Top 10 Best Sofa Protectors in 2021

A set of sofas is a must for a living room to sit comfortably and chat or watch TV. Sofas are expensive and hence, you should invest a little more money to protect them from all sorts of hazards and prolong their lifetime. You can do so by buying sofa protectors or covers that are made with high-quality material to protect the sofa from dust, dirt, and liquids. As a matter of fact, they will also protect against the scratches or the pets and kids. The following is the list of the top 10 best sofa protectors in 2021 that you should consider buying.

List of Top Best Sofa Protectors Review

10. Kitty Cat Protector Plastic Couch Cover

Kitty Cat Protector

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for waterproof couch cover. The cover is quite thick and it will also protect your sofa from the sharp claws of your pets. As a matter of fact, they are pet repellent and your pets will prefer sitting on the floor than sitting on the sofa and hence, they will not cause any mess. Most importantly, it will protect your sofa from getting in touch with water or liquid substance if there is any accidental spillage. The cover is tear-proof and easy to clean. The dimensions are 96 x 42 x 40 inches.

9. RHF Couch Protectors


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This is a large sofa cover designed to protect your sofa from dust, dirt, and pets. There are various colors and size combination available for you to match your home interior and sofa color and size perfectly. You can use this sofa cover for the loveseat, futon, chair, and recliner. There are elastic straps provided to make it a perfect fit and prevent sliding. It can be used on both sides and it can be machine washed. But you should not use it for the leather-covered sofa as it will slip away. In case of accidental spillage, you should wipe off the liquid as soon as you can as it is not waterproof though have a certain water resistant property.

8. Argstar Sofa Protector Covers


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This is a beautifully designed patterned oversized sofa cover. There are multiple color options available. It is highly comfortable due to the presence of soft microfiber. It is resistant to scratches and stains. In the inside, you will find polyester batting done for softness. There are different sizes available and it can cover the armrests. The installation is effortless and there are elastic straps to fix the cover tightly. You can wash in cold water as well as machine wash it but do not dry it with iron and put on the leather sofa as it can slip easily on the leather surface.

7. Easy-Going Sofa Covers


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This amazingly designed has dimensions of 66 inches for the width of the seat, 29 inches for the arm flap and 40 inches for the back flap. There are two colors available on either side and hence, you can use any one side as per your requirement. The availability of the elastic straps makes it stay fixed and on top of those, there are anti-slip foams used to make it more stable. It will protect your sofa from wear and tear and it is water resistant but not waterproof. It is machine washable and has thick microfiber.

6. H.VERSAILTEX Quilted Furniture Protector


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This is another reversible sofa protector and it is made up of high-quality and eco-friendly material. If you have sensitive skin, this protector is ideal for you. It is not going to fade with time as it is dyed naturally. It is also going to protect against spills, stains, pets, and daily wear and tear. The shifting effect will be minimal due to box stitching design. It is definitely going to increase the beauty of the furniture and the room. There are various color and size options available. It has polyfill and microfiber and it is machine washable.

5. Home Fashion Designs Furniture Protector


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If you are looking for great designs on the sofa protector, this is the best one for you. There are so many eye-catching designs available. You can also choose the size based on the furniture you have. These are very stylish and modern and the material used is also of premium-quality for heavy-duty usage. It is quite soft and there are prints on both sides. The company provides 30-day return window for the customers to try out and get a real experience.

4. Elaine Karen Deluxe Furniture Protector


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This sofa protector has innovative color combinations and the dimensions are 75 x 110 inches. It includes 22 inches for the armrests. It is a highly durable product and it is going to protect your sofa from pets, accidental spills, and stains. The slippage is minimal due to its contoured design and the product is machine washable in cold water. You can use it on both sides as most of the sofa protectors. There are easy straps available that look more like a design and mingle seamlessly.

3. Furniture Fresh Sofa Protector


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The product features under Amazon’s choice and it is highly protective against pets’ scratches. It is also water repellent though not completely waterproof. The patented anti-slip property is the reason for its high sales figure. The layer is quite thick and there are elastic straps available for tight fitting. The product is machine washable and there are various sizes available for different kinds of furniture. The protector is soft, comfortable, and luxurious in design.

2. Great Bay Home Modern Cover


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This is a slipcover which means it does not have any strap and you can put it on and take off effortlessly. As a matter of fact, it is not going to slip off like the usual sofa cover and that is why people prefer to buy it. There are various bold colors available and it is designed for heavy-duty usages like protection against pets and kids, spills, dust, dirt, muds and even water. The slipcover has a universal size and it fits perfectly due to its elasticized bottoms.

1. Sofa Shield Furniture Protector

Sofa Shield Sofa Protectors

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This is the bestselling sofa protector on Amazon. There are so many different color and patterns available that will definitely enhance the beauty of your furniture and room as a whole. The material used in the product is of high-quality and it is a slipcover which means that there is going to be minimal slipping. It is easy to put on as there are elasticized straps and you can take it off anytime and go for a machine wash. The company provides a 10-year warranty and no-question return window.

Buying Guide For Sofa Protectors

The following is the list of the factors you should keep in mind while buying a sofa protector.


The fitting is very important for improved protection. Make sure it provides a perfect fit so that it gives a clean look. If it comes in a large size, then you will find it difficult to give the right fit and look. Again, if it is small, then there will be no protection. If the protector comes in a one-piece design, then you can remove it with ease and have easy washing. Individual pieces allow you to install it in a better way and provide a custom fit.


Sofa protectors can be of different materials like spandex, linen, wool, cotton, leather, and polyester. It can also include a blend of other fabrics for better protection. Look for the one that is made of high-quality materials and includes durable construction. If you don’t want any stains, then go for the one that has a stain-resistant look. It is also available in different prints and colors, and you can select the one that meets your preference. Some materials also resist water so that you can have a convenient time.


The look is an important aspect when you get a sofa protector. Go for the one that comes in a multifunctional design. Some have the ability to enhance the look of your décor. Select the color and print appropriately and if you want to avoid stains and dirt, then go for the one that comes in a dark shade.


The texture will let you have a comfortable feel when you sit on your sofa with its cover. Soft-touch will let you sit on it comfortably for extended hours. When it comes to looks and texture, you can opt for different types of fabrics like corduroy or faux suede. It must give you a feel of having a second skin. Also, it must be resistant to slip so that it stays in place.


Always measure the length of your sofa and then go for its cover. Get the right size of your furniture and measure it from edge to edge. Some sofas can come in unique designs, so you may find it difficult to get the perfect measurement. You must also measure the arm and then make your buy.


A sofa protector that comes in an easy to install design will be a perfect buy. Do not go for the one that takes a lot of time when you put it on. Similarly, look for the one that lets you take it out hassle-free. If you want to use it frequently or for commercial purpose, then select an appropriate shade that resists dirt. Check if it comes with proper attachments that let you set it conveniently.


This is one of the most important features that you must not neglect when you decide to buy a sofa protector. Some will allow you to go for spot cleaning and have better convenience. However, always select the one that lets you clean it in a washing machine. You can even look for other factors and then make your final decision.


While buying sofa protectors, make sure you check the dimensions as there are different sizes available for different types of furniture like sofas, recliners, chairs and likewise. All the above-listed products are valued for money as they have premium material that will give protection against most of the hazards that can associate with a sofa set.

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