Top 10 Best Bookcases for Kids in 2020 Reviews

The bookcases are present in hundreds of designs. It will be best for your kids to select a bookcase with a standard design which comes with multiple shelving units with height or width adjustable function. Apart from that, you can bring cube-patterned bookcase, which is very much easy to assemble and organize. There are several types of bookcase you can hassle-freely choose for your kids’ room. The following is the list of the top 10 best bookcases for kids in 2020.

List of Best Bookcases for Kids Review

10. UTEX Kids’ Book Caddy

UTEX Bookcases for Kids

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This bookcase for kids involves the construction of premium-quality wood to offer durability and long service life. The whole construction also supports stress-free installation and takedown. Moreover, this X-style bookcase comes with a bottom storage rack to keep several objects. This organizer helps to keep books, toys, colors, and more other items with ease.

This low-profile bookcase is also suitable for any bedroom, nursery, living room and more other places. Furthermore, this furniture is an ideal present for different occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, housewarming parties, and so on.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Entirely wooden, child-safe construction.
  • Comes with an innovative X-shaped structure.
  • An ideal present for multiple occasions.

9. C&AHOME Tree Bookcase


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The vertical-storing design of this bookcase for kids is an ultimate space-saver in any small room. Without compromising any book, you can also effortlessly store every book of your kids by using this case. Moreover, this free-standing case involves the construction of bamboo-derived wood for better stability and durability.

The case is suitable for both kids and adults. Furthermore, you can utilize this furniture as an organizer at your office, bedroom, living room, apartment room, and so on. The rounded edges of this case provide protection against accidental bumping as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with vertical storage option.
  • Naturally wear-resistant bamboo construction.
  • Curved edges prevent accidental injuries.

8. HOMFA Storage Organizer Rack

Homfa Bookcases for Kids

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Derived from top-quality MDF board material, this bookcase stands for durability and multi-functionality. The bookcase also includes different colored storage drawers at the bottom of this case. Moreover, the four-tier sling shelves of this furniture come with the construction of the eco-friendly, child-safe, and non-woven fabric.

The whole bookcase is also able to hold up to 33-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the furniture is easy to assemble and takedown. This unit supports hassle-free cleaning as well. Even, the bookcase is suitable for placing on the nursery, bedroom, living room, or playroom.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with four-level sling shelves.
  • The fabric is child-safe.
  • Very much easy to clean.

7. 3 Sprouts Book Rack

3 Sprouts Bookcases for Kids

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This bookcase for kids involves the construction of high-quality wood and polyester material. The polyester 5-tier sling sleeves also come with a cute owl print. Moreover, the wooden frame makes this case extremely robust and durable. The space-saving furniture is suitable for placing at any tight space.

This bookcase is also ideal for any child above three years old. Furthermore, the case accommodates multiple books with different sizes. You can easily store each of the books in a front-facing position for better readability. This space-saving furniture takes very lesser space in your kids’ room.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with multiple shelves.
  • Keeps the books in front-facing condition.
  • Accommodates books with various sizes.

6. Pidoko Kids Bookcase

Pidoko Kids

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This bookcase comes with high-grade wooden framing to offer excellent sturdiness and durability. The five-tier fabric sling sleeves of this case also allow you to store several books for kids without any hassle. Moreover, the pocket-style sleeves help your kids to keep the books in an organized way all by themselves.

The whole construction is also easy to assemble and disassemble and totally child-safe. Furthermore, the soft canvas shelves do not cause any damage to the books. The bookcase comes with a low-profile design to support convenient storage as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with pocket-shaped sleeves.
  • Supports hassle installation and takedown.
  • Comes with sturdy wooden framing.

5. Haotian Kids Bookcase

Haotian Bookcases for Kids

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This multi-purpose bookcase not only holds your kids’ books but also it keeps some other items in an organized manner. The case is only suitable for kids above three years. Moreover, this furniture involves the construction of a top-grade MDF board. The bookcase has two bottom organizers to store several objects.

The whole construction also supports a hassle-free installation. Furthermore, this case is able to load the maximum weight of 60-lbs. The stand-alone case comes with three-tier racks to store books with several sizes. The bookcase comes along with a walled back panel for convenient storage.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with free-standing structure.
  • The pair of bottom organizers.
  • Comes with exceptional weight-bearing capacity.

4. KidKraft Wooden Bookcase


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This stylish yet sober bookcase is an ultimate space-saver for any tight space. With an exquisite chevron-pattern of the pastel-colored canvas, this bookcase also looks very much soothing and decorative. Moreover, the five fabric sling sleeves are able to hold multiple books with different sizes.

This kids’ bookcase also allows them to reach to their books without much difficulty. Furthermore, you can store all of their books by front faced condition for easier readability. The wooden frame acquires a minimal space in your room. The case is able to hold any coloring, hardcover, board book, and more.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with an exclusive pattern.
  • Comes with minimalist design.
  • Easily accessible to kids.

3. Binxin Kids Bookshelf

Binxin Bookcases for Kids

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This bookcase for kids involves a really strong material construction and lasts for years. The 9-tier cubic storage with 360-degree access also helps you to store several items including books like a breeze. Moreover, the framing of the shelves involves the construction of galvanized iron. The plastic bottom layer of the case provides protection against scratches.

With a generous size, each of the cubes also offers ample space to store books, toys, clothes as well as decorative pieces. Furthermore, each of the compartments comes with the cover of non-woven, water-resistant, and dirtproof fabric.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Scratch-resistant plastic base.
  • Comes with dust-resistant fabric sleeves.
  • Comes with several storage cubes.

2. Tot Tutors Book Rack

Tot Tutors

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This stylish and practical bookcase for kids comes with a tactical design to save a lot of space in your kids’ room. With the help of fabric sling sleeves, this case also has access to a total of five racks for storing books. The sleeves are mostly compatible with various book-sizes.

The low-profile case is also suitable for placing almost every corner of your house. Furthermore, all of these cases are available in elegant pastel colors to choose from. The wooden frame of this furniture comes with the sophisticated espresso finishing.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with matte color finish.
  • Suitable for any room décor.
  • Comes with several racks.

1. Sauder 3-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder Bookcases for Kids

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This simple yet highly-functional bookcase supports hassle-free assembly. The bookcase for kids also comes with two upper shelves with height-adjustable functionality. Moreover, the high-grade wooden construction of this furniture makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The gentle and smooth white-paint finishing of this case makes it looks extremely sober.

The adjustable racks also allow you to customize the storage according to your requirement. Furthermore, the bookcase comes with walled back panel for fall-free storage. The child-safe construction and adjustable function allow your kids to store their toys as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with a beautiful white finish.
  • Comes with easily adjustable racks.
  • Accommodates books and toys.

Buying Guide For Bookcase For Kid

Here are tips to hand-pick the appropriate bookcase for your kids:


It is one of the important factors to consider before choosing a bookcase. If you want a bookcase for any tight space, then you need to look for one which is both low-profile and highly-functional. The size of a case is dependable on some aspects like height, width, and depth of the bookcase.


As you are purchasing a bookcase for your toddlers, so you need to buy one which is suitable for their height. However, it is beneficial to select a case within the height of 3 to 4-feet. The smaller ones allow your kids to have proper access to each of the books.


The width of the bookcase entirely depends on the height of it. It is beneficial for you to purchase a smaller unit with multiple shelves with additional width. However, your kids can utilize the vertical space of the storage. Somehow, you are targeting to purchase a long bookcase then finding shelves with narrow space will before practical yet aesthetic.


You must opt for a bookcase for kids, which offers minimum 12-inch deep storage space. As they have to keep their various sizes of hardboard books, coloring books and so on. Nevertheless, your babies need extra space in their bookcase to fit all of their books without any mess.

If you choose a height-adjustable bookcase, then it will be much more flexible than any fixed bookcase. It entirely depends on you how much shelves space you need for storing your kids’ things.


Off course, it is the main factor to take care of before choosing a bookcase for your children. Generally, you just have to buy a case for your above three years old kids. You need to double-check if the construction is child-safe or not. It is always better to choose a bookcase with wood, MDF board, or bamboo framing. If you are interested in buying fabric sling shelves, make sure the fabric is safe your kids.


A bookcase for kids is important so that they can keep their books and toys in an organized way. Besides, it helps them to keep different objects in different compartments, and it is going to be easy for the parents to organize items perfectly. Check out the buying guide so that you can purchase the best bookcase for your kids. We have listed all the different types of bookcases for kids to choose from.

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    What’s the best gift you could offer your growing child? -THE VIRTUE OF BEING ORGANISED. Yes. Teaching your child to be organized is one of the best roles that you can ever play in the life of your little one/s as a parent/guardian. Purchasing a bookcase for your kids could work magic in installing the virtue of organization in your little ones. Bookcases ensure that your kid’s books stay neat and organized at all times right from the early schooling years. No more excuses. It’s time to get your loved ones one or two high-quality bookcases. So, how do you determine the best bookcase for your kids? How do you identify the most stable, durable, well-designed, appealing and space-saving bookcases for kids?

    Cheer up, for all your queries regarding bookcases for kids, are settled in this post. We come in to ensure that you get the best bookcase for your children. We have thoroughly analyzed most of the available children bookcases on the major online markets. Eventually, we picked the top ten products in this category. The following reviews of the top ten best bookcases for kids in 2019 are prepared in the quest to ease your selection. Read on below to identify the best bookcases for your loved little ones.

    List of Top 10 Best Bookcases for Kids in 2019

    10. KidKraft Bookcase

    This is just another bookcase model from Kidkraft whose excellent design and development allow it to rank among the top ten products in this category. It’s a bookcase designed to aid young readers to store their precious books in an organized manner. It features five, well-spaced, robust canvas slings that hold a significant number of books. What’s more, the featured slings are designed to store books in the front-facing direction for easy picking by little children. You will love the appealing gray theme that allows it to elevate the look of any room by a large degree. The convenient size of this bookcase makes it ideal for limited spaces.

    9. Front-Facing Kids Bookcase and Book Display

    Ensure that your little ones read with ease and in a fun way with the help of this award-winning Kid’s Bookcase from Tidy Books manufacturing. Its professional design ensures that books are easily accessible even by the little children. By displaying the front page of each book stored in it, this bookcase allows a child to pick the right book without your intervention. For sure, this kid’s bookcase is a stylish and practical investment that will help your little ones interact with books in the best way. Your children’s safety is greatly looked into throughout the making of this bookcase as its top is designed to securely screw to the wall thus preventing the shelf from falling. Furthermore, this bookcase is well-finished with water lacquer of low VOCs which has been proved to be safer for the environment, the producer, and the little ones. It holds an adequate number of books on its slim-line shelves. Its slim design makes it excellent for small apartments and playrooms.

    8. KidKraft Bookcase

    Right from its eye-catching appeal, you can tell that this bookcase has all you need to cater for your children’s storage needs appropriately. It’s available in three distinct color options including natural, espresso and white. This bookcase brings you six convenient storage compartments that could be used to store toys, books, among other essential items. Again, it has an added storage space on both sides of the cushion which is ideal for placing a picture frame or a lamp. The featured cushion is there to ensure the delicate items placed in this bookcase are protected entirely from shock. This bookcase is developed from composite wood, a material that guarantees its quality and suitability for heavy-duty utilization.

    7. KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase

    Help maintain your children’s room organized and small at all times with the aid of this fabulous kid’s bookcase. Its eye-catching design makes it appealing. This bookcase is made of a sturdy wooden material which makes it durable. Its stable and sturdy nature makes it ideal for storing large kid’s essentials. It’s white/pink theme makes it perfect for a girl’s room. You can offer it as a gift to your young princesses as you aim at improving their organizational skills. Say no more to your children misplacing play items and books with this fantastic storage product.

    6. KidKraft Avalon Three-Shelf Bookcase

    Kidkraft is proud to present you with just another kid’s bookcase model that’s of the best quality. This bookcase consists of three generous shelves which are ideal for storing toys, books, among other essentials for children. Its curved arch design sets it apart and makes it stylish. It’s made of composite wood, a material that guarantees its durability. This shelve is available in three different colors including natural, white, honey and cherry so you can be sure to find a color that goes well with your home’s décor. It’s also of a reasonable size to fit in any room with ease.

    5. Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden Thematic Kids Wooden Bookcase

    Teamson Design Corp is the manufacturing firm behind the design and realization of this appealing bookcase for kids. Its elegant design and eye-catching finish make it an ideal gift to your children. It’s made of safe, sturdy wood for maximum durability. This bookcase is painted with lead-free paint for your little one’s health safety. You can choose to place this kid’s bookcase in your children’s playroom or bedroom with the aim of developing their creativity and imagination through whimsical pieces. Assembling this bookcase is as easy as ABC. It presents your little ones with two storage drawers and a 3-shelved floral creation. Also offered by the manufacturer of this bookcase are 2 hooks for safe and stable installation to the wall.

    4. KidKraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase

    The Nantucket kid’s bookcase is ideal for storing trinkets, books, as well as other treasured items. It features two wide generously spaced shelves, a charming wainscoting detail, and an arched top. If you are looking for functional and practical accessories for your children’s room, then this could be an excellent choice. It’s designed from sturdy wood which is well-finished with an appealing non-toxic color. It’s recommended for children above the age of three. You will appreciate the power of its versatile white finish in elevating the appeal of any room.

    3. Kidkraft Puzzle Book Shelf

    Surprise your little ones with this amazing bookcase from Kidkraft that will reignite their love for books with ease. This product ranks among the most durable bookcase models that are available on the market so far. It’s made of durable wood. It features a whimsical puzzle design which will be a source of fun for your children. Again, this bookcase is finished using various colors including blue, green, and bright red which go well with any home décor. It comes with three spacious storage compartments which are ideal for storing toys, books, among other items. This bookcase measures 25*11.5*37.5 inches.

    2. Cosco Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase Espresso

    Train your children to store their books, toys, décor, among other elements in an organized manner with the help of this shelf bookcase from Cosco manufacturing. It’s uniquely designed to hold as many items in the simplest but eye-catching way. It features an appealing silhouette that allows it to look great in any room. What’s more, the bottom compartment of this bookcase resembles a large bin that’s ideal for storing shoes and toys. Also, this bookcase features expertly curved side panels which ensure the safety of the little ones while still maintaining its upscale and visually impressive traits. You will appreciate the ability of this bookcase to blend with any room’s décor. It’s a product that will serve your little ones in the best way.

    1. Tot Tutors Kids Book Rack- Best of Bookcases for Kids

    This toddler-sized bookcase is designed to display books with the front cover facing the forward direction for easy identification and accessibility by kids. Its 5 deep, sturdy fabric sleeves store books of any size in the best way. With this bookcase, you will see the organization and reading skills of your little ones improve by a significant degree. It’s available in various color options including the Primary, Summit, Pastel, and Espresso. This bookcase is easy to assemble and clean. Its space-saving design makes it ideal for book storage in your little one’s playroom, bedroom, living room and nursery. It measures 24”W*11” D*24”H.

    The featured top ten best bookcases for kids in 2019 are products designed and developed in the best ways possible. You can rely on any of the reviewed products to elevate the organizational skills of your little ones by a significant degree. Go for an appealing and creatively made bookcase that will also provide your children with an adequate and accessible storage for books and other essentials.

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