Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents in 2019

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If you have a truck, you need a truck bed tent for sure. Most of the people use the tent for camping on the truck rather than on the ground. The interior space can be large enough to sit and sleep. Besides, you can use a tent to keep things protected from the rain and wet weather conditions. They are easy to set up and store, and they are a must for outdoor enthusiasts. The following is the list of the top 10 best truck bed tents in 2019.

List of Top Best Truck Bed Tents Review on

10. Napier Enterprises Regular Bed Truck

Napier Enterprises Truck Bed Tents

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This is a great tent to camp at the back of your truck. The assembling is easy, and you can have a comfortable space to sit or sleep. It is highly durable and quite flexible. The interior area is large, and there are two side vents and two large windows available. The material is polyester and nylon taffeta, and there are fiberglass and steel poles available to stand firmly. It is going to protect you from the wet weather, and you can keep things inside it to protect from the rain and the frost.

9. Napier Truck Tent

Napier Truck Bed Tents

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Available in a size of 60 x 68 inches, this truck bed tent is composed of polyester taffeta. This is very suitable for truck beds of five feet and can be used with prefabricated or sprayed liners. It is easy to assemble and is very lightweight. This is ideal for a camping trip, goods shop and tailgate party and is an ultra-durable product. This will provide a resting space for two and is an overall wonderful product. This is very suitable for a short bed pickup.

8. Napier Avalanche Truck Tent

Napier Truck Bed Tents

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Allowing you to set it up easily, this truck bed tent is very spacious and is suitable for two people. This will provide headroom of 5.5 inches, and there is also a sewn-in floor. It is color-coded and has fiberglass poles which are shock corded. This will create a large entrance door where you can easily enter the cab. For your convenience, this has two interior pockets as well as a gear loft. It comes with a carry bag, where you can store it conveniently.

7. DAC Full-Size Truck Tent

DAC Truck Bed Tents

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This truck bed tent is very large and is 58 inches in width. IT will easily fit your vehicle and raise them out. This will easily go with SUVs which has a tailgate and will transform your vehicle to a camping unit. This is easy to set up as it comes with hooks snug along with shock cords which will keep it tight with the body of your truck. This will provide great ventilation, and there are two-way zippers which allow you to easily enter from the rear side.

6. Milliard Truck Tent

Milliard Truck Bed Tents

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With this truck bed tent, you will be getting a carry case which allows you to have easy storage and transportation. This is very suitable for wet conditions as it comes with a rainfly. It will provide good shade where you rest without having any distractions. This is also comfortable and is easy to set up. This will enhance the look of your truck and is also made up of durable fabric. This will fit a truck bed of 6.5 feet and has a lantern hook.

5. SportZ Truck Tent Blue/Grey

SportZ Truck Bed Tents

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This truck bed tent is very spacious and allows two people to sleep comfortably. The headroom is more than 5.6 feet, and it has sewn in floor. This will create a large entrance door, and you will also get great ventilation with its two mesh windows. This can be set up anywhere, and you don’t require any guide ropes. To give extra protection, it comes with strap protectors and also a convenient carry bag. This has a color-coded pole which allows for fast set up.

4. Guide Gear Truck Tent

Guide Gear Truck Bed Tents

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Made with durable material, this is a lightweight truck bed tent which can be set up very fast. It will provide you with a fast and comfortable shelter, and it has got a water-resistant coating. This will give great ventilation as it has mesh windows and there are also two storage pockets. This will fit in trucks of different brands, and the flooring is sewn in polyethylene. You will be getting a polyester carry bag which can be used in all types of weather, and it has tension straps and fiberglass poles.

3. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Truck Bed Tents

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If you are camper and if you have a truck then this is must have product for you. It will provide you with comfortable shelter and is easy and fast to set up. This is made up of polyester and is very lightweight. This is water-resistant and includes tension straps along with fiberglass poles. This has mesh windows which will give great ventilation, and there are also two pockets for storage. This is adaptable and lets two people sleep comfortably.

2. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tents

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Available in different sizes and styles, this truck bed tents comes with a floorless design which allows you to set it up conveniently. This has heavy-duty straps along with nylon buckles which will not make any damage to your truck. It is composed of water-resistant fabric and easily allows two people to sleep. For quick set up, this has color-coded poles along with pole pockets. There is also a lantern hanging hook, and it will give you great ventilation.

1. NAPIER Backroadz Truck Tent

NAPIER Truck Bed Tents

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In this truck bed tent, there is a single door and four large windows which will provide easy entry and good ventilation. This comes in different sizes and has sewn in floor. The flap in the door will allow you to have good privacy and is very suitable for two adults. This is roomy with an interior of 65 inches and is made up of polyester taffeta. It comes with fiberglass poles which are shock corded, and the floor is made up of polyethylene.

Buying Guide For Truck Bed Cover

The following is the list of the main points to check in any truck bed cover.

Types Of Truck Bed Cover:

  1. Rollup Covers

You can easily guess the function of these covers according to the name. These covers let you easily roll up and down as per the length of the truck bed. The covers are large enough to cover a large area from bulkhead straight to the tailgate. The covers can be both soft and hard-sided which can be determined by the materials of these covers. Most of the manufacturers use tear-resistant vinyl fabric to construct the soft-sided covers. However, hard-sided ones come with the construction of overlapping aluminum material, just like window blind slats.

  1. Retractable Covers

These covers are very much helpful to keep your truck bed protected from heavy snowfall. Just like the rollup covers, these covers have a predetermined line to match the truck bed railing. The covers generally come in a canister, and you can mount them at the bulkhead under the level of the bed railing. The canister retracts the cover when you pull it. Some of the models come with automatic retracting functions.

  1. Folding Covers

Most of the time, the foldable covers come along with the tri-fold mechanism. The covers can be both on soft and hard-sided materials just like the rollup covers. The aluminum frames offer enough strength to the folding panels of the foldable covers. The hard ones have the hardened aluminum or fiberglass panels, and the soft ones generally come with soft vinyl material construction.

  1. Single-Piece Hinged Covers

These covers are the best ones to provide full protection to the truck bed. The covers do not have any seam or fold, so the covers do not catch any moisture, dirt and other dust particles. These covers can be constructed with both hard and soft materials.

Make sure to note the following before owning a truck bed cover:


Most of the people like to use the truck bed covers to keep the cargo space of the vehicle protected from harsh environmental elements or man-made harms. For your safety, it is better to look for a cover, which comes with heavy-duty and high-grade material construction. This is important that the cover you select must come with the weather and tear-resistant material construction.


All the trucks generally come with bed liners. Most of the cases, the liners can be painted, carpet type or mat-type installation. So, you must look for a truck bed cover that matches perfectly with the bed liners of your vehicle. You need to be careful about the installation process of the covers. The installation process should not be complicated in this case. You must select a cover that does not hamper the natural bed liners of your trucks as well as utility track systems, bed extenders, tie-down rings, and other systems.

Installation and Maintenance:

For ease of operation, it is better to look for a cover that takes only 10 to 15-minutes for full installation. Some of these covers support easy installation by using a clamping system, and a few covers need drilling holes for installation. However, the covers offer hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.


While buying a truck bed tent, take care of the size as it should fit in the truck perfectly. Besides, there are various shapes available to choose from. The installation must be easy, and the material needs to be of high-quality. It should not only protect from the sun but also from rain and other weather conditions. All the best truck bed tents we have listed have the best quality for full protection.

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