Top 10 Best Windproof Lighters in 2019 Reviews

If you are planning to visit high altitude areas which are very windy or cold, you should carry a windproof lighter with you. To most people, lighters are mostly associated with cigarettes. Honestly, windproof lighters can help you light different things such as lamps, the fireplace and more during winter. In addition, these lighters can be used as defense tools against hostile animals (for those who love mountain climbing and camping). Skip to the best windproof lighter on Amazon.

List of top 10 best windproof lighters in 2019

Today, there are many brands of windproof lighters and each of them comes with unique features. Therefore, you should know 2019’s best windproof lighters before shopping. Here, you will find the top 10 best windproof lighters in 2019 reviews.

10. 5-Pack 45 Angle-degree Jet Flame Refillable Windproof

Best Windproof Lighters

These lighters are designed to produce a single flame which can be adjusted manually. It’s a very reliable and windproof angle torch lighter package. It comes as a 5 pack where each lighter has a different color. The refill nozzle is at the bottom hence you can re-fill it once the lighter dries out. Lastly, these lighters use a Piezo electric ignition system and must be used with one hand to prevent the chain from breaking.

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9. Scorch Torch Aficionado Cigar Lighter


This windproof lighter uses butane gas. It weighs about 3.8 ounces and its dimensions are 1 inch by 0.86 inches by 3.13 inches. This model is very easy to use and comes with an adjustable flame control feature. For long-lasting usability, the Scorch Torch comes with state-of-the-art internal and external design parameters. It uses a Piezo electric ignition system and is refillable. Never start the lighter when re-filling.

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8. Scorch Torch Dominator Cigar Lighter


The Scorch Torch Dominator was designed to make lighting easy for users. It comes with an adjustable flame control and butane refillable features. There’s also a cigar punch accessory and an automatic open safety cap accessory. Its refill valve stem is located at the bottom. While re-filling, ensure that you set it to a minimum by turning the knob clockwise. Even though this lighter is heavy, it comes with an enjoyable triple jet system.

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7. Tesla Coil LightersTM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter


The Tesla Coil lighter comes with a USB rechargeable feature which makes it a one-of-a-kind lighter. It weighs about 3 ounces and has measurements of 3 by 1.75 by 0.5 inches. It’s very simple and safe to use as you can light it by just clicking a button. Once fully charged, it can last up to 100-300 uses or 7 days. This lighter doesn’t require butane or flames.

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6. NOVA Lighter Electric Plasma Windproof Arc USB


The NOVA Lighter is available in Gold color. It’s a double arc lighter and uses USB recharge system. It has a very sleek design. Once fully charged, its battery lasts long enough even when under heavy use such as starting camping fires or lighting candles. To light, it, just push the button and a purple electricity arc will jump across the top.

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5. 4-Pack Jumbo Lighter


Unlike other models, the Jumbo Lighter is 4 inches tall and comes with a single flame-side gun lighter. Users can adjust the flame and re-fill the lighter once it runs dry. It uses butane gas and generates a blue jet flame. It comes to a 4-pack package where each container has a different color.

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4. GStar Torch-Zilla Series


The GStar TorchZilla is a 4.5 inches refillable windproof lighter that utilizes the lock flame feature. It’s very user-friendly and safe for both adults and children. It comes with only four colors; blue, stainless steel, white and purple. This lighter produces a crisp blue flame that makes it ideal for lighting cigars and fireworks.

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3. BOLT Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter


The BOLT Lighter is a USB rechargeable windproof lighter. It weighs about 2.6 ounces and measures 3 by 1.5 by 0.5 inches. The box contains a carrying pouch and USB charging cable. It lights at the push of a button hence very convenient and safe to use. Once fully charged, this lighter can last up to 100-300 uses.

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2. Padgene Electronic Pulse Double Arc Cigarette Lighter


Decorated with a Chinese Dragon logo, the Padgene Lighter generates a flameless electric arc during operation. While fully charged, it can last up to 500 uses. You only need 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery. The LED indicator will notify you when fully charged. The best things about this lighter are; flameless lighting, no gas/fluid, energy saving, windproof and can be charged using PC.

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1. Zippo All in One Kit-Best Windproof Lighters


The Zippo is a classic lighter that comes with a refined matte chrome finish. It includes four ounces of lighter fluid and 6 replacement flints with installation tools. Add, it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty hence very durable. It weighs about 4 ounces. Its refillable compartment doesn’t require unscrewing – just pull out the felt pad and put it back in.

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Now that you have known the top 10 windproof lighters of 2019, it’s time to own one now. These lighters are very affordable and environmentally friendly. Whether its ranked number 1 or 5, each lighter comes with unique features that will blow your mind.

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