Top 10 Best Piggy Banks for Kids in 2022

It is important to instill good habits in children among which one is valuing the money. If you give pocket money to your kids, it is the time also to give them a piggy bank. Once the child learns that it is essential to save their money and use them only when required, they become financially knowledgeable. Therefore the role of the piggy bank is immense in the primary years of a child.

If you are thinking to get a piggy bank which is sturdy, durable and enticing, you have landed at the right place. After researching many piggy banks for kids, we have come up with top ten best products in the category. Check them out!

List of Top Best Piggy Banks for Kids Review on Amazon

10. Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank

Thomas Piggy Banks for Kids

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Children love Thomas and Trains and when they get a piggy bank from them, the joy manifolds. This is a wonderful piggy bank for kids which is durable and lasts forever.

Key Features:

  • The resin material brings durability and increases the appeal of the product.
  • There is glossy finish to make it more attractive.
  • It can save coins and notes.
  • The toy design brings enthrallment to the kids.

9. Zonkin Cartoon Electronic ATM Password Piggy Bank

Zonkin Piggy Banks for Kids

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Coming in silvery this wonderful piggy bank from Zonkin is one of the best to ponder. No wonder your kid will love to save all his coins inside and flaunt it before the friends.

Key Features:

  • It can accommodate coins as well as notes.
  • The product is password safe where you can give four-digit passwords for opening it.
  • It comprises automatic roll money option in which the money comes out as a roll automatically.
  • The use of ABS plastic makes the product environmentally safe.

8. Fun Toys Kids Safe Bank

fun toys Piggy Banks for Kids

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It is a great pink colored piggy bank from Fun Toys which has made a remarkable name in the category of toy manufacturing. Their piggy banks are no exception due to the presence of alluring features.

Key Features:

  • The product is made up of metal and is available in pink color.
  • There is a nice glittery door that makes it more attractive.
  • It comes with a unique key and combination lock.
  • There is an inserting slot for keeping the coins and slide out a box for coins and other treasures.

7. Miles Kimball Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank

Miles Kimball Piggy Banks for Kids

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Miles Kimball is popular for manufacturing high-grade products. Their piggy banks are loved by most of the kids and their parents.

Key Features:

  • The piggy bank with beautiful polka dots over blue color looks adorable.
  • It can be skillfully customized with the name of your kid.
  • The size of the piggy bank is 6 1/2 ” long x 5 1/2″ wide x 6″ high.
  • It is available in various colors, and you may choose as per the preference of your child.

6. Swarovski with Crown Princess Porcelain Piggy Bank for Kids by FAB Star point

FAB Starpoint Piggy Banks for Kids

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This is an amazing crown princess piggy bank which makes a great gift to present to your daughter this birthday. Made up of high-grade materials, it lasts longer with no wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • The piggy bank is made up of classic porcelain which is sturdy and strong.
  • It is so beautifully designed that the child will get attracted towards it.
  • It is available in different colors, however; pink is the most lovable one out of all.
  • The product can be customized as per the name of the child.

5. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

Child Piggy Banks for Kids

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Child to Cherish gives you enough reasons to splurge on its products. Their piggy bank comes equipped with all the essential features making it one of the best to splurge.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of beautifully galvanized ceramic to make it stronger and sturdy.
  • The hand painting elevates the worth of the product even more.
  • There is a removable rubber stopper that holds the coin.
  • The coin slot measures around 1.5 inches from the top.

4. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

Burton & Burton Piggy Banks for Kids

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Specially made for the girls, this wonderful and very beautiful piggy bank from Burton & Burton is one of the best. Being imported and made of high-grade materials it is loved by all.

Key Features:

  • The product looks so beautiful that you may also use it as a décor item in the kid’s room.
  • The satin finishing provides an amazing luster to the piggy bank.
  • There is an adorable bow on head maximizing the beauty of the product manifold.
  • The size of the piggy bank is around 7″H x 6″W x 7.75″ D.

3. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

Pearhead Piggy Banks for Kids

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Pearhead excels in manufacturing wonderful products for kids, and their piggy bank is no exception. It is made up of high-grade materials and looks very beautiful.

Key Features:

  • There are white polka dots over the gray base beautifying the piggy bank even more.
  • It is made up of glazed ceramic.
  • There is a removable rubber stopper that holds the savings.
  • The presence of a wrapped ribbon makes it a perfect gifting item to the kids.

2. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

Schylling Piggy Banks for Kids

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This is a small, nice and very beautiful piggy bank which also makes a décor product in the home. The use of high-grade materials makes it one of the best to splurge.

Key Features:

  • This is a pink vinyl pig that consists of a slot in his back to insert the coins.
  • There is a blue gingham scarf to make it look even cuter.
  • It measures around 7.50 inches.
  • The kids love to have it as their toy and at the same time learn to save money.

1. HUSAN Electronic Piggy Banks

HUSAN Piggy Banks for Kids

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The best piggy bank for kids comes from Husan. Being electronic it is highly useful and perfect for both small and big children.

Key Features:

  • It is a mini ATM electronic coin bank that works wonderfully.
  • It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic which makes it durable.
  • The piggy bank can store around 600 coins or 100 paper money.
  • There is password protection feature as well making it highly safe.


Getting any one of these piggy banks will not only excite the child but also help him learn the concept of saving the money. So, get the one which you think will be loved by your kid. It is the time to instill some good habits in the kids and make them financially aware of the perks of investment.

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