Top 10 Best Safety Glasses In 2019 Reviews

Securing your eyes is of utmost priority when you’re at work. Getting a safety glasses that offer you a great build quality with an exuberant design is necessary. Below-mentioned products come handy when it comes to securing your eyes and doing your job with more concentration. Skip to the best safety glass on Amazon.

List of Top Best Safety Glasses Reviews

10. Gateway 6980 Safety Glasses

Gateway Safety

These lightweight safety glasses are suitable for an array of industrial work to personal usage. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, these safety glasses from Gateway comes with an adjustable length temple. Hence, customization as per your face is assured.

The temples which are flexible in nature reduces the pinching behind the user’s head. The product meets both, CSA and ANSI standard builds as well. Thus, making it ideal for all-time usage. Gateway 6980 is usable in both, indoor and outdoor work.

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9. Dewalt DPG82-11 Safety Glasses


Looking forward to a reliable gear for the safety of your eyes at work? Well, this fascinating safety glass comes with an elastic headband. Worried about scratches? Well, the product has been tough coated with Dewalt’s protective coating, hence it features absolute protection from scratches.

The same also features a protection for anti-fog endeavors. Hence, the user gets protection from fogging. These glasses offer an unprecedented range of security from dust and debris through its dual injected rubber. It also has ventilation channels, thus, ensuring viable breathability as well as protection from fogging.

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8. Jorestech Eyewear Safety Glasses


What would be better than a pack of 12 safety glasses meeting the ANSI build standard? These glasses offer an unparalleled resistance to impacts as well as ballistics. The build quality is great and is comfortable to use. The eye protection technology is dedicated and pretty alluring. Design of Jorestech eyewear glasses is unmatched, the product offers a stylish appeal to the user.

You might forget that you’re wearing a safety glasses. Scratch-resistant property is ensured with polycarbonate hardened coating. When it comes to reducing fatigue and ensuring a great hold, the product comes handy with a highly flexible frame. The temples of the same are poly-carbonated as well.

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7. Uvex S1933X Skyper Blue Light Safety Glasses


The product is a product of USA and offers a masculine build quality. These safety glasses are capable of absorbing over 98% of blue lights which is emitted from your iPads and other technical equipment. The SCT i.e. Spectrum Control Technology is present in these safety glasses by Uvex. Well, what are the results of this technology?

Users can easily distinguish because of sharpened details. Thus, improve your focus at work and aid your vision greatly. The temples are cushioned as well as flexible, therefore this product is suitable for long working hours. Easy wear and anti-scratch technology make it a viable choice to use. The product meets ANSI Z87 Plus standards too.

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6. NoCry UV Protection Safety Glasses


What would be better than a safety glass that is offering you Anti-fog ability blended with a scratch-free appeal? Well, this product encompasses no-slip and firm grip property. You can also obtain the much-needed UV protection as well. The frames are reportedly available in two colors, black as well as green.

The lenses used features a wrap-around appeal, thus we can say that the design of NoCry UV protection safety glasses falls under the domain of out of the box innovation. The product has been engineered to last long. It can absorb over 90% to 98% of harmful UV radiation. Customization is what is achieved by this product, a user can adjust the temples and elastic strap as per their needs.

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5. Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses


Available in an array of colors, the product comes in handy in prime colors like black, brown and maroon. These protective gear from the production house of Carhartt offers a great protection appeal for your eyes. The temples of the same have been dual-injected and feature a straight-back appeal.

The rubber around the nosepiece is flexible and smooth. When it comes to ensuring the safety of its own, the product is no behind. Carhartt safety glasses meets both, CAN and ANSI standards, the product offers a scratch less capability to the users as well. Thus, it’s perfect for industrial work.

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4. Kerecsen designer safety glasses


Best suited for ladies, the safety glasses from Kerecsen offers a splendid design and safety specification. Talking about the dimensions of the product, the lens is around 2.13-inches in width and the same measures over 1.06 inches in height.

The bridge over the nose measures 0.75 inches and the arm of the safety gear rests at 5.51 inches respectively. Thus, we can say the design specifications of this product are fruitful, plus it has been packed with an attractive design.

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3. Honeywell Genesis R03570 Safety Glasses

Howard Leight

If you’re looking forward to availing maximum protective coverage, then this product offers a superior build quality as well as peripheral vision. You can obtain the much-needed comfort by leveraging its handy elastomer brow-guard.

Thus, getting access to both, flexibility and comfort at all key points is easy. The flexible build nature of these safety glasses offers adjustable temple length for the users.

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2. Virtua 3M protective safety glasses

3M Virtua

Looking forward to a lightweight protective gear for your work? Well, what comes as a great fact is that, this safety glasses weighs just 1.6-ounces and offers a great build quality as well. The material used in building these is polycarbonate.

Virtua safety glasses conform to both, CSA and ANSI build standards and the same features an anti-fog property as well. Thus, you can work easily for long hours and can also leverage its anti-scratch property.

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1. Jorestech safety glasses


With poly-carbonated temples, the product comes in a pack of 12 and are best for industrial usage. As a user, you can enjoy its awesome build quality and can get a stylish eyewear experience. The pattern offered with this safety glass is customizable and looks splendid in nature.

While meeting both, ANSI Z87 and CSA standards, the safety gear provides additional protection from UV radiation and offers a crisp view.

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    1. Pyramex S4110SMP Intruder Safety Glasses

    Pyramex Multi-Colored Safety Glasses is the top safety glasses in 2018! These safety glasses is very lightweight, economical, and comfortable to wear. Pyramex is the top safety glasses in 2018 because it provides excellent general protection for indoor applications that need impact protection.
    Its lenses are well-coated for premium scratch resistance and to effectively protect you against harmful UV rays. Besides giving you protection, Pyramex Intruder Safety Glasses is really stylish in design because of its fun colors that can brighten up your workplace.
    The different colors of Pyramex can be used for various applications. It comes in 6 assorted colors (blue, pink, purple, green, black, and orange. Its multi-pack comes with 2 of each color plus clear lenses. These safety glasses are perfect for workers of any indoor or outdoor applications.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B002KA00KS"]
    2. NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Wrap-Around Lenses

    Are you looking for an impact-resistant pair of safety glasses? NoCry Safety Glasses is one of the best choices for you! Finally, the safety glasses that can provide you with wrap-around protection, style, and comfort. Its wrap-around lenses are anti-scratch and anti-fog.
     More secure
     No slip or fog
     Hassle-free exchange policy and refund
    This is an Italian design safety glasses that have a fully adjustable nose and side pieces for perfect fitting without slipping. This is one of the top 10 safety glasses in 2018 because it is ideal for dentists, doctors, construction and metal workers, chemists, carpenters, DIYers, and all workers who are required to use PPE eyewear.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B01AWK1XAS"]
    3. Radians XT1-11 Extremis Full Black Frame Safety Glasses

    Radians XT1-11 Extremis Safety Glasses is a full black frame safety glasses that features all original and modern styles and designs that are integrated with the elements of comfort and compliance for end users.
    Its foam-lined frame gives extra protection from debris and dust. It also has rubber nose pads that are soft for comfortable fit. The full black frame has a polycarbonate lens that offers impact protection and stylish look. Its anti-fog lenses add more protection against fog.
    Radians XT1-11 Extremis Full Black Frame Safety Glasses meets the ANSI Z86.1+ standards and protects you from UV rays. This is available for your purchase on in 12 pairs per pack.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B009HN5PN8"]
    4. Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses

    Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses is one of the top safety glasses in 2018 that you can use to protect you from eye injuries at work. This safety glasses is very flexible, stylish, and has dual-injected temples and clean lines of Carbondale. It is a perfect PPE for tough job because of its full-frame and fit.
    The comfortable style and fit of Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses project a 2-tonne frame of Carbondale that is accentuated by a flexible and comfy rubber nosepiece. This safety glasses by Carhartt meets the ANSI Z87.1 which is a high impact requirement and standard for worker safety as well as shooting sports.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B00E0O7XO8"]
    5. DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle

    DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle is a product of DEWALT and also one of the best safety glasses in 2018. It has:
     An elastic headband
     It is imported
     Hard-coated lens
     Anti-fog lens
     Dual-injected rubber
     Polycarbonate lens
     Ventilation channels
    DEWALT Concealer Safety Goggle is a dual mold goggle that can provide you excellent protection against debris and dust at work. The above mentioned are the best features of this safety goggle. It DEWALT Tough Coat hard-coated lens can provide tough protection from scratches. It’s DEWALT XtraClear anti-fog lens coat protects you from the hazards of fogging.
    It has a dual-injected, soft rubber that fits your face perfectly to give you high-level shield from any debris or dust. It has an elastic and adjustable cloth head strap with a comfortable fit. Another best feature is its ventilation channels that allow breathability. The polycarbonate lens of it meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standards. It also protects you from UVB/UVA.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B01A12J3GI"]
    6. Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Glasses

    If you are looking for a stylish design of safety glasses at an affordable price, Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Glasses is the glasses for you. It is one of the best products of Bolle’s Safety and an ideal PPE for workers who work in highly risky and hazardous working environments. Here are the best features of Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Glasses:
     Upper brow bar protection
     Platinum lens coating
     99.99 percent UVA and UVB protection
     Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Lens
     Co-injected, ultra-flexible temples
    [Azonasinid asinid="B01DSVWL3Q"]
    7. Ergodyne Skullerz Odin Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    Are you a sports enthusiast? Be more cautious about your eyewear safety and wear Ergodyne Skullerz Odin Anti-Fog Safety Glasses as your personal protective eyewear. This is a very versatile anti-fog glasses that you can definitely use for you outdoor adventures such as hiking, shooting, fishing, hunting, running, or biking.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B00OJZWEII"]
    8. Jackson Safety Eyewear 25674 Kimberly-Clark Professional V50 Calico Safety Glasses

    Jackson Safety Brand V50 Calico Safety Glasses has a microfiber bag that can also be a cleaning cloth, as well as interchangeable temples and a head strap to better suit you and secure a comfortable fit. It has an EN166 N Fog Shield and Anti-Fog coating to keep sight clear on strenuous activities. Impact resistant lenses have EN166 7.3.1 resistance to damage plus a ventilation channel.
    [Azonasinid asinid="B019213AGI"]
    9. 3M Nuvo Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    Top 9 of the best safety glasses in 2018 is the 3M Nuvo Anti-Fog Safety Glasses. This product is from 3M and is also ideal for your PPE needs when you are out for some recreational activities with family and friends. The best features of 3M Nuvo Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are:
     Anti-fog lens
     Integral side shields for side protection
     Brow bar for profile protection
     Soft, universal fit, adjustable nose bridge
     Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety standards
    [Azonasinid asinid="B0017Z143Y"]
    10. Edge Eyewear SR111AR Reclus Safety Glasses

    Great! We are down to our top 10 on the list of best safety glasses in 2018. Edge Eyewear SR111AR Reclus Safety Glasses is one of the most affordable choices you can buy on today!
     ANSI Z87.1 +2010 compliant
     Ballistic MIL_PRF 31013 compliant
     Highly Flexible Polycarbonate and Nylon Frame
     Scratch Resistant Lens
     Highly Flexible Patented Soft Megol temple and Nylon Frame for more comfort
    [Azonasinid asinid="B002R9DBEE"]
    Nearly 3 out of 5 injured workers and employees were not wearing any protection for their eyes or wearing the wrong eye protection suited for their work.
    Eye injuries cost over $300 million every year in terms of production time loss, worker compensation, and medical expenses.
    So, if you are an employer or worker of a job that may cause different hazards to the eyes, you should choose the best safety glasses from the list above.

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