiple photos to your frame in order to run a slideshow.

Confused about which one you need to buy? You don’t have to be worried. We have compiled a list of top 10 digital wireless photo frames in 2019 for you to have a look. Go through the list, choose the perfect one and live your memories all over again with a digital photo frame. Check out: Skip to the best wireless digital photo frame on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames Reviews

10. Andoer 10 inch LCD High Resolution Slim Multifunctional Desktop Digital Photo Frame


No matter how you use it, a digital photo frame really adds a special glory to your household.
If you are looking for an excellent piece then this is it. The Andoer doesn’t promise to be great. It is simply an affordable value for money photo frame with most standard features and sharp crisp picture quality.


  •  Can also function as Ebook, calendar, clock etc.
  •  Supports multiple formats including MP3 files.
  •  Convenient to use as it uses wireless remote.


  •  Sometimes there are freezes during slideshows.
  •  Visibly cheap build quality.

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9.17 inch LED Digital Photo Picture Frame, AKImart High Resolution 1440×900 Widescreen

AKImart-best-wireless-digital-photo-frames - Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames

We love to visit our old memories and photos serve this purpose well. The 17-inch LED Digital frame from AKImart shows the amazing slideshow of all your past memories. The advantage this photo frame has over most of its competitors is that it has high resolution and high pixel density which displays your pictures in a stunning quality.


  •  Wall mountable and has wide viewing angles.
  •  Supports 1089p video playback.
  •  Supports USB and HDMI.
  • In-built stereo speakers.
  •  Can control manually.


  •  Slideshow isn’t that fluid.
  •  Accepts memory card only up to 32 GB.

8. Aluratek (ADPF08SF) 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame


This is one of the cheapest photo frames you can find on the internet and justifies its price tag with all the necessary and standard features that this photo frame comes with. You can view all your desired photos once the slideshow button is turned on. And the 600*800 resolution makes it a hit product.


  •  Have multiple settings for a slideshow.
  •  Supports up to 32 GB via SD card.
  •  Adjustable frame.
  •  Has a premium quality wood frame that will allow you to easily control the frame.


  •  Comes with a TFT screen.
  •  Has a cheap feel to it.

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7. Ever Frames 10 inch Hi-Res Digital Picture Frame with 16 GB Memory – Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames


All we want is to stay stick onto our memories and the digital picture photo frame from Ever Frames allows you to do so. For a frame that comes in an affordable range, this one really blows you away. It even comes with a 16-GB thumb drive and supports an extensive catalog of formats.


  •  Supports several formats including JPEG, GIF, MP4, WMV and more.
  •  Can show your pictures in eight different styles of slideshow while playing desired background music.
  •  High-resolution along with superior quality TFT LED Screen.
  •  Affordable and easy to use.
  •  Have multiple language options for better understanding.


  •  Is not compatible with Mac.
  •  Sometimes there would be visible lags.

6. SSA Digital Picture Frame 10 inch (2019 Upgraded Edition) White


For cherishing on your memories, always consider the best pick. The SSA Digital Picture Frame is unique since it is user-friendly and comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has the new-age LCD screen and high resolution along with easy installation that makes it appropriate for every individual.


  •  Supports a wide range of photo, video and also music formats (MP3). It also has inbuilt speakers.
  •  Ships with a 16-GB flash drive.
  •  Comes with HU motion sensor.
  •  Easy to use.


  •  Customer service and support aren’t very helpful.
  •  Lower resolution compared to most of its competitors.

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5. Nixplay Seed 10 Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame


Looking for an easy to use digital photo frame? Nixplay Seed 10 can be a great addition to the living room or the perfect gift for your loved ones. The display can be quite sharp and the UI makes it one of the most simple to use gadgets.


  •  Can connect to several social media platforms.
  •  Photos can be shared via email or phone.
  •  It promises high-resolution display (1024*768).
  •  Comes with a motion sensor.


  •  Have to edit a lot of pictures since there are limited format and resolution support.

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4. Sony DPF-V1000 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame


This proves to be the perfect choice for any household. The technology on this is extremely good yet can be easily used by people who aren’t tech savvy. Plus, it has LCD that offers photos of high clarity and thus, you enjoy all the photos without interruption.


  •  It operates on Bluetooth. Thus no wires needed.
  •  Can be controlled with a remote.
  • Auto-correction and auto-white balance of the images.
  •  Supports all type of media.
  •  Has alarm and search function.


  •  Displays other image formats as question marks.
  •  Cannot be connected with your mobile.
  •  Does not display progressive jpeg type images.

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3. PhotoSpring (32GB) 10in WiFi Digital Photo Frame


This might be the perfect gift you were searching for your significant other. Other than having touch screen capability it even has cross platform compatibility. And moreover it is portable; hence, you can carry it anywhere.


  •  Works with Android, iOS, Mac or Windows
  •  The rechargeable battery and charging stand mean you can take this wherever you go.
  •  The automated photo collection allows you to store images and videos from any smart device.
  •  Easy to share.


  •  Battery gets drained quickly
  •  Photo frame can’t stand up while charging due to the inconvenient placement of charging port.

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2. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame


Indeed a tougher competitor. Well, the Pix-Star does it all on its crisp vibrant 10-inch display with standard storage options. But it goes the extra mile and allows the update on the photo frame via emails.


  •  Easy to use and convenient even for the elderly
  •  Anyone can update the frame with pictures from around the world via email. Supports USB sticks and SDHC and SDXC cards which make it extremely convenient.
  •  Comes with a remote.
  •  HD display and has a LED backlight.
  •  Can view all the pictures that one has saved in Picasa, Facebook and etc. It allows the user to have access to 20 online providers.
  •  One can obtain pictures directly from Pix-star frame. No added charges, one just needs an internet connection.


  •  Heavy price tag for its size.
  •  Low resolution and dpi compared to its size.

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1. NIX Advance – 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor (X08E)

NIX Advance-Wireless Digital Photo Frames

This photo frame sits at the top of the list for a reason. If you are looking for a digital photo frame which just plays a slideshow of your photos, you are going to be overwhelmed by the NIX Advance. The high-resolution display is capable of doing that along with motion sensing and all kinds of storage options.


  •  High-Resolution display for crisp slideshow of 720p videos or photos
  •  Can be controlled via remote or an app.
  •  The advanced Hu-Motion Sensor automatically turns on the beautiful frame as soon as you step inside the room and it automatically goes off when you leave the room.
  •  Have stereo speakers, as well as, the highly advanced clock/calendar function.


  •  Picture and video formats limited to JPEG and MPEG-4.
  •  Lag in the slideshow if there are a thousand or more pictures to be displayed.

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So folks, pick the best and save your memories.

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  1. bunsak Reply

    (Old versoin of this article)
    A captured and saved moment is the most treasured thing one can own. Viewing it and sharing with friends brings about blossoms of joy and excitement. With photography, capturing our best and worst times is now possible, and most importantly, with a quality wireless digital photo frame, the saved moments can now be saved, viewed and shared at any time.

    Nowadays, finding a home without photos displayed on the walls is almost impossible. It’s for this reason that wireless digital photo frames have been developed to ease with the display.

    With different brands of this product flooding the market, getting the ideal model isn’t a walk in the park. Fortunately, with us in the research world, you need not fret. We have got everything it takes to get a superior quality brand covered. With the reviews on the top ten best wireless digital photo frames, your selection should now be easy.

    Here are Top 10 Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames in 2017

    Read on to find the best product that will suit your needs best.

    10. eMotion 12 Inch Digital Picture Frame

    In the case where you need to buy a decent frame for yourself, you should think of this excellently developed wireless digital photo frame. It features some great components that make it outstanding. It comes with around 12 inches of LCD screen that conveys high-resolution images as memories of your past events. Its high resolution of 800*600 brings about a stunning display of your excellent photos that are visible even from a long distance. On purchase, you enjoy the accompanying benefit of two quality wood frames to hang some more photos in your room or office. It also features an inbuilt 2 GB memory to store more photos, applications, and even documents securely away from any harm. Its remote control allows easy control without having to get into contact with the digital picture frame.

    9. Panimage PI1002DW 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame

    A wireless digital photo frame demand to be used every day and this product is designed for everyday use without depreciating in quality. It features a 10.4-inch LCD screen and an aspect ratio of 4*3 that displays HD videos and images excellently. It also comes with a relatively sufficient internal storage of 1 GB that can hold about 5000 quality images. It features a stylish espresso design that goes well with a broad range of interior decor. It’s a WIFI enabled device. Therefore, you can connect with other storage and mobile devices effortlessly. With all these excellent features you can be sure of its high quality and performance.

    8. ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 10.1-Inch Digital Photo Frame

    This one of the fantastic and most modern digital photo frames on the market currently. It comes with a size of 10.1 inches making ideal for most of the regular photo sizes. It boasts a resolution of 1024*600 that makes your photos look bright and amazing on the wall. It features a LED backlight that illuminates your photos, making them visible in the darkest of nights. To accommodate quite some pictures, it comes with a 128 MB built-in memory. Its high brilliance of about 200cd/m2 displays your photos clearly to be seen even from a long distance. It comes with an automated on/off feature that provides efficient power usage. This wireless digital photo frame comes with a USB host to allow easy upload of photos through a USB drive. With all these exceptional features you can be sure of the best experience with this high-quality product.

    7. PanDigital PAN7000DW 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame

    This product ranks among the bestseller wireless digital photo frames for some reasons. It comes with a 7-inch LCD that presents superb photos to alter the look of your room or office. When used as instructed, it displays with an aspect ratio of 4:3. It can accommodate and store about 6400 photos securely. Its classic and stylish black theme go well with almost all room or office decors. On purchase, this device comes with a free 5-in-1 memory card reader as an added advantage which allows uploading of photos, videos and other relevant documents from various sources including XD, MS, SD, MMC, and MS-PRO. Also, this device functions as a clock and a calendar. It also comes with a Bluetooth and an on/off timer.

    6. Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame

    Many happy customers appreciate their overall experience with this powerful wireless digital photo frame. It’s a product that is made easy to use by all customers. It comes with a 7-inch digital photo screen that facilitates its great display of high-quality images. It allows uploading images through email, Facebook, and Kodak Gallery stores, making it a comfortable and flexible brand. It comes with a relatively sufficient inbuilt memory of 512 MB that facilitates the storage of quite some photos and videos securely. With its internally placed activity sensor, this digital photo frame can turn itself on when needed, without your intervention.

    5. Nixplay Original 12 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

    Are you looking for a sturdy wireless digital photo frame that will serve you for a long time? Then this product should be on the top of your wish-list. It’s a lightweight brand that makes it easy to handle and use. It comes in a smaller size as compared with its other previous versions. It is fitted with an anti-glare LED backlight that illuminates your images and videos for the best display. With this device, you can get to enjoy viewing HD videos and quality images that remind you of treasured memories. It connects quickly to WIFI, making the process of uploading content easy. It’s a wall mountable device that fits on the wall correctly for the best display.

    4. Nixplay W18A 18.5-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

    This wireless digital photo frame comes with exceptional features to all its users. It allows photo upload through the email or a compatible application. It allows playlist creation where you can select the specific photo you want to display. With a good internet connection, sharing displaying photos from a remote storage through cloud technology is now possible on this device. It works best with its well-developed Nixplay cloud technology whose accounts are free to open. Having a single Nixplay cloud account allows you to connect to up to five remote photo sources. Its display is excellent as features LED backlight to illuminate your photos to a great extent. It allows WIFI connectivity, so, interacting with this device should be easy.

    3. ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame

    This product is receiving great reviews from its enthusiasts across the globe for some reasons. It features a high-resolution screen of about 800*600 pixels that brings out a stunning display of your images. Understanding that most users prefer thin frames this product is developed with an 8-inch ultra slim frame that makes it ideal for most stylish customers. As added advantages, this product features a calendar and a clock that ensures you are always up-to-date, and your projects will never fall behind schedule. It also supports a broad range of storage spaces including SD, MMC, and SDHC. You need not fret about your photo format as it supports both JPG and JPEG. With its on/off feature, you are always sure that it’s off when not in use.

    2. Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

    The high and excellent performance of this photo frame make it exciting to use as it never disappoints. It’s a stable digital photo frame that is easy to position in your room. Its sufficient memory of 4GB is worth noticing as it allows you to store about 15000 high definition images securely, free from any harm. Uploading images have never been this easy; it supports USB and SDHC memory cards making it uploading your images effortless. It supports upload through a wide variety of current applications such as SmugMug, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa just to mention a few. It’s advised to update this product regularly, to get a chance to experience its ever-growing benefits. It requires little or no maintenance; therefore, minimal costs are incurred after purchase.

    1. Aluratek ADPF08SF 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame-Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames

    At number one is this Aluratek Digital Image Frame; that’s the most prolific wireless digital photo frame on the market so far. Its excellent features make it outstanding among all the brands featured in our top ten. It comes with an 8-inch high resolution of about 800*600 with a TFT color that displays your images incredibly. You no longer need to worry about the format of your memory card as it supports both SDHC and SD. It’s designed from a robust material, making it durable to serve you for a long time. It comes with a customizable stand to get the best position of this frame while viewing your images. Finally, it features an automated slide show feature essential in displaying your images with minimal intervention.

    All these brands that rank in our top ten are designed to meet and exceed high-quality standards. Your selection should be easy having brought you the best from the hundreds on the market today. Go for a product that suits your need best.

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