Top 10 Best Motorcycle Masks in 2019

Salt Armour

If you ride a motorcycle regularly, you need a motorcycle mask. It is necessary even when you put on a full helmet. The reason is that there is always some gap between the helmet and the face and through that space, dust, and dirt goes in. A motorcycle mask prevents breathing in of dust and dirt and it also protects against sunlight, wind, and other adverse conditions of the outdoors. Check out the top 10 best motorcycle masks in 2019 below.

List of Top Best Motorcycle Masks Review

10. Salt Armour Face Mask

Salt Armour Motorcycle Masks

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Made with 100% micro-fiber polyester material, it is a lightweight and highly breathable face mask. This multifunctional mask allows various utilities like you can use it as a facemask, beanie, headband, neck gaiter, scarf and so on. The mask is one-piece, non-tear able, lenient, smooth and flexible. This mask is perfect for the fishing, cycling, skiing, biking, hunting and many more outdoor actions. It gives you the protection against all the elements. The mask is easily washable, carbon-free and allows quick drying. It provides the warmth for the cold weather.

9. KINGREE Balaclava Face Mask

KINGREE Motorcycle Masks

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You can use the all-weather mask in different ways, like as a Bandana for skiing, neck warmer for motorcycling or as a snowboarding mask, etc. This multipurpose mask is crafted with sleek polyester and mesh, which enables the air permeability, sturdiness, easy machine wash and speed dry. It is a unisex mask and comes with the all fitting one size option. It keeps you away from dust and sunbeams. This mask requires the low-maintenance and causes no wrinkles. You can effortlessly use this as a present for your sporty persons.

8. Salt Armour Face Mask Protective Shield

Salt Armour Motorcycle Masks

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The mask is a unisex product. This mask is made of air permeable micro-fiber material. You can use this multifunctional mask as a Bandana, Balaclava or as a Neck tube warmer. This modish mask comes with the double-sided pattern and a print with an exotic blackout American flag on it. The mask is flexible enough to fit all size and age persons’ head type. It is highly capable of protecting your face, neck, forehead, ears, and nose from the direct sun exposure and tanning while doing your outdoor doings like motorcycling, riding, hiking, boating, snowboarding and many more.

7. EnzoDate Motorcycle Goggles Mask

EnzoDate Motorcycle Masks

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This face mask with attached goggles gives you full support of your outdoor events. You can effortlessly attach the goggles with your helmet. The glasses are the see-through type and come with UV protection for your better riding experience. The lenses are of anti-burst technology. The sponge padding of the mask supplies a better shield with correct breathability. It has a defensive gasket for your safety. It protects your face and eyes from direct sunlight and keeps you away from dust inhalation caused by speeding up your motorcycle.

6. MoHo Anti-Dust Mask

MoHo Motorcycle Masks

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The indoor and outdoor face mask is appropriate for most the people with different age and gender. This mask is of nylon and spandex material, which provides easy breathing and safe and sound wearing. The shape of this mask, an adjustable nose clip and the hanging ear designing help to prevent falling while rough activities. The multiple holes, sole ventilation technique with anti-pollution feature mark this mask as a useful product to avoid dust particles, chemicals, hazes and microscopic harmful granules inhalation while outdoor actions, like jogging, biking, racing, cycling and many more. Even you can wear this durable, speed dry and washable mask while cooking and gardening for avoiding poisonous inhalation.

5. Indie Ridge Paisley Outdoor Face Mask

Indie Ridge Motorcycle Masks

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You can utilize this beautiful paisley designed mask as your headgear. To keep your face safe from extreme warm and cold, this mask is the solution. The cent percent micro-fiber polyester fabric with lightweight and soft texture supports breathability and comfort to your nose and lower face. It fits all the age and gender persons. This mask is resistance to the wind. You can use this as a double-sided product. From the running, cycling, skiing, hiking, snowboard riding and so on, this mask is impeccable for all sorts of open-air activities.

4. NEXTOUR Motorcycling Mask

NEXTOUR Motorcycle Masks

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This mask provides versatile utilization like you can wrap it as a head wrap, beanie, neckerchief, armband, hairband, sweatband headband, balaclava, face mask, neck gaiter, scarf bandana, and bandelet. By using it, you can avoid the dust and direct sunlight exposure to your ears, forehead, neck, face, wrist and so on. It allows proper warmth in cold weather. This robust mask is the best suit the outdoor activities, like the motorcycling, fishing, yoga, hiking, running, walking, hunting in any weather condition. The unisex and all-age mask with the lightweight polyester material affords soft, flexible and comfortable grip to your face.

3. Indie Ridge Outdoor Face Mask

Indie Ridge Motorcycle Masks

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You can get the trendy look of the printed blackout American flag all over this mask. The one size mask seems to fit the adult and kids both. This mask is good for outdoor activities, like the skiing, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycling etc. You can use the multipurpose mask as a headwear as well. The polyester clothing is very lightweight, provides warmth and prevents your face and lungs from the dirt and dust particles. But, yet is a breathable and pliable too. This dual-sided face mask delivers whole day comfort and wind-resistance. By folding down the mask, you can utilize it as a neck warmer too.

2. ZANheadgear Neoprene Half Face Mask

ZANheadgear Motorcycle Masks

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This stylish and free size half face mask covers the area of your nose and lower face properly. You can easily put this mask on whenever you are riding any kind of vehicles like motorcycles, bikes and so on, even you can have a run or walk while wearing the mask. The neoprene fabric of this mask, give you a breathable, flexible and comfortable wearing experience. The Velcro closing ensures a perfect hold to your face, for avoiding discomfort and displacing while speeding up. The mask is a water-proof and wind-proof product which makes it sturdy.

1. Self Pro Windproof Face Mask

Balaclava Motorcycle Masks

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This is a complete mask in terms of the protection it provides. It protects against cold, wind, dust, and the sun. It is a unisex mask and therefore, men and women can wear it. The mask has high breathability, durability and is abrasion resistance. It is wrinkle free and extremely soft. Besides, it stays dry and warm and it is also lightweight. The design is ergonomic and the size fits everyone as it is stretchable from all sides. Moreover, the mask is hypo-allergic and does not cause any irritation to the skin. You can wash it in the machine and use it anywhere for all outdoor activities.


You should never comprise in buying something that protects your health. You can use a motorcycle mask anytime you go outdoors as the pollution level is increasing every day. If you are riding a basic motorcycle, you are likely to wear a basic helmet to cover your head and hence, a mask is all the more important. You will be able to block dust and dirt going in with your breath and prevent severe diseases.

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