Top 10 Best USB Lighters in 2022

Even though lighters are cheap in price, they are a necessity in life for lighting a fire for smoking, camping, grilling, and whatnot. The days of using gas-based lighters are numbered as there are electric lighters available.

There is no headache of refilling as you can recharge, and the burning is also flameless in most cases. You can recharge from USB port anytime we want just like recharging a smartphone. Check out the top 10 best USB lighters in 2022 below.

Best USB Lighters in 2022 Reviews

10. Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter by JINLUN


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The dual arc electric plasma ignition process is eco-friendly and safe to use. This USB lighter is also suitable to carry around with you for igniting cigarettes, candles, and fireplace. Moreover, this unit comes along with metal-ring sealed cover with a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition.

You can undoubtedly charge the battery by just connecting it to any USB-empowered gadget.
The double arc lighter system is also faster than the single arc lighters. Furthermore, the rechargeable 2200-mAh battery cell allows you to ignite up to 60 times with a single charge. The heavy-duty ABS outer shell keeps the mechanism protected from getting damaged.

Reasons To Buy

  • Double arc design and lightweight construction.
  • Flameless for user advantage.
  • Waterproof construction for outdoor use.

9. Tecboss Electric USB Lighter


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This easy to operate USB lighter comes with an upgraded version to make the ignition process simple. The steel metal casing of this unit also makes it suitable to use almost everywhere. Moreover, with a single charge, this device allows you to ignite up to 800 times. This unit is very much suitable for camping, traveling and other outdoor activities.

The 360-degree bendable neck of this lighter also lets you meet all your lighting needs. Furthermore, the ignition process comes with an automatic shut-off function to stop the ignition within 5-seconds. This unit comes with overcharging and overheating protection. The electric arc produces a windproof and splash-proof electric pulse.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Updated design and high performance.
  • Splash proof for high performance.
  • 360-degree design and improved flexibility.

8. Electric USB Lighter by lcfun

lcfun USB Lighters

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This simple and lightweight USB lighter comes with a sleek design that every cigarette-lover will appreciate. The smart lighter also comes with a fingerprint sensor to open the lid. Moreover, the double-sided tungsten wire on the Tesla coil extends the life expectancy of the lighter. The battery status indicator of this equipment lets you monitor the battery life.

This lightweight lighter also makes it convenient to take it with your while traveling. Furthermore, the rounded-corner design with a zinc-alloy protective outer-shell of the unit prolongs the lifespan while maintaining style. This equipment comes along with expanded battery life. You can use this lighter to ignite two cigarettes simultaneously.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy carrying due to portable design.
  • Battery indicator for user advantage.
  • Metal protective rings for improved durability.

7. SUPRUS Rechargeable USB Lighter


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This electric arc lighter has the aluminum shell to offer exceptional flame resistance and durability. The USB lighter also does not require butane or other pollution-causing chemicals to run the ignition process. Moreover, the rechargeable battery allows you to use this unit for 1000 times in a single charge.

This arc lighter also allows you to ignite lanterns, fireplaces, ovens, BBQ grills, cigarettes, and other lighting needs. Furthermore, the micro USB port of the unit allows you to charge the system with ease. This igniting process comes with an automatic shut-off function for safety. This windproof and flameless lighter lets you ignite cigarettes even in heavy wind conditions.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Safe to use due to child-resistant design.
  • Comes with a recharging cord.
  • Wide application and high performance.

6. Dual Arc Plasma USB Lighter by lcfun

lcfun USB Lighters

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This dual arc plasma lighter helps you to safely fulfill your lighting needs without producing any flame. The USB lighter also comes with an automatic lock lid, so you can keep the plasma arc safe from accidental touching. Moreover, the ignition process produces a windproof and waterproof flame. This dual arc system produces 5 times faster flame than the single plasma arc electric lighters.

This electric lighter also comes with premium-quality zinc-alloy material construction with ceramic plating to offer heat resistance. Furthermore, with the help of a 75-degree slope pole design, this lighter supports easy ignition. You can use this unit to ignite cigarettes and candles.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Windproof design and safe for use.
  • Allows choosing from different colors.
  • Perfect for traveling and flameless design.

5. Waterproof Flameless Lighter by lcfun


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The environmental-friendly USB lighter comes with a dual plasma arc lighting system for flameless ignition. This lighter is also suitable for several outdoor activities, like camping, traveling, and other indoor ignition purposes. Moreover, the outer shell of this unit involves the construction of ABS material. The lockable lid provides protection to the plasma arc and prevents accidental ignition.

The zinc-alloy ignition mechanism also allows you to generate flame with safety. Furthermore, this waterproof and windproof lighting process comes with an emergency flashlight with three different lighting modes. This lighter comes along with an inbuilt and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with the standby time of 5-hours.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Waterproof housing and unique design.
  • Ergonomic design and eco-friendly construction.
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use.

4. Electric Arc USB Lighter by Sipoe

Sipoe USB Lighters

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This electric plasma arc lighter requires no butane and other pollution-causing fuels to keep the system working. The USB lighter also comes with dual arc lighter to make the ignition process like a breeze. Moreover, this easy and safe to use comes with a rechargeable battery and battery status indicator for ease of use.

The versatile lighter is also able to ignite cigarettes, candles, and other flat surfaces. Furthermore, the igniting system automatically shuts off the ignition process within 7-seconds. You can easily recharge this lighter up to 800 times. This TSA-approved lighter produces wind-resistant and flameless ignition almost everywhere.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Attractive look and easy operation.
  • Complete set and battery indicator.
  • Reliable performance and shuts off automatically.

3. Windproof Arc Lighter by lcfun


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This USB lighter comes with a sleek design and makes an ideal present to any cigarette-lover of the passionate lighter collector. The electric plasma arc ignition system of this unit also makes it very much safe to use. Moreover, the battery status indicator on the body of this unit lets you know about the live battery status.

This plasma arc lighter also helps you to ignite up to 50 cigarettes with a single charge. Furthermore, the system produces flameless, splash-proof, and windproof arc, so you can use it anywhere. This unit comes with overheating and overcharging protection. The lighter comes with an automatic shut-off function to stop lighting after 10-seconds.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Saves energy and cost-effective performance.
  • Stable performance and short circuit protection.
  • Compact design for easy carrying.

2. Boncas Flexible Arc USB Lighter

Boncas USB Lighters

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This flexible plasma arc lighter comes with a safety lock to keep your children safe from accidental ignition. With the help of a built-in lithium-ion battery, this USB lighter also allows you to solve lighting needs for a longer time. Moreover, the automatic shut-off function of this unit turns off the arc within 6.5-seconds.

This lighter also comes with a 360-degree flexible neck to fulfill all your lighting needs. Furthermore, the eco-friendly ignition system does not require any kind of fueling. This lightweight, flame-proof, and wind-resistant lighter allows you to use it almost everywhere. The unit lets you ignite over 200 times only with a single charge.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • Portable design and 360-degree rotation.
  • Easy to use and multiple color options.

1. RONXS Grill Lighter USB


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Operated by a rechargeable battery, this USB lighter comes along with plasma arc igniting for flame-proof ignition. This lighter also comes with an LED battery status indicator to get real-time battery status. Moreover, with a single charge, you can ignite up to 500 times by using this unit. This device offers wind and splash-proof electric pulse, so you can ignite at any weather condition.

This lighter also allows you to start flame without using any pollutants like butane and other harmful fuels. Furthermore, the flexible spring-loaded mechanism lets you ignite any at a 360-degree angle. This unit is light in weight and safe to use by anyone.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Safe to use and less noise.
  • Improved flexibility with a longer neck.
  • Battery indicator and splash-proof.

Buying Guide For USB Lighter –

Check out the following points when you opt to go through USB lighters.

Shape and Design:

USB lighters can come in different designs and shapes, and you can get the one according to your preference. Most of it comes in the flip-top or zippo shape and have their own performance.

Go for the one that lets you carry it comfortably and take it anywhere you want. You must see if it has an aesthetic appeal, and you can even see if it is available in attractive colors.

Charging Capacity and Battery Life:

Another important thing that you need to consider is the charging capacity. You must see if it has the ability to hold bigger charges so that you can use it for an extended period. Consider the battery life and then make your buy. It must not take a longer time to recharge. It must allow you to use it for a minimum of 300 lights.


With durable construction, you can use your USB lighter for a long time. Ensure that it comes with strong housing so that it makes a perfect investment. Some can easily break when you drop it accidentally. It must not be heavy making it easy to carry.


This is definitely an important criterion that you need to keep in mind. It must not come with any side effects and cause various problems. It must allow you to use it with any USB outlet and have a better advantage.


If your USB lighter comes in a windproof design, then it will be a perfect buy. You can even see if it is in a splash-proof design so that it delivers better performance. Check the lighting mechanism properly if it is in two different forms. Another important consideration is ease of use.

Some can come with an LED indicator that lets you know about the charging process making it suitable for everyday use.


If you are new to buying a USB lighter, the buying guide will be extremely useful for you. It is always better to opt for an electric lighter that you can charge from USB points. They are safer than using a gas lighter for cooking, grilling, camping, and even smoking. There is no doubt that these USB lighters are going to be extremely durable, and they are available in different sizes and shapes for your convenience.

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