10 Best Xbox One Controllers in 2022 Review

The Xbox One gaming controllers have really grown in popularity over the last few years. It could be due to their convenience when connecting with gaming devices since most models can also be paired with other PCs. The Xbox one controllers come in two different styles, which are the wired and wireless modes. They have multiple control buttons, which are pretty much easy to master and select to control the gaming motions. So, if you are looking for a quality Xbox one controller for home use, here is a review of the top ten best models.

BestXbox One Controllers in 2022 Review

10. Elite Series 2 Controller

Microsoftv Xbox One Controllers

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Any gaming controller that can keep a charge for more than 10 hours is a big deal. This model from the Elite series ensures you enjoy your gaming for up to 40 hours before you can think of recharging the battery. The versatility in connecting with other gaming devices like Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 allows you to use any device to play games. Connecting with the PC and Xbox gaming consoles is easy using the wireless Bluetooth connection.

The rubber case provides a good and comfortable grip so that you can put all focus on your game. The available interchangeable thumbstick and paddle shapes allow every player to customize their profile in three different categories, depending on the game you play. Also, switching between the customized profiles on the game is quite easy and fast.

Special features

  • This Xbox One controller comes with a carrying case
  • The battery lasts for up to 40 hours
  • The Xbox controller has a high compatibility
  • Has Bluetooth for easy connection

9. SCUF Prestige Wireless Custom Performance Controller for Xbox One


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Other than the ergonomic design of this Xbox one controller, you can easily customize to lessen the control work so you can put more focus on the games. For example, the controller has trigger stops and a hair-trigger to control the motions of the game. The controller is made in lightweight and ergonomic handles, so you can play for as long as you want without feeling too much bulkiness on the hands. You will enjoy other settings on this Xbox one controller is the 4 paddles to form up to 14 control functions marked in letters.

Special features

  • This is a light and compact Xbox one controller
  • It is customizable for easy use
  • The controller has an ergonomic handle
  • This is a powerful controller that is easy to use.

8. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

RazerX box One Controllers

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Maneuvering around this Xbox controller is easy, considering the buttons are straightforward and marked. This means that even a beginner can comfortably use this controller. Apart from the usual two interchangeable D-Pads and thumbsticks, this controller has additional multifunctional buttons for quick control. You can use the extra buttons for remapping, controlling bumpers, and triggers. It is compatible with both PC and Xbox one gaming devices. The controller has multiple light effects that flash as you play the game.

Special features

  • This Xbox one comes with additional control buttons
  • The controller has interchangeable thumbsticks for easy control
  • Controlling it is easy
  • This controller can also be paired with a PC

7. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One


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This classy Xbox controller features a unique design plus an animated startup that gears you to prepare for your gaming sessions. Another thing that stands out on this controller is the vibration modes that match the motions and activities happening in the game. The controller has buttons essential for responding to the motions, such as the triggers or bumpers.

Identifying the control buttons is easy as they are only marked in two different colors. It has a headset jack port, so you can carry out private gaming sessions without distracting other activities in the house.

Special features

  • This controller is compatible with all 3.5 mm headset jack ports
  • The buttons are straightforward and easy to master
  • The controller has a USB for recharge
  • You can use it with Windows 10 PCs

6. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

PowerA Xbox One Controllers

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Setting up this controller is easy and quick since no cabling is needed to connect to the gaming console. The lightweight design ensures every user, including the kid, can comfortably hold and use the controller. You don’t need to worry about cables hanging around the gaming section or your gaming desk, considering this controller connects via Bluetooth.

You can still play your games from different directions and angles since the controller’s wireless design assures flexibility. Some of the settings you will enjoy when playing games with this controller are the motion controller button and extra buttons that are mappable.

Special features

  • This controller is powered by 2 Triple A batteries that last for up to 30 hours. The controller comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The controller has a classic translucent color
  • It has LED lights for various indications

5. Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows


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A cabled Xbox one controller is still a win as long it has all the control buttons, and it is easy to maneuver as well. This controller can be paired with multiple PC windows for efficient gaming sessions. One feature design that stands out on this controller is the D-Pad essential for giving precision and great response on different game motions.

Ergonomic plus non-skid material on the casing ensures you fully focus on the game by giving an excellent gripping surface. Note that you can easily play with this controller using Xbox by connecting it via USB cables wirelessly.

Special features

  • This controller is compatible with multiple windows
  • It can play wirelessly on the Xbox
  • Has an ergonomic holding space
  • The controller is easy to master and customize

4. Dragon Grips Xbox one controller grips

Dragon Grips Xbox One Controllers

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If you are shopping for an X-box controller that retails at less than 20 dollars, I believe this controller will suit you well. It may retail at an extremely affordable rate, but it is quite reliable in functioning. This controller has all the control buttons and features you will need to control different categories of games.

Although the Xbox controller does not have paddings, the materials are still firm to give a perfect gripping surface so you can enjoy gaming with it. This controller’s design and shape ensure it fits well on all Xbox One consoles as it measures around 5 mm thick.

Special features

  • Has multiple control buttons including D-pad and trigger buttons
  • The controller has a heavy-duty and quality material construction
  • The controller is quite affordable
  • The compact design is comfortable to grip

3. PDP 048-082-NA-BL Wired Controller for Xbox One


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This is a stylish Xbox controller that is compatible with multiple gaming devices other than the Xbox. It is a wired controller that you can use with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows The stylish midnight blue color of the controller adds a touch of elegance in your gaming section, plus it is easy to spot as well.

This controller is comfortable to use even in areas with multiple people since it has a headset connection port that allows one to have private gaming sessions. The case has anti-slip materials to ensure one is comfortable to hold the controller for longer.

Special features

  • This controller comes with a long USB for charging and playing
  • It has a wide compatibility design
  • The controller has a nonslip grip
  • It is equipped with a headset port

2. Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox OnePowerA Xbox One Controllers

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Although this Xbox controller is wired, it features a classic design and parts that make the gaming process smooth and easy. You can use it with other gaming consoles like Xbox Series and X|S, which are super easy to pair and begin to play. Also, the white matte finishes of the controller make it look classic on the gaming table.

The buttons are super smooth to touch and control such that even a kid can use this controller for gaming. Nonetheless, this controller’s comfort and efficiency are guaranteed in every game model you use it with.

Special features

  • This is a wired controller
  • Has a beautiful white matte finish
  • Has 3.5 mm headset jack port
  • It features a dual motor for better performance

1. AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller


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No technical skills are needed to connect this controller to the Xbox game device since it only comes with one USB cable. The USB cable measures 9.8 feet to provide enough space for playing the games from a distance. The controller also has a 3.5 mm headset jack port to connect and improve the audio of the games or use if you need to have private gaming sessions.

Special features

  • This amazon basic controller comes with one year warranty
  • Has a dual motor
  • Has a long USB cable for connection
  • It is compatible with PC from windows 8 and above


These are our top ten best selections of Xbox one controllers on the market currently. They feature both wireless and wired connection modes, so you can choose the controller that suits your gaming needs. If you’re looking for Xbox 360 Controllers Check here for the best Chioce!

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