Top 10 Best Slip Joint Pliers in 2022

Pliers are used for heavy duty clipping, trimming and cutting. They are equipped with jagged edges to handle tough stuff, especially metal objects. The best plier for multi-purpose functions is the slip joint plier. It has a standard design that can clamp, cut, peel and scrape altogether. Designed for the manufacturing and construction industries, installation of general/electrical installations and so on. It is a very versatile tool which helps you when the DIY-guy in you comes alive.

The slip joint pliers come in varying sizes and have some peculiar features depending on the product. Are you puzzled about what type of slip joint plier you need? Well, with our help the worry is over for you. We have made a comprehensive list of the top slip joint pliers out there, and we bring you the top ten slip joint pliers based on customer reviews and ratings.

Now we bring you what you have been waiting for. These are the top ten based on customer ratings and reviews. The points earlier expressed should be in your mind while making a choice.

Best Slip Joint Pliers Top 10 Reviews:

10.​​​ OEMTOOLS 22610 6 Inch Slip Joint Pliers

OEMTOOLS Slip Joint Pliers

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OEMTOOLS have introduced their own brand of slip joint pliers into the tools market. They are well-equipped and evenly set. The plier is coated with anti-rust material to keep it looking new for longer. It also has a bonus for the buyer as it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Equally set jaw grooves
  • Anti-rust coated
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May become loose after use

9. GEARWRENCH 8” Dual Material Slip Joint Plier


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GEARWRENCH presents the Dual Material Slip Joint plier for whatever you’ll ever need a plier for. It is specially designed with double materials for an added beautifying effect, but shouldn’t be mistaken for a fancy tool. Also, it can cut through different types of metal; it can peel through wire insulations with ease. Additionally, it can also be applied to gripping and other purposes. It is designed with comfortable handles and secures bolts and nuts with ease.


  • Can be used for heavy cutting and gripping
  • Dual material design


  • Slip joint may become loose after extensive use

8. MLTOOLS Slip Joint Pliers 8

MLTOOLS Slip Joint Pliers

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The MLTOOLS Slip Joint combination has everything a working tools enthusiast needs. It has the flush fastener feature and comes with two jaw adjustments. These functions help you in getting into small areas without any trouble. The plier grooves are also equipped with a low-seating shear which can cut through various metals without problems.


  • Very strong plier set for your various needs
  • Heat treated for maximum durability and flexibility


  • Currently not available in 10 – inches

7.SK Hand Tool 7210 Slip Joint Pliers, 10 – Inch

SK Hand Tool

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The SK Hand Tool 7210 is custom-built with equally set grooves for heavy cutting and handling. Weighing a little over a pound at 10 inches, it is considerably light and easy to handle. The plier comes with a well-designed slip joint to ensure proper operation. It comes in a green plastic coating to protect the user if being used for electrical work. The SK 10 – inch plier is highly recommended and has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings. Try it out today, and make it a permanent tool in your workspace.


  • Can be used as a fastener because of the well-shaped grooves
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Anti-rust material


  • Wear and tear may damage the joint

6. Wilde Tool G262FP Flush Fastener Combination Slip Joint Pliers

Wilde Tool Slip Joint Pliers

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The Wilde Tool 6.5 – Inch Slip Joint Pliers is not just a plier, it’s a marvel of modern engineering. The plier is among the select few slip joints to contain the Flush and Fastener in one. This feature gives it an unfair advantage over other pliers as you can use it for various tasks which require both.

It is just as if you purchased two pliers in one at a very affordable price. It also has the shear cutter, strong nut and bolts handling and is made to be rust-free. This tool is one of the best right now, and you’ll be tempted to make it your choice if you look it up with the link below.


  • Strong nut and bolts handling
  • Very affordable
  • Combined flush and fastener function
  • Sharp shear cutter for wire peeling and cutting


  • Not available in larger sizes

5. Crescent H26VN Home Hand Tools Pliers Slip Joint


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The Crescent Home Slip Joint Plier is made for small gripping, handling and twisting jobs. It is equipped with a steel alloy machined jaw grooves. It is made entirely of metal without any plastic or rubber handles, making it suitable for work that doesn’t involve dealing with electricity.


  • Good for reaching through small areas
  • Machined grooves for sharper shear


  • It is not ideal for electrical work as it has no protective coating on the handle

4. TEKTON 6 – 1/2 – Inch Slip Joint Pliers

TEKTON Slip Joint Pliers

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The TEKTON Slip Joint Pliers have the jaws for any industrial and residential job. It is built to handle the large stuff, and for cutting through the small stuff. The jaw grooves are evenly aligned which is one of the most preferred pliers by customers. These pliers come in different sizes and the power of each increases with the inch size.


  • Professionally designed jaw grooves and shear to meet every need
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Subject to damage if not properly lubricated

3. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Slip Joint Pliers, 8 – Inch

Irwin Tools

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The VISE-GRIP is designed with the latest technology for enhanced grip control. Its edges are hardened through induction to provide more durable grooves over time. It is constructed with steel and is designed with the best retention of bolts and nuts, and can cut through a range of metal wires.

It comes with a protruding groove for extra cutting and peeling capability. This plier comes highly recommended and is rated as one of Amazon’s choices on their website.


  • Induction-hardened grooves
  • Retention of bolts and buts
  • Can cut through different types of metal wire


  • Some users do not like the protruding groove design

2. Channellock 546 6.63 – Inch Heavy Duty Slip Joint Plier

Channellock Slip Joint Pliers

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The Channellock 546 is a beauty to behold for the workman or DIY-lover. The plier is fitted with a wire cutting shear for added functionality. It also comes with an advanced design in carbon steel. It is made to grab and handle whatever gets within its jaws. Moreover, it is also designed with PermaLock technology to prevent handling issues. The Channellock is a nice product and is also built to prevent rust for a long time.


  • Rust prevention
  • PermaLock
  • Wire-cutting shear
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Unsuitable for heavy duty jobs

1. Channellock 526 6.5 – Inch Heavy Duty Slip Joint Plier


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Channellock manufactures the 6.5-inch slip joint plier which is in a class of its own. It is equipped with a sharp shear for cutting and is also fitted with the PernaLock technology. It is made with the combined flush fastening feature and comes in a bright blue comfortable handle.


  • PermaLock feature for preventing bolt and nut failures
  • Flush fastening feature


  • Slip joint may fail after long usage

Buying Guide For Slip Joint Pliers

you should get the following registered in your mind to give you the best possible experience:


The design of the plier may make it difficult for some beginners to use. Some pliers are made for fastening purposes, while some are just plain without any extra functions. It is necessary to consider the design of the slip joint you’ll need to give you the best plier out of the pack.


Some manufacturers balance their pliers with both ends equally while others move the edges one or several tips away from each other to provide better peeling ability. This upsets some customers and even causes a product return. It is a plus for you to check the plier setting before making an order online or buying from a store, to save you and the seller the stress of a returned product.

Size of the Plier:

If you’re not purchasing a set of pliers then you need to get the size of the one you need to be just right. Slip joint pliers come in a range of 5”-above 10”. These are used for varying purposes and getting a small plier for a task that requires a bigger model can be a little frustrating. Think about this critically before ordering online.

Metal used:

Manufacturers of pliers make use of high-density, heavy duty metals to produce their pliers based on the job they will be used for. Some of these metals become rusty after a long time of use while others remain flush and clean through their residence in your toolbox. This is a two-sided factor to consider and I’ll tell you why. For instance, you intend to use your new plier in a constantly wet environment, the chances that it’ll become rusty are high. If you decide to maintain your plier regardless of the manufacturing material, you may be able to keep it from rust over a very long period. On the producers’ side, you should make a choice based on non-rust pliers you can get and you won’t be disappointed by the results you get.


The review based on customer satisfaction and product rating put the Channellock 526 6.5 – Inch Heavy Duty Slip Joint Plier (333 reviews, 4.6 out of 5 stars) as the best slip joint plier in 2022. The other pliers are also quality products and are designed to help you in your home and workplace. Order for them today on!

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