Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

A bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a helmet that offers you both a protective function as well as a communication function with others made possible a bluetooth technology input in the helmets. This technology input will work even under intense conditions such as noisy and windy environment. Some of the top 10 best bluetooth motorcycle in the Amazon included.

List of Top Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Review

10. Origine 0528B Pilota Helmet


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This is one of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets but different as it is a ¾ helmet that is mainly used by scooters. Some of the features to expect from this helmet include.

  • A double D-ring fastener that ensures that you fit in the helmet and that the helmet remains intact even after intense impacts.
  • 3.0 bluetooth feature which provides a variety of bluetooth features such as communication with other riders, and receiving of calls.
  • This helmet is very comfortable to wear as well as it fits very well hence being preferred.

9. Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet


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This is a full face motorcycle helmet which can be added a bluetooth unit features include.

  • It contains a lightweight shell made of polycarbonate with an adjustable ventilation used in cooling as well as reduction of noise from the wind.
  • A removable and washable interior used in absorption of moisture in the helmet. The padding, in addition, is used as an anti-bacterial.
  • Speakers in which you can listen in music.
  • Available in different color choices.
  • A breath deflator lead to cleaning of the shield.

8. Torc T14B Mako Nuke Helmet


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This is a heavy duty helmet offering complete protection for your head and expects no injuries to be faced on your head skull. They come in different sizes hence it is necessary to ensure you pick up your right size to ensure that it fits your head. Features of this helmet include.

  • A high quality interior lining which absorbs any moisture in the helmet hence avoidance of any smell that may arise due to the presence of moisture. The lining can be removed and washed giving it an extra advantage of use.
  • Contains a bluetooth unit which can be used in connecting to other smartphones and riders.
  • High quality sound production even at very high speed making it very effective and efficient to use.

7. TORC T10B Prodigy Helmet


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This is one of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets which can withstand extreme weather conditions and still provide quality service. Its features include.

  • Water resistant making it very durable even under the extreme weather conditions. The bluetooth unit together with the connection will be durable as well.
  • Contain bluetooth 2.0 that is used in communication with the other rider but who is required to have a link enabled helmet.
  • It contains a removable and washable inner lining ensuring that your helmet is always clean.
  • A lightweight shell with adjustable ventilation.
  • It is DOT and ECE certified.

6. HJC Solid CL-Max 2 Helmet


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Being one of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets, some of its features include.

  • A chin bar release and a single button face shield that makes it very easy and adaptable in its usage.
  • A lightweight shell made of polycarbonate making it comfortable for the user.
  • A face shield with UV rays protection hence avoiding damage caused to your skin by sun exposure.
  • Adequate ventilation system to regulate the temperatures in your helmet.
  • It is DOT approved.

5. TORC T27 Helmet


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This is one of the best lightweight bluetooth motorcycle helmets with a full face view whose features include.

  • A lightweight shell making it light which, additionally, is very strong making it durable.
  • It contains a bluetooth unit in which you can send and receive calls and in listening music.
  • It contains a scratch and a fog resistant visor enabling the helmet to be used for long distances.
  • A drop-down shade visor to enhance your visibility while it is sunny.
  • Quality sound system in the helmet without any interference from external noise.

4. O’Neal Commander Helmet


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The features that accompany this helmet include.

  • It contains a bluetooth unit that allows a talk time of 10 hours and 130 hours while on standby.
  • Can support bluetooth connection for high range compared to other bluetooth helmets. This helmet supports a range of 118-foot range.
  • Stylish through the combination of colors on the exterior shell.
  • Dropdown visor for protection from sunlight and increase the comfortability in the use of the helmet.

3. IV2 953 Dual Visor Helmet


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This helmet is one of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets with a design which enables easy removal of the helmet. The conversion is done easily through the use of the one button flip to convert the helmet into an open face helmet. The features of this helmet include.

  • A high-quality thermoplastic shell that offers adequate protection through the absorption of impact.
  • Highly equipped bluetooth unit which can be used for communication with other four riders compared to other helmets. It contains up to four headsets that can be configured to different riders.
  • It can connect with two phone compared to other helmets which support one device.
  • A fog-resistant shield and a visor which is used to enhance the visibility of the user.
  • It come with instructions on how to install the bluetooth unit as its unit is not normally installed.

2. BILT Techno Helmet


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This a high quality bluetooth motorcycle helmet but usually cover low ranges in connections. This will be very effective especially where you need to communicate with your passenger or another rider. The following are some of its main features.

  • It contains a polycarbonate shell that offer adequate protection to the user.
  • An DWO-3 bluetooth system which allow for mobile connection in communication and music play.
  • Interior padding of high-quality which ensure comfortability of the rider.
  • Sun shield to ensure clear visibility in scorching sunlight.
  • A noise proof from the surrounding environment.
  • It contains a huge intercom range.
  • Removable and washable padding.

1. ILM Modular Flip-up Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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This is the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet with its high customer ratings. It is highly characterized by its high range in which this helmet can be used for long distances. The following are some of the features of this helmet which include.

  • Usage in a range of over 1000 feet between the different riders.
  • It contains a 8 hours talk time while on standby it allows for 110 hours without any recharging being required.
  • A removable and washable interior microfiber lining which ensure that the helmet is clean and comfortability of the rider is maintained.
  • A one-touch control enhancing multi-tasking by the user while both driving the motorcycle as while as controlling it.
  • High sound quality through the cancellation of echo in the helmet and noise from the surrounding areas.

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