Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2022 Reviews

Throughout the years, knives have always been used for a wide range purposes. Some people have been able to use knives to save their lives while some use them for practical purposes like cutting through cardboard and obviously in the kitchens. In order for your knife to be totally effective, it’s vital for the blade to be sharpened. This usually presents a sort of a problem for the newbies to this trade. However, you should not worry because we have a comprehensive guide that will enable you to find the best knife sharpeners. Here are the top 10 best electric knife sharpeners in 2022 reviews:

List of Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2022

10. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Platinum Knife-Sharpening Station

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Platinum Knife-Sharpening Station

This electric sharpener has 100 percent abrasives and it can strop, steel and sharpen nearly any type of knife that you own and use on a regular basis at home. This super hardened mini steel sharpener works quickly and it will sharpen even all the dullest edges in a very short period of time. It also has an angle-guided sharpening system that’s also fool proof. As a result, even if you’ve never used electric sharpeners, it’s impossible to make any mistake with this one.

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9. Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpeners

 Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpeners

This multi-stage sharpener is mostly used to hone non-serrated knife edges in a short period of time. The sharpening wheels on this model are composed of the ultra-hard sapphire that lets one acquire very finely sharpened edges. The inexperienced folks will not have to struggle with the angular positioning of their knife since the equipment offers the precision blade guide position for the best results.

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8. Work Sharp WSKTO-KO Tool and Knife Sharpeners

Work Sharp WSKTO-KO Tool and Knife Sharpeners

This is an all-purpose electric sharpener. The device weighs around 4 pounds and it measures 5.5 x 10 x 6 inches thus making it easily portable for several tasks at home or when on the move. The sharpener is also stylish, precise and it offers an easy way for achieving sharp blades on any knives. It has an adjustable sharpening guide that allows the users to operate in 1, 15 or 30-degree increments. The speeds usually vary. Both serrated and straight knives deliver high-quality results. Achieve quick, easy and repeatable results on all types of knives each time you use this electric sharpener.

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7. Chef’s Choice 320 White Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 320 White Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

The sharpener features a unique patented polishing and stropping stage that ensures your knife comes out perfectly every time. The 2 stage sharpening also makes sure that your knife stays sharper longer. In addition, the 100 percent diamond honing results in the sharpest finish every time you run the knife through this sharpening tool. The precision guides also guarantee the perfect angle every time you use this sharpener irrespective of the knives that you run through the device.

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6. McGowan Diamond’s Stone Electric Knife Sharpeners

McGowan Diamond’s Stone Electric Knife Sharpeners

The diamond and ceramic stone wheels on the McGowan sharpener gives a hollow ground edge for high-quality sharpening. It’s extremely easy to operate this sharpener. Furthermore, its no-slip rubber feet covers guard your countertop against cuts and nicks. The price is quite reasonable. The sharpener weighs less than two pounds and it can sit easily on the kitchen countertop.

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5. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor EdgeSelect Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor EdgeSelect Sharpener

This multistage electric sharpener has been specially designed for American, European and Asian style knives. The sharpener can reprofile the 20-degrees edge to the 15-degrees edge. It also has an adjustable spring guide that helps you in getting accurate angular position each time. The sharpener works great on both straight and serrated blades. Due to its wide range of uses, it is among of the top-selling knife sharpeners all over the world.

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4. Kitchen IQ 50142-Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Kitchen IQ 50142-Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

This is a great knife sharpener with a rubber hand grip that has been designed for ultimate control. The sharpener also features a very convenient clean-out slot found at the bottom. Its nonslip feet ensures easy and accurate sharpening without experiencing any wobbling. The device has the ceramics wheel cleaning brush. It sharpens effortlessly and quickly as compared to other models in the market.

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3. Ceramic Edge Pro

Ceramic Edge Pro

The Ceramic Edge Pro sharpener provides a revolutionary design that has interlocking wheel construction. This construction produces a more advanced sharpening quality that is even, efficient and also leaves blades free of imperfections and of burrs. It sharpens both sides of the blade at once. However, this serrated edge sharpener has only one angle choice for sharpening.

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2. Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

This latest sharpening tool from Wusthof features 3 individual slots for sequential stages of sharpening. It has the PETec technology that allows users to restore the sharpness of all types of knives while also extending the lifespan of the knife. The 100 percent diamond coated abrasion wheel is perfect for the polishing and realignment of dull knives.

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1. Angle Select Model 1520

Angle Select Model 1520

The Angle Select Model 1520 sharpener is well-built to sharpen all kinds of knives, including Asian, American, and European blades. The sharpener also features the pure diamond abrasives which handle several blends of ceramics and steel with ease. The knife guides on this model are extra precise and it also has multistage sharpening system.

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Whether you’re a profession chef who cooks daily or somebody who infrequently uses the knives in the kitchen, having great knife sharpener will save you money and time because you won’t have to replace the old, dull knives every few years. With the right electric knife sharpener, not only can you bring the dull knives back to life but you can also sharpen your favorite knives with a lot of ease in a few seconds. Precision guides, a simple design, and ergonomic grips are some of the important features that these sharpeners offer to the users. Depending on the quality of your knives and the amount of money that you want to spend set, the above list consists of the best electric knife sharpeners that you can consider when you need to restore the old knife sets.

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