Top 10 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses in 2019

Cen-Tec Systems

Cleaning the pool is a regular activity, and unless you have the right tools with you, proper cleaning is not possible. There are a number of right components required for pool cleaning, and one of them is the pool vacuum hose. The purpose of the hose is to let you move around the pool easily and do the cleaning as per your convenience. Generally, the pool vacuum kit does not come with a lengthy hose to cover the different spots of the pool easily. Hence, you have to buy separately, and the following is the list of the top 10 best pool vacuum hoses in 2019.

List of Best Pool Vacuum Hoses Review

10. Cen-Tec Systems Extension Hose

Centec Systems Pool Vacuum Hoses

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This 50-feet long pool vacuum hose is suitable for your home shop, pool as well as a garage. The length of this pipe is also easily customizable. Moreover, the high-grade plastic material construction of this hose is resistant to crush. This pool vacuum hose supports both wet and dry cleaning as well.

The spiral-wound design of this hose also provides protection against breaking or cutting. Furthermore, you can easily cut the pipe with a knife as per your required length. The curved ending sections of this hose fit perfectly with any 1.25-inch standard hose opening.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with spiral-wound design.
  • The length of the hose is customizable.
  • Suitable for any standard hose opening.

9. Cen-Tec Systems Pool Vacuum Hose

Centec Systems

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This vacuum hose is highly functional as it supports both dry and wet cleaning for any floor surface. The 16-feet long pipe also comes with a 1-inch internal connection. Moreover, this pool vacuum hose comes along with a 1.5-inch external connection for easier dust collection.

This industrial-grade hose also comes along with a soft and smooth interior to offer uninterrupted water flow. Furthermore, the hose is compatible with most of the vacuum cleaners. This vacuum pipe comes along with a 360-degree rotatable connection to offer ultimate flexibility while using as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Delivers a continuous waterflow.
  • Comes with a swivel connector up to 360-degree.
  • Supports dust collection as well.

8. AirVac Central Vacuum Deluxe Hose

AirVac Pool Vacuum Hoses

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This 30-feet long pool vacuum hose is extremely suitable for most of the larger-sized swimming pools. With the help of 1-1/4-inch diameter, this hose also supports faster air and water flow. Moreover, the pipe makes better compatibility with any regular wall-valve with a maximum diameter of 1.5-inch.

This highly-flexible pool vacuum hose also offers better maneuverability. Furthermore, this hose is crush-resistant and does not easily break or crack. This pipe comes with a three-position controllable switch and includes a 6-feet cord to deliver brush power. The hose is suitable for any air-driven power heads.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Crack-resistant plastic hose.
  • Three-position switch offers optimal brush power.
  • Offers excellent maneuverability.

7. Cen-Tec Systems Universal Extension Vacuum Hose

Centec Systems

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This pool vacuum hose comes along with two several hose adaptors to suit most of your vacuum needs. The super-flexible pipe also offers better maneuverability without causing any tangling. Moreover, the spiral-wound design of this hose makes it extremely sturdy and durable. This hose is universally compatible with most of the vacuum cleaners.

The 20-feet long hose is also suitable for any regular-size swimming pool. Furthermore, this extremely durable pipe comes with the construction of high-grade plastic material. With the help of a moderate diameter, this hose offers maximum air and water flow.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Supports optimal water and air flow.
  • Distinctive spiral-wound design.
  • Extremely flexible, tangle-free material construction.

6. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Hose

WORKSHOP Wet Pool Vacuum Hoses

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From wet to dry debris, this pool vacuum hose is able to clean various surfaces without any difficulty. This 10-feet long hose is also durable enough to last up to four times than any other ordinary vacuum pipe. Moreover, this extremely flexible pipe allows you to move it without causing any tangling.

With the help of 1.7/8-inch diameter, this hose also makes better compatibility with most of the vacuum attachments. Furthermore, the pipe comes along with a red and two black locking tab hose adapters. This hose has a friction fit pipe adapter and 2-1/2-inch cuffs.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Tangle-free and flexible pipe.
  • Comes with several hose adapters.
  • Comes with a proper length.

5. Cen-Tec Systems Premium Vacuum Extension Hose

Cen-Tec Systems

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With the length of 30-feet, the pool vacuum hose is suitable for cleaning a larger area. The high-quality material construction of this pipe also makes it extremely durable and resistant to elements. Moreover, the hose is compatible with most of the standard hose opening from 2.125-inch to 2.25-inch. This pipe is extremely suitable to keep your pool, home shop as well as garage.

The super-flexible hose also supports easy maneuverability. Furthermore, the crush-resistant construction of the pipe prolongs the lifespan of this unit. The rotatable 1.25-inch stub tube is compatible with any 1.25-inch attachments.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with crushproof material construction.
  • Protects from twisting or kinking.
  • Highly flexible, supports maneuverability.

4. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Hose

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Pool Vacuum Hoses

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This full-black pool vacuum hose is highly functional, as you can use it for both wet and dry cleaning. The diameter of the hose is also suitable for most of the 2-1/2-inch standard hose opening. Moreover, the 20-feet long hose is able to clean any regular-size pool.

With the help of a 2-1/2-inch diameter, the hose also allows enough water flow and picks up debris without any hassle. Furthermore, the pipe collects larger debris and supports easier cleaning. The locking tab of the pipe is removable for clutter-free storage as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Ideal for any standard hose opening.
  • Supports hassle-free storage.
  • The hose supports wet and dry cleaning.

3. Haviland Pool Vac Hose


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This well-constructed vacuum pipe involves the construction of top-grade plastic material. The plastic outer-layer of this hose also provides protection against abrasion. Moreover, the lightweight hose is one of the finest above ground pool hoses in the market. The pipe offers enough flexibility for better maneuverability.

The whole construction also offers exceptional protection against harmful Ultra-Violet rays. Furthermore, the hose withstands the harsh chemicals of pool water. The pipe effectively maintains the cleanliness of the pool water every time. With the length of 18-feet, this hose is ideal for cleaning any regular-size pool.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Scratchproof and rotproof material construction.
  • Plastic coating for UV and chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for any average-sized pool.

2. Bosch Vacuum Hose

Bosch Pool Vacuum Hoses

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This highly-flexible vacuum hose is suitable for several vacuum pumps. The pipe also makes better compatibility with most of the dust extractors as well as vacuum cleaners. Moreover, with the help of 16.4-feet, this hose is suitable for clearing any larger area with no difficulty.

The model also consists of a swivel nozzle to fit any vacuum head for versatile usage. Furthermore, the hose is perfect for any standard hose opening of 2-1/4-inch. The pipe is flexible enough to avoid tangling. With the help of spiral-wound design, the pipe stays in shape even after repeated use.

Reason To Buy:

  • Rotatable nozzle to prevent twisting.
  • Comes with a generous length.
  • Compatible with several vacuum cleaners.

1. Poolmaster In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose


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The well-built hose makes the best compatibility with most of the pool vacuums. With the 30-feet length, this pipe is also able to empty a large pool without any hassle. Moreover, the 1-1/2-inch diameter of this hose produces an increased better flow for optimal performance.
This pipe also comes with a durable spiral-wound design to provide excellent protection against accidental breaking or cutting.

Furthermore, the high-grade plastic material of the hose allows you to move the pipe without any kinking. The rotatable cuff-head easily connects with any vacuum head as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with rotatable cuff head.
  • Supports better waterflow.
  • Kink and twist-free plastic material.

Buying Guide For Pool Vacuum Hose

Here are some utmost points to remember before choosing a pool vacuum hose:


Most of the cases, the pool vacuum hoses come with several materials. You need to look for a hose which involves high-grade material construction for durability. If you want a long-lasting hose, then select a hose with premium-quality ABS plastic. In general case, the hose has to be more flexible and supports easy maneuverability. You need to look for a vacuum hose which comes with UV-resistant polymer outer-layer. Apart from that, some of the hoses come with chemical-free material construction.


You have to select a pool vacuum hose according to the size of the pool. The length of the hose should be in between 10-feet to 30-feet. For instance, it is better to choose a hose with the length of 30-feet if you own an average-sized swimming pool. You need to look for a pool vacuum hose which offers easier cleaning even with the length of your hose.


Most of the times, this kind of pool vacuum hoses come with the diameter in between 1.0 to 1.5-inch diameter. If you have a large swimming pool and a pump with stronger-suction power, then it is essential to select a hose with a larger diameter. The hoses with larger diameter allow you to clean them without much hassle. On the other hand, the larger diameter reduces the chances of collecting debris or clogging.

You also need to check the cuff diameter of the hose as well. However, the cuff diameter has to fit the head of the vacuum cleaner you are going to use. Most of the hoses effectively fit the standard-sized vacuum cleaners within the diameter 1-1/2 to 1-1/4-inch.


You need to look for a pool vacuum hose with better flexibility. The flexibility of the hoses allows you to move smoothly over any pool. Generally, the flexible hoses help you to move them without any chances of rupturing and kinking. If you really need a long-lasting hose, then it is always preferable to choose a hose with spiral-wound design. Apart from that, the rotatable cuffs prevent the chances of the twisting or breaking of the hose.


Just like vacuum head, the hose plays an important role to determine which the efficiency of the vacuum system. Not all hoses are going to be suitable for your vacuum system. There are differences in terms of width and length and depending on the size of your pool and maneuverability you need, you should choose accordingly. Go through the buying guide and then the products for better understanding.

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    In the summer, swimming pool is one of the best places for making fun with friends and with your loved ones. Your body can relax more in the pool when it is too hot. You will more discomfort if the pool is full of dirt, fragments, and leaves. So, proper care of the pool is also required for cleaning it. The pool Vacuum hoses can make this cleaning task more easy and fast. It also saves your lot of time. You can handle the hose easily in your hands and can walk around the pool. In this article, I am sharing some of the best vacuum hoses that are more reliable, durable and help to clean the pool in a few minutes. So, let’s start!

    List of Top Best Pool Vacuum Hoses Reviews

    1. Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose by Think Crucial

    It helps you to maintain your pool with great ease. This vacuum hose is made up of heavy-duty, which makes it easier to clean the pool without any issue. It is lightweight and 40 feet in length. So, it is easy to carry in your hands and rotate around the pool. It is also very easy to install. You can use it for a long period as it is very durable. It can easily suck the fragments, leaves, and dirt from the pool. You can maintain the proper hygiene of your pool with this vacuum hose.


    Highly reliable
    Easy to install
    Better performance
    Maximum durability

    2. Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose by Milliard Pool

    This vacuum hose is compatible with almost all the automatic vacuum pools. It’s suction post is 1.5” in size. The length of one hose is 3 feet and there are a total of 5 hoses. You can combine all these 5 hoses to make it 15 feet long vacuum hose in a few seconds. It can be easily reached your pool. The hose is very flexible and durable. This hose is best for both in and above ground pools. You can also store easily by separating each part of the hose.


    Easy to store
    Highly durable
    Best for both in ground and above ground pools

    3. Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Pool Vacuum Hose by U.S.

    This vacuum hose is best for long-term use. It is made of EVA material which makes it highly durable. The hose has rotating cuff which makes it unique from others. This cuff prevents it from twisting and kinking. You can easily maintain and care for your pool with the help of this hose. It can be used for recreational activities of the pool. This hose is 38mm x 9m in size.


    It comes with a warranty of 3 years.
    EVA material makes it highly durable
    It can be used for many years
    The twisting and kinks are prevented with the help of swivel cuff

    4. Professional Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose by Fibro PRO

    One of the unique things about this vacuum hose is that it is very lightweight. This makes it highly comfortable and easy to use. This vacuum hose is highly durable. One of its ends has a rotating cuff which helps to move it in any direction. There is also a vacuum head, which makes it very easy to use. The walls of the hose are made up of the polymer. This prevents it from any scratch and cracks.


    Rotating cuff present on the hose
    High quality

    5. Premium Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose by Robelle

    This vacuum hose has a unique construction design of spiral wound. It is also very flexible and highly durable. You can use it for many years as it is an extra wearied with a thick crown. It is highly durable due to the abrasion resistance. It has rotating cuffs which prevent it from any kink, twist and tangling. It comes in the various size of length. You can choose according to your requirements. The hose is protected from the UV rays and chemicals with the help of its copolymer layer. It comes in black and blue color.


    Available in various lengths
    Spiral wound make it more flexible
    Highly durable
    Available in 2 colors
    Protected from the UV rays and chemicals

    6. Spiral Hose For Pool Filters by Intex

    This hose is lightweight and very easy to use. You can clean the pool with this hose without any extra help. This hose is compatible with all the pump filers and filtration system. It is highly flexible and durable. You can cut it to get the desired length and then you can reattach the nozzles over it.


    Easy to get the desired length
    Compatible with all of the filtration systems and pump filters

    7. Multifunction Hose by GLOUE

    It is a compact and lightweight hose that makes it very easy to use and store. You can extend the length of this hose 3 times more than the normal by expanding it. It is very strong and highly durable. So, it can be used for a long period. You can use this hose in your garden, for cleaning your vehicle, and for other purposes as well. It is made up of original latex core that make it safe, durable and resistant to high pressure. It is also made up of the high quality of bi-axial woven polyester that makes it highly stronger. You can expand and contract it more than 600 times.


    Space efficient
    High-pressure resistance
    No leakage of water

    8. Expandable Garden Hose by Hospaip

    This is a super strong hose that makes it highly durable. Its inner tube is made up of double latex which is protected by the polyester fabric from the outside. This high-quality hose is also very easy to use. It is a lightweight and long length hose. So, you can carry it any part of the pool. It is made up of a high quality of material which prevents it from any crack, tear, and leakage. It has a solid brass connector of ¾ inches. The length of the hose is 17 inches, and it extended to more than 3 times more after the pressure is turned on.


    Doesn’t leak, crack, and tear
    Easy to use and store

    9. Premium Expanding Water Hose by Innav8

    This hose is very easy to use, store and handle. It is a comfortable, flexible and lightweight hose. It is one of the best qualities of hose. It can be extended 3 times more than the actual size. It can easily extend to the size of 50 feet. This hose has a wall of 2mm and a core made up of 2 layers. The outside layer of the hose is made up of strong bi-axial woven polyester material. It also helps the hose to return to its previous size after being used.


    Extendable length
    On/Off valve

    10. In-Ground Vacuum Hose by Pool master

    This vacuum hose is the best fit for all types of pool vacuums. The vacuum head can be directly connected to the rotating cuff of the hose. This hose is constructed to provide spiral wounds which make it flexible and strong. It is available in various length sizes. So, you can choose according to your requirements.


    Available in various length sizes
    Best for all types of pool
    Rotating cuff
    Superior tensile strength
    Provides maximum flow of water
    UV and chemical resistant

    All these are the best pool vacuum hoses. If you are trying to buy any hose for your pool vacuum. Then you can select any one of these hoses.

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