Top 10 Best Waterproof Pants in 2019


Waterproof pants have become a vital addition to any athletic or motorcycling adventure. While walking or riding in the rain can be enjoyable, the wet clothes are not as much fun.

Protecting your regular street clothes with one of the top 10 best waterproof pants in 2019 is a must. Finding one of the best of the best waterproof pants is really not that difficult. One way to do it is to go from store to store comparing pants.

The other way is to keep reading our review. We will provide you with a list of top 10 best waterproof pants in 2019 to choose from.

List of Top Best Waterproof Pants Reviews

10. HWK Mens Waterproof CE Armoured Motorcycle Trousers


The mesh lining help make these armored waterproof pants breathable. You will not get too hot when you wear these motorcycle pants. 4 pieces of protective armor come with this pair of pants.
Along with side pockets, you get waterproof outside fabric as well as waterproof lining. The winter insulated lining is removable when the seasons change. The adjustable belt will allow these pants to fit me of different sizes. A one-year warranty protects your investment.

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9. Singbring Outdoor Windproof Hiking Pants


The weather does not always comply with one’s hiking wishes. That is why there are windproof and waterproof pants. This pair of hiking pants is made from polyester for the best weather protection.

The zipper and hook front secure the adjustable waist pants to your hips for a comfortable fit. Plus, the pockets have zippers allowing you to keep their contents secure. Besides hiking, they are good for skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities.

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8. Portwest Rainwear Men’s Waterproof Rain Pants


There are those times when you have to simply walk in the rain. These polyester PVC coated waterproof pants have sealed seams. This makes them completely waterproof.

The elastic waistband keeps the pair comfortable for many users and the two side pockets will keep your hands dry. There is no lining with these pants but that is okay. They will fit over top of your regular trousers with ease. There are several sizes to choose from.

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7. Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Pant


These waterproof pants have the lining and exterior made out of nylon. They are easy to keep clean, just simply throw them in the washer with your other clothes. The elastic waistband is secured by drawstrings.

The adjustable leg openings are also a nice feature. They are great for almost any outdoor activity and the pants are designed to keep your body cooler. The one drawback is that there are no pockets on these pants.

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6. Columbia Storm Surge Pant


No image is available but like the name says, they are perfect for when those rainstorms hit. These waterproof pants are made of both nylon and polyester. With an elastic waistband, drawstring closure, and adjustable leg openings, these rain pants are very breathable.

Machine wash friendly, they are also easy to keep clean. But be careful, they are not as dryer friendly. It is best to hang dry them.

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5. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants


Two layers of synthetic materials help make these pants very waterproof. The loose fit works with an athlete allowing them freedom of movement. The 100% fleece interior keeps your body warm even in tough winter conditions.

Zippered pockets and adjustable leg openings allow you comfort and security. An added security feature, reflective materials, helps keep you safe in dimly lit areas or the roadside. When you order, make sure you go one size up from your normal attire size.

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4. Anlamb Women’s Outdoor Fleece Cargo Pants


These comfortable antistatic waterproof pants are made for women. They are stylish with patchwork knees and have several zippered pockets as well. Slim fitting, these pants sport an adjustable waistband and are secured with a zipper and belt.

The fleece lining will help any woman keep her legs nice and warm. They will also allow you to wear leggings or thin long underwear underneath. You made need those for ultra-cool weather.

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3. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Waterproof Sportswear


Women do all sorts of activities in the rain. They need waterproof protection as they workout, hike, or whatever. These woman’s pants have 6 zippered pockets to hold all of your necessities.

Made of nylon and spandex, these slim fit waterproof pants have a fleece lining, but little stretch to them. They are machine washable or you can hand wash them just in case. They run true to size, so you do not need to make any adjustments when ordering.

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2. HARD LAND Men’s Waterproof Tactical Pants


Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these waterproof pants are stain, wear, fade and wrinkle resistant. They have a loose fit as well as double layers on the knees and seat for better wear and protection.

Also, you get a specially designed crotch for easy movement and 14 pockets to hold the things you need to carry. With tough belt loops, you can secure your pants with the zipper and button or add a belt just in case.

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1. Helly Hansen Men’s Rain Pant

Helly Hansen-Waterproof Pants

For when you have no other option but to go out in the rain. These rain pants come in several sizes, but their drawback is that they do not contain pockets. They are rain pants that simply slip over your existing trousers.

Made from polyurethane they should keep you warm and dry on those rainy days. They are not designed to be breathable, so your body will stay warm all the time.

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Some Final Words

These are the top 10 best waterproof pants on the market right now. Of course, your opinion may differ from ours. That is okay. The key is that you find the waterproof pats that will keep you dry and warm. The next key is that you are happy with them.

You cannot go wrong in considering these top 10 best waterproof pants in 2019.

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