Top 10 Best Money Counting Machines in 2022

Are your fingers getting sore from counting all that money by hand, or you’re making too much cash and the numbers are just too heavy for your head to calculate? Don’t be troubled because you already have what solves most troubles. What you need is a money counting machine which makes the job of counting bills way easier than manual counting.

Money counting machines come in different sizes and have different counting speeds so it is necessary to know some things about your machine. The money counting machine counts bills at high speeds giving you an accurate amount and neatly arranged bills in no time at all.

The Best Money Counting Machines to Buy in 2022

10. CARNATION USA Bill Money Counter

Carnation Money Counting Machines

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The portable and easy to use CARNATION USA bill counter is meant for big businesses when counting cash is involved. It has a fast and very accurate bill counter and can count up to 1000 bills per minute.

It is also convenient for small business and can easily surpass the bill counting requirements of your business.


  • Suitable for big and small businesses
  • Reliable defective/counterfeit detector


  • Jamming issues
  • Displays an unforced error code on some occasions

9. TACKLIFE Money Counter

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This money counter is one of the most important equipment your business needs right now. It is very affordable and comes with a batch counting function. Also, counts up to 1000 bills per minute and has a very slim ratio of missing counterfeit bills. It can also stack up to 200 bills.


  • The counter is equipped with the batch counting mode
  • Bill counting is easier with the large LED-panel display


  • The money counting machine cannot count denomination of the bills
  • It doesn’t come with a manual making it difficult for a novice to operate

8. Goplus Money Counter Worldwide Bill Counting Machine

Goplus Money Counting Machines

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The Goplus money counter is a must-have for your business cash counting needs. It counts up to 1000 bills per minute and can detect fakes and defective bills.

The LED-panel is fitted for ease in user operation. It is also one of the most affordable money counting machines. It can also count many world notes because of its large receiving tray and stacker.


  • LED-panel for easy operation
  • Can detect fake bills with sensors
  • Can count 1000 bills per minute


  • The machine is not able to provide value count of the bills

7. Royal Sovereign High Variable Speed Money Counting Machine

Royal Sovereign

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This money counting machine can give you the total monetary value of your bills. This machine also counts 84,000 bills in an hour making it seriously fast in counting currencies of any denomination.

The RBC-4500 has a large cash stack which can hold up to 300 bills. It also has the 3-step counterfeit detection system.


  • Can count 1400 bills every minute
  • Can calculate currency value alongside number of bills
  • 1 year warranty


  • Isolated jamming issues after long term use

6. JUNUO Counter with UV

JUNUO Money Counting Machines

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The JUNUO Money Counter is supplied with a 1 year warranty to protect your purchase. This counter neatly tallies and stacks 1000 bills per minute and the LED-display is custom made for easy information and use.

It is one of the best and highly affordable money counting machines. It has a three step currency authentication system.


  • The machine counts a thousand bills every minute
  • Three-step counterfeit detection system


  • Only counts bills and doesn’t give their value

5. Ready Counter Money Counter Machine

Ready Counter

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The Ready counter which is one of the fastest money counters is designed to give you maximum speed and accuracy. It is equipped with several features and is able to identify half of counterfeit notes.

The Ready Counter has three reliable sensors with its ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared to detect inaccuracies from manual counting and defective notes. The Ready counter is ideal for your small business needs and can also be used where large bill counting is needed.


  • Three defective bill detection sensors
  • Can identify half notes


  • Cannot calculate monetary value of the bills

4. Kolibri Money Counter with UV Detection and 1-year Warranty

Kolibri Money Counting Machines

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The Kolibri Counter is a money counter designed for a business which desires a sharp, durable counting machine. It has a special technology that authenticates bills by verifying their security designs.

It also counts a thousand bills per minute. Moreover, it is supplied with a 1-year warranty.


  • Special authentication technology
  • Durable counter


  • The authentication feature is currently available for only US currencies
  • Problems with detecting fake bills of currencies apart from the US dollar

3. Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection


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The Cassida 5520 Money Counter is a machine built for any business cash counting needs. It is among the few money counting machines that can actually calculate the monetary value of the bills. It is lightweight and can be transported with great ease.

The machine saves your time by counting 1300 bills every minute and also has a bill stack and counterfeit detection system. This machine is one of the most versatile counters, and could be yours if you click the link below.


  • Counts 1300 bills per minute
  • Detects double bills with ease
  • Defective/Counterfeit detection
  • Can calculate the monetary value of the counted bills (USD)


  • Monetary value count currently available for only USD

2. Cassida 6600 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection Business Grade Currency Counter

Cassida Money Counting Machines

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The Cassida 6600 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection Business Grade Currency Converter is a counter built for business. It has an advanced better counting mechanism which gives faster results with no jamming incidents.

Additionally, ti is also designed to identify counterfeit currencies and can count up to 400 bills per minute. It comes with a user manual for easy operation.


  • Can count a large number of bills per minute
  • Magnetic and UV detection


  • The machine does not compute the value of the bills.

1. GStar Technology Money Counter with UV/MG Counterfeit Bill Detection


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The GStar Standard bill counter is fitted with an LED-display for easy information display and user operation. It can count up to 1000 bills per minute making it one of the fastest money counters on sale. It gives an accurate bill count, limits double counts and detects bad notes.
Make the GStar your choice cash counter today.


  • Counts up to 1000 bills per minute
  • Can work for long periods


  • Subject to double count issues if bills are old

Buying Guide For Money Counting Machines

The size of your company’s cash:

If you have a small store where you don’t have many bills to count, it is better to go for a small counting machine. On the other hand, if your bills are ginormous you’ll need a bigger machine with more counting ability.

Counting speeds vary and are sometimes designed to increase as the machines grow bigger. Think about what kind of money counter you’ll need with this info in mind.

The time needed to count the bills:

The time required to count all your bills can also serve as one of your determining factors for your product of choice. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll need a faster money counter which gets your work done in record time.

If it happens that you are not in a rush, you can choose a standard machine which is ok for your business.

The functions of the machine:

Money counting machines come with different bill counting speeds. They also come with value counting functions while some machines are designed with value counting functions which count the monetary total alongside the bill count for easier computation.

The functions of the money counting machine should be put in mind when placing an order for any of the counters.


The best machine for counting your cash with ease is the GStar Technology Money Counter with UV/MG Counterfeit Bill Detection as it has the highest positive recommendations based on customer rating and review. All products are currently available and are all designed to make your cash counting less stressful and more rewarding.

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