Top 15 Best Ice Packs in 2018 Reviews

Are you struggling from pain due to your injury? There are best alternative methods you can apply to reduce the pain you feel. For many people, they consider the application of cold ice packs to the area where they experience more pain. Cold ice packs are beneficial to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling from the injuries into other kinds of conditions like arthritis.

Benefits of Cold Ice Packs

Once you apply cold ice packs to the area where you feel the pain, the temperature of the ice will help to numb the affected area that cause to lessen the pain you feel. Aside from this, for you to achieve the pain relief you want, the application of the cold ice packs can also constricts your blood vessels to the particular area. That is why, it is considered as one of the effective option for you to reduce the blood flow on your injury and brings down the swelling effectively.

Buying Guide for Cold Ice Packs

Before you purchase your cold ice packs, there are lots of things that you should consider first. All of these things should be put in your mind to ensure that you will find the best products for cold ice packs.

  • Consider the kind of injury you have so you can find the right fit in your affected area in your body.
  • Think if your cold packs will allow you to move during its application.
  • Learn if the product is easy to include in your belongings in case you need to travel.
  • Look for the best size that suits your needs and if it is ideal for your budget.
  • Learn which kind of product is ready to use in times you will need it instantly.

With this things above, you will have assurance that you will find the best cold ice products you are looking for.

List of 15 Best cold ice packs in 2018

To help you find the best product, here is the Top 15 cold ice packs review 2018:

1. Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy.

Best Ice Packs in 2107

It is reusable gel pack that is perfect for cold pack or heat wrap and suitable to any injuries like hip, ankle, neck, claves, shoulder, waist, back and other parts of your body. That is why most of the people considered this product as first aid that is essential for sport injuries, muscle pains and body aches. This product is made from non-toxic gel that is filled in flexible plastic, leak proof and certified and approved by the FDA.


  • It can be used both for cold and heat therapy since the ice pack gel is reusable wherein you can heat it to the microwave or frozen it.
  • Offers fast pain relief anywhere you are and whatever time you need it.
  •  It is highly recommended by doctors, physical therapist, sports trainers and other chiropractors.
  •  Offers great flexibility as your injury treatment since it has flexible strap that is wide and long enough to make it secure and comfortable on your body parts.
  •  It is also useful in your sports, exercise and some general relaxation.


  • The Velcro strap may impossible to wrap your waist if you are big person.

2.Back Gel Ice Pack Wrap for Hot & Cold Therapy.

Back Gel Ice Pack Wrap

This product is very suitable for pain relief especially to large areas of your body like your lumbar, shoulders, thighs and torso. It is also adjustable and can wrap your body parts securely through its Velcro straps. This is the product that is designed for multiple uses since it is reusable and both applicable for hot and cold therapy. The of this back gel ice pack wrap will guarantee you that you will achieve the best results since it provides real safety that is very efficient for your treatment process.


  •  It is flexible to use and can be adjusted to find the right fit that is perfect for you.
  •  Provides great comfort during the application process and ensure that it is secure and can be tighten during your cold and hot therapy on large area of your body
  •  It is perfect treatment to make you stay mobilize.
  •  It is design for many uses if you have the ability to provide extra care in using this product.


  •  It may lose the cold ice packs in a short manner of time and get it to be cold easily.

3.Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy, Blue Vinyl, Large/Standard-Size Cold Pack (11″ x 14″).

Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy

This product is designed by Chattanooga ColPac that provides soothing effect during your cold therapy. It provides instant relief for strains, sprains, bruises and treats fever and at the same time manages your swelling.


  • Offers instant relief of different pains that last for almost 30 minutes.
  • Simple to use in the affected area of your body and control easily the inflammation of your soft tissue.
  •  It is latex free and filled with silica gel that makes to be safe by all ages.
  •  It is durable and used as first safety kits in whatever team sports.
  • Recommended by physical therapist, trainers, and doctors.


  • Best only for cold therapy.

4.Primacare PCP-69 Instant Cold Pack with Cover Size 6″ x 9″.

Primacare PCP-69 Instant Cold Pack

If you consider this product as your choice, you will get two bags, one with ammonium nitrate and the other one with water. These package is used for first aid kit for different sports which is considered as one of the best alternative for crushed ice.


  • It is very lightweight and compact.
  • There is no need for you to put in your refrigerator.
  • Easy to use and activate since all you have to do is shake the packet to mix the contents.
  • Effective to all sports injuries.


  • The coldness it provides cannot last longer if the injury requires longer hour to reduce the inflammation.

5. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack, 5 Inches x 9 Inches, 24-Count

Dynarex Instant Cold Pack

It is the best cold pack that is great treatment for minor injuries, abrasions, sprains and contusions. It has high ratings in the market since it has lots of positive feedbacks from its users.


  • It is very easy to activate and use and ensure to provide you instant relief you are looking for.
  • It can offer you some anesthetic effect in the affected area of your body.
  • It can immediately relieves the pain and aches that you are suffering from.
  • The content of this product is that it has calcium Ammonium Nitrate that is very safe to use.


  • There are times that it is hard to make it cold quickly.

6. ColePak Comfort Ice Packs for Injuries – 2 Reusable Hot Cold Gel Pack & 1 Wrap Pouch – Adjustable Velcro Straps.

ColePak Comfort Ice Packs for Injuries

It is the product that is design for your knee, arms, ankles, head, shoulder, upper back or neck injuries and provides you great relief for couple of minutes. So if you don’t want to ease your pain, then this product is the best option for you.


  • It will help you save your cost since it has two reusable cold and hot gel packs.
  • Easy and convenient to use if you have injury.
  • It can fits to all sizes and very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you want to go.
  • It is best if you have sports injuries, fever, headaches, toothaches and swelling.


  • You will find it small to wrap in your lower back portion of your body.

7. Comfort Gel Pack (10×15 Size).

Comfort Gel Pack

If you are looking for cold ice products that come from instant ice pack, then this product is the best option for you. Through the use of it, you will have assurance that you will relieve the pain that you are suffering and avoid the costly surgery rehabilitation. This packs are perfect to fridge or to heat and works effectively.


  • It helps to reduce the swelling and discomfort you feel.
  • Ideal to use if you have pains and aches.
  • It includes the complete guide of instructions to ensure the safety of its use.
  • It is non- toxic product and permitted to use in your home or in clinics.
  • Provides lifetime warranty.


  • Read the instruction first to ensure that you are doing the exact things it requires you.

8. Rainbow 2 Flexible Reusable gel ice pack for Hot or Cold Therapy ( 4.3″ x 9.8″, set of 2) soft PE material film by back sealing.

Rainbow 2 Flexible Reusable gel ice pack

Among other cold ice packs reviewed, this product is very different in which it is best to recommend in you. It provides you its best features such as certified by the FDA and CE, it provides multipurpose use, microwaveable and reusable and very soft.


  • It serves as your first aid, coolers, pain relief or physical therapy.
  • It is perfect for joint pain, arthritis and sports injuries.
  • Both used for cold and hot therapy.
  • It can delivers quick relief on the affected area of your body.


  • There is no con for this product so far.

9. 4×10 Gel Pack Reusable Hot Packs Microwavable, Ice Cold Packs for First Aid, Lunchbox, Coolers, or Pain Relief by Ice Wraps.

4x10 Gel Pack Reusable Hot Packs Microwavable

If you are looking for gel packs that you can use as your personal and health care products for your daily routine, then this is the best product for you. It is very popular in the market since it is very effective to treat muscle pain that is why, most of the people consider include it in their first aid kit.


  • Durable and safe to use in which it has the ability to maintain the temperature longer.
  • It is specifically design for providing you great comfort to cover the curves of your body.
  • It is very convenient to use and ensures that will make you feel satisfied and happy with its results.
  • Both applicable for hot and cold therapy applications and best for pain relief.


  • It is smaller in size.

10.Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Ice Wrap with 2 Hot / Cold Gel Packs.

Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Ice Wrap with 2 Hot / Cold Gel Packs

For those people who are looking for effective treatment for foot and ankle pain this is the best product to recommend in you. It can cover your entire foot and provide the soothing effect in your ankle or foot thus offers you its best features in which most of the people considered it as their perfect tool.


  • It is adjustable due to its Velcro straps and finds it breathable.
  • Both perfect for hot and cold therapy.
  • Easy to use and reusable.
  • It is effective for reducing your swelling, treat your plantar fasciitis, weak ankles and feet, arthritic and sprain.


  • The size of this product may not fit all.

11.Koo-Care 2 Flexible Gel Ice Pack and 1 Wrap with Elastic Velcro Strap for Hot / Cold Therapy, 11-Inch-by-5.9-Inch.

Koo-Care 2 Flexible Gel Ice Pack

If you are sports lover and involve in some injury, this product will help you ease your pain and treat your injury. It features flexibility, softness, microwaveable and reusable, with 2 large gel packs and many more. Because of this, most of the athletes opt to use this product and include it in their own kit.


  • It is best for hot and cold compress.
  • Essential as your first aid in any sports injuries and muscles pain.


  • The temperature will not last long as expected.

12.Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs – Set of 4.

Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Pack

This product can fit to all kinds of boxes and lunch bags that considered by lots of people as the convenient and innovative solutions to have healthy eating in school or work.


  • It is perfect for lunch of your kids as well as adults.
  • Now your lunch will guarantee to become healthy at all times.
  • It is best to use in tailgating or camping and safe to use every day.
  • It is very convenient, safe and long lasting.


  • Very thin and small.

13.Gel Ice Pack Cold Compress – 2-Pack LARGE.

Gel Ice Pack Cold Compress

It is themost comfortable and reusable cold compress today that offers immediate therapy, rehabilitation and pain relief for injuries that gives you assurance that you will no longer need to look further since it is very useful for multiple settings and common injuries.


  • It is very soft to touch and durable for dozen times of use.
  • It is very versatile since it is applicable to all parts of the body.
  • One of the superior for pain relief and offers long term therapy.
  • Provides great satisfaction due to its positive and effective results.


  • Easy to frozen in your refrigerator especially if not in use.

14. Ice Packs (6 Pcs) – Cool Reusable Freezer Pack – Latest Colorful Cold Packs.

Ice Packs

If you want to keep your beverages and foods cold and fresh, this is the best ice packs for you. It is best to be your cooler bag, ice pack for your lunch box and very perfect if you want to perform camping, fishing, picnics, outdoor activities and many more.


  • It is made from high quality materials.
  • Safe, high efficient and long lasting.
  • It is non- toxic and BFA free.
  • It is very lightweight and provides colorful and fun design.


  • Small in size.

15. CryoMAX Reusable, Latex Free, 8 Hour Cold Pack, Medium, 12″ x 6″.

CryoMAX Reusable

There is no longer a need for you to worry about your pain in different parts of your body since this product will be very beneficial for you. It is now starting to recognize in the market and commonly chosen by lots of people.


  • It can last for about eight hours of use.
  • Very flexible product and easy to use.
  • Reusable and find it as worthy for your investment.
  • Provides perfect fit for your mobility.


  • It is easy to leak.

This concludes that the list mentioned above are considered as the top 15 best cold ice packs 2018 that is available in the market today. Choosing one of this products will guarantee you that you will have a good choice.

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    Old version of this article

    Sometimes it’s nice to have a good ice pack with you. If you are going out hiking, bike riding, or fishing for the whole day, you need to load your bag with something such ice. It is vital that besides you having all that you need for your outdoor activities, you carry something to keep you fresh. Ice can be messy if it melts and might irritate you. Don’t worry; we have you covered. A good Ice packs range has a patent design and able to freeze water. They can also be reusable, flexible and harmless. If you are intending to go out this weekend and don’t have a good ice pack, below is a list of the top rated.
    10. Koo-Care Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap

    This is quite a purchase. You get an ice bag, straps, and a wrap. These will help you strap the ice bag to the hurting region. This added versatility allows you to go on with life. Since you will be moving around, you do not have to worry about the water spilling out. There is a leak proof lock and the material used cannot be punctured.

    9. Rubbermaid Blue Ice Block

    Ice is not the coldest thing. The Rubbermaid Blue Ice is so cold it freezes water when placed in a jar of water. The product delivers as the manufacturers claim. It fits well and stays frozen for hours. There are times the liquid freezes and causes the container to bulge. This unit will guarantee you superior performance and the best thing is that it is fairly priced.

    8. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs

    These are circular coolers. They are multicolored, and they come in the hot and cold versions. This is a unique feature missing from competing products. These are ideal for tired and puffy eyes and insects bites. Your child can use the first aid pack which comes with the package. The set is also ideal for skin care and beauty treatment.

    7. Ice Wraps Round Blue Gel Ice Packs

    The features of these products are Safety, Convenience, Versatility and Fast relief. The product is safe since the gel used is spring water. It is flexible, reusable and harmless. Convenience is seen by how easily you can store it in a freezer. Fast relief comes for a range of minor ailment ranging from puffy eyes and headaches but not limited to insect bites.

    6. Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers Ice Packs (4 Pack – Blue)

    This is a product particularly useful to mothers. It comes as a set of four. It is perfect for lunch boxes and lunch bags for your children and also for your husband. They are made to fit a lunch box and lunch cooler. The pack is ultra slim and safe for humans. The materials making this ice pack, are not toxic and are BPA free.

    5. Mueller Ice Bag

    If there is a product which Hollywood has popularized, this is the one. Every actor who wakes up with a cold in the morning is seen with the Muller bag on his head. The reason behind this fast adoption is it is easy to use. It gives customers a bang for their buck. Additionally, this is a primary tool in a first aid kit for minor injuries.

    4. FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack A6300-COLD-Best Ice Packs

    This is the largest pack regarding the surface area. Health care professionals vouch for the product. They have used the pack to relieve pain from arthritis and injured patients. The gel stays colder for longer as opposed to competing products. The package is professionally made, so you never have to worry about the liquid inside spilling out. You will also be happy to notice you can wash it and reuse it.

    3. Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy, Black Polyurethane Cold Pack

    Chattanooga is a patented design aimed at relieving your painful bruises and swelling. This product is a best seller on Amazon for a couple of reasons. One of these is the high esteem the product holds with sports therapists and trainers. This is a vote of confidence you should take seriously. The products are so goo that patients report relief in only 30 minutes. You are, however, cautioned from using the pack in heat treatments. Therefore, you are never to put it in a microwave to use in hot treatments.

    2. Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy Cold Pack

    When you accidentally bump your head on a kitchen counter, this cool pack’s soothing cold therapy delivers the calming effect your wound needs. It provides instant pain relief. Don’t limit the effectiveness of this pack only to injuries. You will find the pack very useful for a fever, a sprain or strain. A pack is made of latex-free material. The silica gel is not lethal, and the pack is safe for all ages.

    1. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs

    A school is a place of learning. Accidents know no bounds. Fit & Fresh Cool is a pack small enough to fit in a lunch box. The set is colorful. This set can also be used to preserve your child’s food. The lunch sandwich is sure to stay fresh all through the day. At work, they are small enough to carry around in case of accidents. Better still you could use them to pack fruits for your husband as he goes to work.

    Ice packs can be the best for your cooler. All you need to do is to choose the best that can meet your needs. It is also good that after you purchase one, you learn how it works to avoid disappointments. Additionally, it is also good to read the instructions or to know if you are cautioned against something. If there is a warning against using the pack in heat treatments, you should avoid doing that. This list of the top ten best Ice packs will help you choose one.

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