Top 10 Best PS4 Controllers in 2019

If you are a crazy lover of PlayStation, then there is a great chance that you must have worn down your original controller till now & now must be looking for a new one. Finding one of the best PS4 controllers out of hundreds of choices available in the market is a pretty difficult task. All the companies claim to be perfect in front of their customers.

However, you don’t have to research & get confused when our team is here to tell you about the ideal match for you. In this post, we will tell you about top 10 best PS4 controllers in 2019. Check out the list efficiently & then chooses the perfect one.

List of Top Best PS4 Controllers Reviews

10. Horipad FPS Plus


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The Horipad FPS Plus comes with an innovative design having three levels of sensitivity for giving an amazing experience to the user. This PS4 controller also features trigger, face, & D-pad buttons that will you a distinct touch while playing.

Overall, this product will let you play with greater intensity & touch in all types of conditions.


  • Very beautifully designed product
  • Affordable price
  • Three-level sensitivity


  • Lack of headphone port

9. ModdedZone Money Talks


If you are really up for spending some extra money, then buying ModdedZone Money Talks controller is the best thing you can do. Its cost may be higher than the majority of products in this list, but the features like custom mixed paints, innovative design, & clear finishes make to worthy to invest.

The company also offers a one year warranty on a MOD Chip for their customers.


  • Extremely rich graphics
  • 100% undetectable item
  • Fully cosmetic manufacturing


  • Extremely costly to buy

8. Razer Raiju Official PlayStation 4 Gaming Controller


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This product is designed by keeping pro players in mind. It has a pretty angular shape that will allow you to hold it comfortably without any problem.

The Razer Raiju comes with an audio controller bar in the bottom through which you can set the audio levels. The company has designed this product after going through an extensive research.


  • Faster control panel allowing you to use it comfortably
  • Comes with four multi-function buttons
  • High-grade Aluminum grade triggers


  • Not so good customer support service

7. Hori Fighting Commander 4


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This is one of the best PS4 controllers that you can find in 2019 due to its compatibility & simpler design. The Hori Fighting Commander 4 is a perfect option for the people who prefer single D-pad control.

This product has been licensed officially by the Sony Entertainment.


  • Compatible with PS4, PS3 & even PC
  • Perfect for 2D fighting games due to its 6 button layout
  • Equipped with turbo functions


  • Controller’s rubber down faster
  • Wired connection

6. Evil Shift for PS4


One of the most incredible products in this list, the Evil Shift for PS4 comes with an innovative paddle system that enhances the experience while playing. Additionally, they have a pretty quick response time that is truly amazing.

The company also installed hairpin triggers that reduces the tension & increases reaction time.


  • Respond pretty quickly
  • Comes with impressive quick-touch technology
  • Equipped with interchangeable thumbsticks


  • Costliest PS4 controller

5. Geniusmods PS4 Elite Controller


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If you prefer to play games with style, then the Geniusmods PS4 Elite Controller is made for you. It comes with the back paddles that provide competitive swiftness & edge while playing.

It is a custom PS4 controller that is equipped with high-quality triggers that allow you to shoot at a faster rate.


  • Three-year warranty on paddle adjustments
  • Perfect option for professionals
  • Provide amazing controlling while playing


  • Some complaints about its pad being too stiff. However, they are quite low in numbers.

4. DualShock 4 Wireless Control for PlayStation 4


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DualShock 4 is one of the best PS4 controllers that offer precise control to the users. The sensitivity & shape of this controller is loved by each level of players, whether they are a beginner or a professional.

It is a wireless controller that can be recharged quite easily without any difficulty through the PS4 system.


  • Comes with integrated features, such as light bar, built-in speaker & touchpad.
  • Incredible shape
  • Affordable price


  • Sticker ripped off after some use

3. Sades C100 Wireless Controller for PS4


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Do you want to have a great sense of control while playing your favorite game? If yes, then buy C100 Wireless Controller now. This product comes with an improved ergonomic design that let you feel comfortable to hold the controller

There is an LED in this controller that allows you to easily identify the players without any issues.


  • Faster button response
  • Feature for identifying players easily
  • Increases sense of immersion


  • Ear cups create some issues, but after months of use.

2. ModdedZone Skulls Blue PS4 Custom


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Another amazing product by ModdedZone, the Skulls Blue is a custom PS4 controller that comes with top-class crystal finishes, mixed paints & exclusive design.

Each of the controller shells is manufactured in the United States & created by keeping professional gamers in mind. It is a 100% authentic brand that offers a unique kind of gaming experience to the users.


  • Very beautifully designed product
  • Pretty affordable price making it best for people who play for longer hours.
  • 100% authentic product


  • Not so good vibrator

1. Nacon Revolution Pro Controller V2 Gamepad

NACON-PS4 Controllers

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Nacon Revolution Pro is a PS4 official licensed item that top our list of best PS4 controllers. It is designed by the company, especially for the eSports gamer.

Some most incredible features of this exciting product are customizable vibration motors, dual customizable sticks, & detachable cable. Along with that, the company has installed dual analog triggers that make it best for fighting games.


  • Equipped with shortcut buttons to make manual adjustments easier
  • Officially licensed by the Sony
  • Ideal product for eSports & fighting gamers


  • Newly launched product in the market.

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