10 Best Sofa Arm Trays in 2022

Love to rest, eat, enjoy, and hang up on your favorite sofa set? Tired of waking up a number of times to get your essentials like remote control, food items, cell phones, your laptop and wish you had a flat surface within your reach. Then the sofa arm tray is perfect for you. Here we have a product that will bring all your personal and essential belongings close to you while watching your favorite movie, or reading magazines, or working on your ipads and laptops. It is systematic, well organized, and very convenient to use. This product gives an impressive and lavish look to your furniture which makes a great purchase.

List of Best Sofa Arm Trays in 2022 – Review

10. Zovna Wingz Modern Aluminium Armrest table

Zovuna Sofa Arm Trays

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You can use the sofa arm tray to keep your heavy things, like laptops and coffee mug, remote control, and many more. It will easily fit armrest breadth from 1” to 5”.The material used for the build-up of this tray is lightweight but high quality thick and strong aluminum which consists of heavy-duty construction. So as a result there will be no rust to the tray. This sofa arm tray is rust free, being an aluminum product.

One more interesting factor is, it is very convenient to use this tray as any time you can place it or remove it without taking anybody’s help. And this is not the end to it, it can be adjusted simultaneously, both to your chairs and sofas. So we can say the product is worth purchasing as it can be used with different models of your sofa sets and will definitely serve you in the long run.


  • Aluminum material
  • Anodized finish
  • Adjustable-design
  • Non-slippery silicon pad
  • Compatible with various sofa models
  • Firm Platform

9. “Anabelle” Clear Acrylic Arm Rest Caddy


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Material used to make the tray is of thick crystal clear Lucite premium quality and the thickness is about ¼”.The product dimensions are 12’ x 9’ x 4’ inches. The weight of the crystal clear tray is 1.3 kg which is very light and can be adjusted to your sofas and chair handles quite easily. This Acrylic tray looks so beautiful on your soft padded sofas and even holds all your essentials firmly which gives you a great experience of relaxing.

Because of its heavy-duty construction, it makes sure that our acrylic crystal clear tray is impact and resistant. As we know durability is one of the crucial standards of quality, we assure you that the product is durable and serves you superior quality.


  • Handcrafted product
  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Crystal clear premium Lucite
  • Unbreakable and tough

8. Mindfull products couch caddy

Mindfull Sofa Arm Trays

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This is the most functional arm tray you can accommodate with your sofa sets and you will surely love it. All your essential goods can be managed in a single-arm tray and it is quite spacious with five pockets to keep your remote control, pads, laptop, newspapers, and more and even your refreshments tray on the top which will definitely serve you to your satisfaction.

Adding to it, in the smaller compartment power outlet is available wherein you can plug all your electronic devices into a powerstrip and enjoy. It is built by industrial high-quality materials that are stable and long-lasting. Couch side pockets are very useful for storing your accessory which makes the caddy more useful and versatile.


  • Industrial high-quality material
  • Flexible metal brackets
  • Power outlet for charging electronic devices

7. GreyStone Avenue Couch Tray

Greystone Avenue

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This is ultimately a unique and elegant product made up of real wood. The most important feature of this sofa tray is that it has a silicone top to keep your essentials stable and firm, to hold your belongings, and doesn’t allow them to slip. One more attractive factor is that the tray has a universal fit. So you can use it anywhere as per your choice and requirement either in the living room or bedroom. For your convenience, the sides of the tray are foldable which makes it easy to carry as well as store. This is the best addition to any living room for a graceful and lovely look.


  • Adjustable functionality
  • Sleek and polished curves
  • Long-lasting material
  • Premium tray
  • Universal- fit
  • The exclusive and sole design

6. Meistar Sofa Arm Tray Table

meistar Sofa Arm Trays

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Meistar tray has sufficient storage capacity which conveniently carries all your essentials while you relax. It is a multipurpose arm tray which can carry remote control, even acts as a cell phone holder or arm rester with plenty of pockets for suitable storage. The dimensions of the tray are 16.5’ x 0.2’ x 12.6’ inches which can be adjusted to your sofa very easily and the matter of fact is the product is hard-wearing so it is going to last a long time.


  • Good quality material
  • Well built construction
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Sufficient storage

5. Greystone Updated Sofa Armrest Tray


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Greystone armrest tray has a non-slippery bottom that sticks to your sofa and does not move while using the tray. It also has a water-resistant pad with a packed painted surface that stops any liquid to enter under your padded sofas. The tray can be easily wrapped or folded when not in use.

It is designed in such a stylish way that it takes minimum space on your shelf or drawers. The premium quality wood provides an elegant and classic touch to your living rooms. It is a lightweight product with no chemical smell, to give a complete look to your furniture.


  • Nonslippery rubber surface
  • Water-resistant platform
  • Universal fitting
  • Adjustable design

4. SoHappy Brands Sofa Arm Tray

SoHappy Brands Sofa Arm Trays

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SoHappy arm tray is made up of pinewood which making it durable and adds a sophisticated look to your sofas. It has some key features such as thick solid lustrous wood with flat-leveled edges to avoid cuts on your costly sofas.

This flexible, foldable coaster tray is easily attached to a variety of sofa models or couches no matter they are round or square.Dimensions are 16.5″ Length  x 13.5″ Width.The product is free of any chemical odor so its safe for both adults as well as children. It’s easy to use anywhere as it as adjustable and easy to store in your drawer as it takes very little space. Lastly, this tray comes in a wide range of colors to give you a match for your preference.


  • No chemical odor
  • Glossy premium finish
  • Handmade quality
  • Flexible

3. iLemon Sofa Couch Remote Holder


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It is a new customized and better version of the caddy with extra strength and firmness. It comes with a non-slippery pad under the tray which ensures that it is sturdy. Moreover, it has three pockets that can be used for storing remote controls,iPhones, AC remotes, pens, magazine notepads, and many other things.

The top is made with eco-friendly wood which is safe to use. The PU leather used is admirable which is easy to clean and manage. The tray can be used independently on beds and sofas. It can be stored simply in limited space when not in use.


  • Eco- friendly PU leather material
  • 3 small pockets & 1 big pocket
  • High-premium quality wood
  • Upgraded new version
  • Independent design
  • Guarantee full Satisfaction
  • Usable on bedsheets and other protective covers

2. UTRAX Wooden Sofa Arm Clip

UTRAX Sofa Arm Trays

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The cherry color wooden arm tray with clips on sides is a perfect partner safeguarding and preventing any liquids from spilling on your expensive sofas. Spring load clamps are given for the safety purpose which allows the tray to stick to the sofas and provides a stable and flat leveled platform. Even the curved edges of the arm tray prevent spilling up off drinks and meals.

The biggest benefit of this tray is that it reduces your requirement of floor space and gives you the comfort of sitting and relaxing. The material used is environment-friendly rubberwood, which makes it more durable.


  • Spring-load clamps
  • Environment-friendly rubberwood
  • Stable and firm construction
  • Protective shield
  • Table clips which can be used on reclining chairs
  • Flat level surface

1. JUMBL Wooden Clip Arm Table


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The arm tray is a perfect blend of style and elegance. It is made up of premium quality wood which adds to a luxurious look. The tray is curved with protective edges so if there are any spills of water or juices then the tray can contain it efficiently without dropping the liquid on your sofas. The specific dimensions are 12.75’ x 9.5’ x 2.75’ in inches and because of adjustable flaps, it can fit on any size.


  • 2 spring-loaded wooden flaps
  • Well-built construction
  • Environment-friendly rubberwood


We hope with all the information and the list of products that we shared above, you will find a perfect armrest tray to match your daily requirements and lifestyle. Just relax, sit back, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee without having to worry about spilling it on your sofa or bed.

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