Top 10 Best Snorkel Gears in 2018

We live on a beautiful planet full life, nature and unimaginable beauty. Every year, scores of people take time off from their daily scheduled life and plunge into the unknown for a taste of adventure. They visit places that have been untouched and not corrupted by the human hand yet. On these journeys, there is a certain point when you become one with nature and life makes a little more sense. When it comes time t return to the daily grind, you come back changed and enlightened in ways which could not be explained. If you are unaware of how to decide the best snorkel gears to purchase, the following guide could give you a clue.

How to choose the best product

Snorkeling gear comprises a mask, snorkel, and fins. If you plan to swim in regions during winters or if the region is known for cold water then it is advisable to bring along a wetsuit.

When purchasing a mask, make sure it has a silicone seal. The mask is one piece which functions as your goggles and nose protector. Silicone seal ensures that the mask stays in its place.

When looking for a snorkel, make sure it has a lip seal to avoid salt water to enter your mouth and is long enough to dive as deep as possible.

Fins help you propel into the water. Buy fins which are comfortable to your feet.

Best Snorkel Gear Products

Snorkeling gear is an amateur’s tool used to visit and move through the oceanic realm. If you are planning to travel to a sunny island like Hawaii, Florida or Bali then it is advisable you bring along a snorkeling gear. Below given are the best products you need to check out before buying.

List of Top Best Snorkel Gears Reviews

10. Phantom Aquatics Legendary Mask Fin Snorkel Set


This beautiful and very affordable snorkel gear is the right choice for a quick dip in the ocean. The set includes a snorkel, mask, and fins with covers.


  •  Fins are easy to put in and remove due to a Quick Release strap system
  •  The angle of the blade provides max thrust with minimum strain on legs
  •  Bevelled sides of the mask provide a larger field of vision
  •  Mask comes with a quick release buckle
  •  Panoramic mask gives a beautiful view


  •  The mask does not have a purge valve
  •  Mask seal seems to falter

9. Coastal Aquatics Adult Dry Snorkel Set


Coastal Aquatics have come up with a product which can be used by all. The set includes mask, snorkel, fins and a bag to carry the fins.


  •  Goggles made of tempered glass for extra security
  •  Snorkel has a floating ball and splash guard to prevent water from entering
  •  The silicone seal on the mask is comfortable and forms an impervious seal
  •  Neoprene strap available if your hair stick to much to the silicone strap


  •  Anti-fog not available in goggles

8. Ocean View Snorkel Set


This is a new innovation in how snorkeling is done. Though the mask alone is a great new design for snorkelers the fin has also been modified a little. The mask protects the entire face and not just the eyes.


  •  New mask allows natural breathing
  •  The mask is wide angled and has anti-fog technology
  •  Mask also contains drain valve to purge the water that by chance enters
  •  Snorkel comes with dry top technology to avoid water from entering
  •  The fins come with adjustable strap and walkable on land due to shortened fins


  •  Set not recommended in high waves, if you have a beard and for power swimming or free diving.

7. Pro Dive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set


Pro Dive has come up with a beautiful model which will take care of all your underwater needs. The set includes goggles, a snorkel and pair of fins along with a bag to keep them in.


  •  The goggles are fitted with tempered glass which is impervious to breakage due to impact
  •  The goggles boast perfect vision with an anti-fog glass
  •  Dry snorkel makes sure no water enters your mouth when deep diving
  •  The mask is watertight and perfect for deep sea diving


  •  The fin bag is not mesh

6. NAGA Sports Adult Snorkel Set


NAGA has come up with a snorkel set which fits all sizes. The set includesgoggles, snorkel, fins and a mesh bag.


  •  The mask comes with a tempered anti-fog glass
  •  The mask has a watertight seal impenetrable to water
  •  Silicone mouthpiece prevents water from entering your mouth
  •  Short trek fins with ventilated blades for strain-free snorkeling


  •  Snorkel does not have a blow off valve

5. U.S. Diver Cozumel Snorkeling Set


U.S. Diver has come up with a simple and reliable snorkeling gear. The set includes goggles, snorkel, and fins


  •  The mask is of the 22-window kind
  •  The mask comes with 3-way adjustable buckle
  •  Snorkel has a splash top with Hydro-Adhesion technology
  •  The mesh bag helps in quick drying


  •  Mask has known to hurt at the nose bridge

4. TRIBORD SUBEA Easybreath Snorkeling set


TRIBORD is selling one of the best masks available out there for snorkeling. The set includes a mask with inbuilt snorkel, fins, and a fin bag.


  •  The mask is full sized and protects the entire face
  •  The mask gives a 180o view and provides natural breathing
  •  Mask comes with anti-fogging mechanism and drain valve
  •  Inbuilt snorkel comes with dry top to keep water out


  •  Not usable for freediving, power swimming, in high waves or if you have a beard

3. Innovative Scuba concepts MSF 4611 REEF

Innovative Scuba Concepts

Innovative scuba has stuck to the old concept idea of snorkeling and it is working for them. The set includes goggles, snorkel, and fins.


  •  The open heel fins are very comfortable and adjustable to all sizes
  •  The ultra clear, dual lenses glass comes with anti-fog technology.
  •  Skirt of the goggles are made of high-grade silicone which prevents water intrusion
  •  The snorkel comes with a purge valve which can be used to remove any water that enters


  •  The semi-dry top does not prevent water from entering the pipe, hence inefficient for deep diving

2. U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set


U.S. Divers has provided some of the best snorkeling gear along the years, along with this one. The set includes goggles, snorkel, and fins with a fin bag.


  •  Goggles come with a four window tempered glass design for a panoramic view and great protection
  •  Silicone seal is impervious to water leakage
  •  Nose pocket comes with a patented soft purge technology
  •  Dry top snorkel keeps water out of the pipe when deep diving
  •  Snorkel comes with a GoPro mount
  •  Fins are dual composite vented for maximum speed
  •  Durable nylon bag for the gear


  •  Fins not usable for scuba diving
  •  Bag not meshed

1. Cressi PALAU SAF Set

Cressi-Snorkel Gears

This is by far the best set out there for all your snorkeling needs, recommended by all top sellers. The set includes goggles, snorkel, and fins with a bag.


  •  The goggles are standard tempered and lenses glass.
  •  The silicone seal is comfortable and impenetrable by water
  •  The fins come with a quick adjust strap and is recommended for practitioners of sports like surfing or canoeing
  •  The snorkels come with a dry top and a patented anti-splash end


  •  Flippers are not too high quality
  •  Goggles don’t come with anti-fog

As the entire planet is drenched in about 70% water, it is safe to say that the majority if these marvels discussed above live underneath it. If you are looking to take a plunge into the womb of nature then the best advice for you would be to purchase a snorkeling gear. Check these best products before you decide.

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