Top 10 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2022

If you are the one who has to do a lot of pencil work in a day regularly, it is better to opt for a pen that betters your handwriting and comfort factor. Instead of using the usual pencils, you should opt for a mechanical pencil. There are such pencils available with different lead size and the lead size determines the line thickness.

There is no need for sharpening as you can use the same lead for a long time even after multiple breakages. You can also change the lead like changing refills, and the following list contains the top 10 best mechanical pencils in 2022 to choose from.

Best Mechanical Pencils – A Complete Guide:

10. Kaweco Special Mechanical Pencil Brass

Kaweco Mechanical Pencils

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The all-brass construction of the mechanical pencil makes it an ideal item to gift anyone. This can be a perfect addition to your collection, and it comes in a slim design. This has a polished surface that gives it an attractive look. Moreover, this has a length of 140 mm, and it has 8 faces.

Furthermore, the pencil includes an octagonal barrel shape and is an imported product. Additionally, this is very lightweight, and it also includes a small eraser for user advantage.

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive design with a polished surface.
  • Prevents rolling with an octagonal barrel shape.
  • Eight faces and slim design.

9. Uni Kuru Toga Rotating Mechanical Pencil


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Do you find it difficult to look for a perfect gift for anyone? Here is a mechanical pencil that comes in a stylish design making it an ideal item to gift. This has a core rotation mechanism that makes it rotate continually. Furthermore, it includes a spring-loaded clutch that lets you have uniform wearing.

Moreover, it is extremely durable and includes a metal pipe that prevents breaking. Additionally, this has millions of nanodiamond particles as well as silicone oil that deliver smooth and darker lines. This is from a popular brand and has ingenious lead rotation.

Reasons To Buy

  • Better operation with ingenious lead rotation.
  • High performance and continuous rotation.
  • Uniform wearing due to spring-loaded clutch.

8. Uni Alpha-Gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil

uni Mechanical Pencils

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The combination of looks and performance make this mechanical pencil an incredible product. It has many amazing features and includes a soft grip for user comfort. Furthermore, you can check it conveniently that extends the lead and make it deliver superior performance.

Additionally, this will let you have better flexibility, and it comes with a lead size of 0.5 mm. Moreover, the pencil has an alpha gel, and you can easily locate it when not in use. It is in a stylish design and is a perfect product for work or class.

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive design and high performance.
  • Soft grip for better comfort.
  • Alpha gel and improved flexibility.

7. Nicpro Mechanical Pencil


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If you are looking for a mechanical pencil that has effective performance, then this is the exact one for you. This includes 3 pieces of mechanical pencils as well as other products that let you have better convenience. Moreover, this will let you have an easy balance as it has a full-metal body.

Additionally, you can use it without any fatigue in your hands, and it is perfect for different individuals including students, professionals, and teachers. Furthermore, it is ideal for meeting and draft, and you can even use it for sketching and drawing.

Reasons To Buy

  • Wide application and easy to use.
  • Effective performance and full metal body.
  • Prevents fatigue due to convenient design.

6. Uni Kurutoga Pipe Slide Mechanical Pencil

uni Mechanical Pencils

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Available in many different colors, the mechanical pencil comes with a lead rotation mechanism. This has a core diameter of 0.5 mm, and it comes with a durable core. Furthermore, this is from a popular brand and its features pipe slide system.

Additionally, it serves as a perfect gift for anyone and is highly durable. Moreover, it makes sure that your papers remain clean as it prevents any kind of smudges. With this, you can have peace of mind as it delivers outstanding performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lead rotation mechanism for easy use.
  • Better performance and durable construction.
  • Prevents smudges with an eraser.

5. Staedtler Mars Technical Mechanical Pencil


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This is an imported mechanical pencil that allows you to use it for different applications. This is ideal for students, professionals, teachers, and you can easily use it for sketching, writing, and drawing. Moreover, it has a balanced structure that lets you use it hassle-free.

Furthermore, it includes a pushbutton and features a metal clip for user advantage. Additionally, you will also find an integrated lead pointer, and it has a lead of 2 mm. The product comes in innovative design and can be perfect for individual personalities.

Reasons To Buy

  • Metal clip and pushbutton operation.
  • Lead pointer and innovative design.
  • Suitable for different individuals.

4. Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil Starter Set

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

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This one comes in a complete set and allows you to use it comfortably. The mechanical pencil includes a convenient grip that allows better control while you write. Moreover, it also includes a twist-up eraser that does not leave any kind of residue.

Furthermore, it has a click advance button that lets you release the lead conveniently. It comes in a distinctive design and has a translucent barrel. Additionally, this is from a popular brand and comes in assorted colors. It has a thickness of 0.7 mm and is a versatile product.

Reasons To Buy

  • Translucent barrel and assorted colors.
  • Easy lead release with a convenient click.
  • Prevents residue with an eraser.

3. Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil


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Are you looking for a mechanical pencil that comes with a powerful lead? This one is available in a pack of two, and it allows you to select from the lead of different sizes. Moreover, it can be an ideal product for any professional as it comes in superior construction.

Furthermore, this will meet all your needs while writing, and you do not have to worry about sharpening. Additionally, it is extremely strong, and it has the ability to create a clear and dark line. It has wide applications as you can easily use it for general purposes.

Reasons To Buy

  • High performance and eliminates the need for sharpening.
  • Strong construction and attractive look.
  • Multiple lead sizes for user advantage.

2. rOtring Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil


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This is a perfect mechanical pencil that meets all your writing needs. You can use it safely without any fatigue, as this is suitable for drawing and writing. Furthermore, this has a better width balance as it comes with a full-metal body. It does not disappoint you when it comes to performance and prevents sliding due to the hexagonal shape.

Additionally, you will also find fixed lead guidance that prevents breakage and lets you have clear page views. Moreover, experiments any kind of defects, and it has amazing artisanship.

Reasons To Buy

  • Clear page views and durable construction.
  • Comfortable writing and width balance.
  • Hexagonal shape to prevent sliding.

1. BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil


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This one comes in a set of 24, and it delivers reliable performance. The mechanical pencil is safe to use, and it comes with multiple colors. With it, you can have an amazing time as this lets you write smoothly. Moreover, it prevents any kind of smudges and helps to keep your work neat and clean.

Additionally, this is from a popular brand and eliminates the need for sharpening. Furthermore, you can easily change the lead with a simple click, and it can erase without any hassle. This one comes in a retractable design and is ideal for standardized tests.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy cleaning and retractable design.
  • High performance and complete set.
  • Prevents smudges for a clean look.

Buying Guide Choosing on Mechanical Pencil

Check out the following factors while you opt for a mechanical pencil.

  • Lead Size:

Consider the lead size and lead quality carefully before you decide to buy a mechanical pencil. The lead size may vary accordingly, and the most common size is 0.5 mm. It is the lead quality that lets you draw crisp, clear, and dark lines. If you want a mechanical pencil for technical purposes, then you can consider getting the lead of thin size.

  • Grip:

If you want to have better comfort while writing, then consider getting a mechanical pencil with a convenient grip. With it, you can write comfortably without any pressure, and it also removes the fatigue from your hands.

Complete Set

Mechanical pencils can come in different sets and include multiple numbers of pencils at a time. You will have to see if it meets all your writing needs. Look for the one that can erase effortlessly and includes erasers that let you have a better advantage.

  • Usage:

A mechanical pencil must be suitable for different applications including writing, drafting, and sketching. Make sure that it is perfect for everyday use and is suitable for all professions. See if it has an easy mechanism and comes in a classy design making it a perfect product to gift someone.

  • Construction:

The construction is definitely an important consideration that you will have to see while buying a mechanical pencil. Some of it can come in a classic design and have an all-metal construction. However, if you have budget restrictions and you need something for regular use, then go for the one that comes in pocket-friendly value.

  • Features:

If a mechanical pencil comes with lead protection, then it will be an ideal buy. You will also have to see if it has retractable tips that prevent any kind of scratches when you carry it. In addition to this, look for the one that comes with auto lead rotation.


It is true that mechanical pencils are not for everyone and especially for the kids as they are likely to break the lead every now and then. It is more for teenagers and adults for writing fine and neat handwriting. In fact, it is always used in technical projects. There are a few factors to consider while you purchase and they are listed above in the guide.

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