Top 10 Best Shoe Polish Kits in 2019


There are those special occasions where you need to spend some time shining your shoes. Whether it is a wedding, funeral or the special birthday, etc., those shoes have to look their best. One way to meet that objective is to use one of the top 10 best shoe polish kits in 2019.

These kits will help you make your shoes shine. Of course, a little elbow grease won’t hurt either. Here is our list of the top 10 best shoe polish kits in 2019 Getting one of the best of the best is a step in the right direction when shining your shoes.

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List of Top Best Shoe Polish Kits Reviews

10. Chic Home Essentials Shoe Shine Kit


This 3-piece shoe polish kit has a horsehair brush, a polish applicator and a soft cloth for extra shining. The wood handles not only add a decorative touch, they also allow for a firm grip.

After applying the polish, the horsehair brush softly caresses your shoes and brings out the natural shine. The soft cloth will help you bring out the mirror finish shoes are capable of producing. A money back guarantee protects this product.

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9. Magicfly Shoes Polish Kit-9Pcs


A leather carry pouch securely holds the 8 other pieces. Perfect for travel, it will not take up much room in your suitcase. Keep your shoes polished all the time. The kit includes a neutral and black polish, two waxes, a buff cloth, a carrying case, a shoe horn, and two wood handled brushes.

Make sure to clean your shoes before you polish them. The two brushes will shine your shoes even in those hard to reach places.

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8. Electric Shoe Polisher Shoe Clean Kit


You can save time and energy with this power shoe polish kit. 2 AA batteries bring the power, you just bring the guiding force. 4 different brush attachments are included in this kit.

One is for cleaning, another is for oiling, another for polishing and one is for the final mirror look. You control the action with the 2-speed settings. You get off, low and high. The unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver around your shoes.

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7. EVERTOP Electric Shoe Polisher


You get 60 minutes of usable time after charging this unit for 3 1/2 hours. One rechargeable battery comes with this unit, along with its own charger and an adaptor cord.

The power and speed control is on the underside of the handle. Plus, you get 3 brushes to shine your shoes. Besides shining your shoes, this kit can shine your leather couch and other leather material objects you have around the house.

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6. Fortune Dragon Shoe Polisher


Three polishing brushes also come with this electrical and cordless shoe polishing kit. Powered by one rechargeable battery, battery charger included, you save energy using this kit.

The power and speed control is located on the waterproof handle, which is completely sealed. Along with all of this you get a cleaning brush, application brush, and a polishing brush.
You get 2 to 3 hours of operating time with each full charge. A 30-day money back guarantees and a 12-month warranty complete the package.

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5. Cordays Shoe Shine Care Kit


Add a touch of class to your shoe shine chore. This European leather shoe polish kit is handmade. The kit measures 16.2 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches and holds 2 polishes, a shoe horn, one shoe brush and one cleaning cloth.

The leather designed handles also add a touch of elegance to your shoe shine routine. This shoe polish kit would make an excellent gift and for best result take it with you when you travel.

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4. Maikerry Shoe Cleaner Kit


Made from PU leather, this is another shoe polish it that is perfect when you need to travel. Keep your shoes shined on the road with this elegant set. Inside the zippered holding case, you get a sponge applicator brush.

As well as 2 brushes for shining, 2 polishes, a rubbing cloth and a shoe horn. Each piece has their own strap to hold them in place when not in use. This kit will help you get your shoes to their fullest shine.

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3. Diamond Resources Bamboo Hand-Crafted Shoe Shine Kit


This 100% bamboo shoe box comes with its own footrest. No need to bend all the way over to shine your shoes. Just rest your foot on top of the case and buff up your shoes.

The hinges and snap lock are made from stainless to. When you purchase this lit you get two horsehair brushes, a polishing cloth, and 2 polishes. One black and the other brown. The box measures 6.5 x 11 x 12.5 Inches and is large enough to handle all foot sizes.

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2. Auhko Electric Shoe Polisher


This rechargeable battery power unit works on 5 watts of power and can speed up your shoe shining chore. After charging the battery for 5 hours you get 1.5 hours of operating time.

You get a USB charge cord and you can re-energize your battery from a cell phone charger or power bank. 4 brushes help make your chore a lot easier and your shoes will look their best.
The thumb control power button only provides on and off. it is not a variable speed shoe shine kit.

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1. Fine Dragon Handheld Cleaning Tool Set

Fine Dragon-Shoe Polish Kits

Designed to do more than just shoes, this rechargeable unit can handle most household chores. Three interchangeable brushes are included in the kit. One for oiling, one for buffing and one for polishing.

After charging up the batteries, you will receive 2 to 3 hours of operating time. A one-year warranty protects your investment.

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Some Final Words

Using one of the best shoe polish kits in 2019 will make your shoe shining chore much more fun and easier. Doing the job right demands that you have the right tools. These best of the best shoe polishing kits are the right tools to use.

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