Top 10 Best Metal Detectors in 2022

So, you want to hunt for gold or at least some sort of buried treasure the next time you go to the beach. Finding the right metal detector is not too difficult. Just keep reading, our top 10 reviews will highlight the best metal detectors.

List of Top Best Metal Detectors Reviews

10. INTEY Waterproof Metal Detector Starter Kit


This waterproof unit allows you to search for your treasure in shallow water. You can search for all metals using the all-metal function or use the disc function to narrow your search down.

A headphone jack lets you hear the beeps even when there is a lot of noise around you. The unit comes with a red pinpointer button. Just follow the instructions to use it properly. Keep in mind that rocks, minerals, old pipes will send false positives.

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9. NHI Metal Detector Starter Kit


The features that come with this unit make it stand out. You get a comfortable armrest, adjustable shaft, one-touch auto-tune, and a 72-page guide. That is not all, as there is a pinpointer function, low battery indicator, and a filter to exclude those metals you do not want to find.

Also, the manufacturer provides a versatile shovel which has 5 different uses and built-in speakers. The metal detector will reach 6 inches underground. All of this is covered by a 2-year warranty.

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8. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector


Have a problem detecting unwanted minerals? This unit has a preset control that allows the detector to ignore mineral content in the ground. It also has a 2-tone alert system, all metal and discrimination modes, and can hunt for treasure in tough conditions.

Also, this waterproof unit has a 3-position mode switch, target strength meter, and can locate small objects up to 8 inches deep. It can go to 2 feet deep with larger objects. American made, it operates on 2 9-volt batteries and has a 5-year warranty

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7. Treasure Cove Platinum Metal Detector Kit


This unit is raising the stakes in its battle with the competition. Its 10-year warranty and LED display put this unit above the rest. This adjustable detector comes with the 2-tone alert, all metal or not modes, pinpointing feature and it is waterproof.

Also, the manufacturer has added in a carry case, a durable shovel, and a set of headphones, which tunes out the background noise. You can also skip the headphones and use the built-in speakers. This metal detector will reach up to 2 feet deep, but that is probably with larger items only.

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6. Kingdetector Pro Edition Hobby Explorer Metal Detectors


This metal detector has a finely tuned meter with all the technological advances can bring. You can hear the 2-tone alerts either through the built-in speakers or the included headphones.

It also has an adjustable volume control, two metal modes, all or disc, and an adjustable shaft, reaching up to approx. 42 inches. It runs on 2 9-volt batteries and is waterproof. It comes with a foldable shovel to help dig out your new treasure. A camouflage carrying case and a one-year warranty complete the set.

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5. Pro Detector Gold Finder Metal Detector


This highly sensitive metal detector operates on 2 9-volt batteries and can pick out a dime 10mm deep. Its LED display, sensitivity controls, and lightweight make it easy to operate. It weighs less than 2 pounds.

The unit Is designed more for those who are just beginning their metal detecting hobby and does not have all the features some of the other units have. But it does have a 12-moth worry free warranty.

It does have a tone alert, but you may get a lot of false positives due to the bare bones nature of this metal detector.

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4. National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector


National Geographic is not just about exploring human civilization or the animal kingdom. The organization likes to help the treasure hunter as well. Their version comes with a pinpointing function,3 detection modes, 4 sensitivity levels, and can collapse to 22 inches.

You won’t miss much as its detection reaches 12 inches under the ground. You can treasure hunt in water or rain. Its waterproof design makes sure it operates in all weather conditions. It also comes with a sifter and a shovel making grabbing your treasure a lot easier.

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3. American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector


The Explorer II brings a comfortable armrest, LCD display which tells you what you found and how deep it is. The range on this waterproof unit reaches 8 inches. The control panel will also let you search for all metals or exclude some and also has an adjustable volume control.

Other features include an adjustable aluminum shaft, auto ground balance, a notch function, and microprocessor. But that is not all that comes with this unit. You also receive a carrying bag, a battery, and headphones.

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2. all-sun Junior Metal Detector


This is a unit for the junior treasure hunter in the family. Get them started on their treasure hunting hobby with a basic metal detector. This unit does come with a built-in flashlight.

It is operated by a single 9-volt battery and a headphone jack. It does have a sensitivity knob and a single sound alert. Its depth of range depends on the quality of metal, size and how much of the metal is left. It is a depends situation.

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1. Goplus Metal Detector

Goplus-Metal Detectors

This waterproof unit has 5 metal detecting modes, 8 sensitivity levels, and 4 depth ranges. It can reach 2, 4, 6 & 8 inches underground. The adjustable arm goes from approx. 42 inches to 52 inches, and can work in the rain. A rain cover is included.

It operates on 6 AA batteries, not included but does include a backpack, headphones, and user manual.

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Some Final Words

Treasure hunting has been made a lot easier with these top ten metal detectors. But do not take our word for it. Read all the reviews and pick the one you like best.

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