Top 10 Best Massage Chairs in 2022

Your body suffers physical abuse every day, and you typically feel discomfort, even pain in your lumbar, neck, and head. But because of your busy schedule, you have no time to go to a massage establishment and pamper yourself. Luckily, a massage chair was invented and it rapidly became a craze among individuals who like to ease their discomfort at home. Massage chairs are designed to mimic the work of a masseur but without the actual hands. They are great for alleviating your pain in the comforts of your home, and they can be used as a regular comfortable chair as well.

In this post, we have gathered the top 10 best massage chairs in 2022 to choose from. We know how hard it is to choose among the many brands, so we have done our research and came up with 10 massage chairs that are the best in the market.

The Best Massage Chairs in 2022

10. Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated

Esright Massage Chairs

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The Esright Massage Chair offers superior comfort with its 5 relaxing modes. This vibrating recliner chair is made with faux leather for strength, and thick padding for extra softness. You can sit and let the chair massage your back and neck, and allow the chair to make you feel at ease while your muscle tensions are eliminated.

And if you are done with the massage, you can have a cup of coffee or any beverage while enjoying your favorite TV show. This massage chair is crafted with 2 cup holders. It also has storage bags so you can easily keep your drinks, books, magazines, and other leisure items with you.

Reasons to buy:

  • 5 relaxing modes with dual-levels of intensity
  • Extra thick comfort
  • Simple assembly process

9. Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair

Real Relax

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The Real Relax Massage Chair is an incredible product that offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can play your favorite music while having a massage. You can choose from 6 automatic settings, and you get to have fun with the LED lights that keep on changing. This product offers a whole-body massage with 50 airbags for your lower back, calves, arms, feet, hips, and shoulders.

It also includes 8 massage rollers for the back and neck. The best thing is, this massage chair has a zero-gravity feature. With the touch of a button, you feel weightless while having a relaxing massage.

Reasons to buy:

  • Bluetooth technology
  • 50 airbags and 8 neck and back rollers
  • One-button zero gravity

8. HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

HEALGEN Massage Chairs

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The HEALGEN Massage Chair is a luxurious chair that is made from high-quality PVC leather, high-density sponge, and PU caster wheels. It is equipped with a detachable headrest pillow, lumbar cushion, and back massage capability. You can use this massage chair to relax after a long and energy-sucking day.

Or you can use this chair for gaming purposes. Even if you play for long hours, your back will not hurt thanks to the reclining feature of this product and the superior comfort it provides. Plus, it can be rotated at a complete 360 degrees angle.

Reasons to buy:

  • Ergonomic design for massage and gaming
  • 90-155 degrees recliner chair, swivel rotation of 360 degrees
  • 350 pounds weight capacity

7. Furniwell Recliner Massage Chair


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The Furniwell Massage Chair is a skin-friendly product that is super comfortable to use for massage purposes and regular sitting. The package contains three sections only, which is very easy to assemble on your own.

This seemingly simple and ergonomic chair perfectly contours the human back, so you get the full extent of the massage and relaxing functionalities of this product regardless if you sit or lie down. Plus, the thick foam padding is excellently helping your body release unwanted tensions and stress. And this massage chair can be used as a normal chair after your massage.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from premium PU leather and sponges
  • Assembly time of 5 minutes with 3 parts only
  • 90-170 degrees adjustable recliner chair

6. Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chairs by Ootori

Sinoluck Massage Chairs

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The Sinoluck Massage Chair is an affordable product that features a zero-gravity design. It is equipped with 32 airbags for the legs, seat, arms, and shoulder, plus 8 massage rollers for the feet and back.

You can choose among the 3 levels of zero gravity, and enjoy a complete massage that relaxes your body like no other. This massage chair is manufactured using premium quality materials, and it is extremely durable and safe to use. You get full therapeutic relaxation and pain relief when you sit on this massage chair for even a couple of minutes.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cost-effective massage chair
  • 32 airbags, 8 massage rollers
  • 3 years “Rock Solid” warranty

5. SmartMassageChairs Full Body Electric Zero Gravity


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The SmartMassageChairs Massage Chair has a zero-gravity design, which makes you feel wonderfully weightless while you indulge in a relaxing massage. You can enhance your mood by connecting your phone through Bluetooth and listen to calming music.

This chair offers a whole-body massage that you will surely love. It contains airbags and massage rollers that ease the tension in your body. Plus, the adjustable speed of the massage is perfect, so you can choose according to your needs and preference.

Reasons to buy:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Zero gravity option
  • Easy to assemble with a detailed guide

4. JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner

JC Home Massage Chairs

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The JC Home Massage Chair is the best recliner chair for your home or office. It includes 5 intensity levels and 9 modes for a massage. This massage chair is perfect for relieving discomfort and pain in your legs, thighs, and back. The dual padded back and seat offer superior comfort, and it is incorporated with a smooth headrest and luxurious upholstered arms. Also, this massage chair is designed with a side pocket in the right portion, so you can store your magazines, books, and even a laptop.

Reasons to buy:

  • Recliner massage chair and stationary ottoman
  • 5 intensity stages and 9 massage settings
  • Seat and back are double padded

3. Hrelax Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair


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The Hrelax Massage Chair is crafted with a built-in heater in the waist area, and it is designed for zero gravity experience. This massage chair helps promote an improved circulation of your blood in order to relieve tension and pain in your muscles.

It is an FDA approved massage chair that is very safe to use and skin-friendly. This product went through rigorous testing and passed 100% every time. It is backed with a one year warranty, and you receive a package that includes three parts. This massage chair is quite easy to assemble, with detailed instructions included.

Reasons to buy:

  • Bluetooth capability
  • Built-in heater for the waist
  • 1-year warranty

2. Max Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner

Max Relax Massage Chairs

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The Max Relax Massage Chair offers a whole-body massage that has a zero-gravity design for an excellent massage experience. There are 6 programmed modes to choose from in this product, and you also have the option to customize the strength and speed of your massage.

This massage chair also has Bluetooth connectivity, and it is made from high-quality materials including premium synthetic leather. It is being tested 100% before shipment happens, and it is approved by the FDA. Moreover, this massage chair comes with a one year warranty. And it is very easy to assemble.

Reasons to buy:

  • Zero gravity design
  • 6 automatic settings
  • 1-year warranty

1. HOMCOM PU Leather Massage Swivel Recliner Chair


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The HOMCOM Massage Chair is a multi-functional chair that offers pre-programmed massages, as well as an option for manual massage settings. It offers a 10-point massage recliner chair, with 5 massage modes to choose from. This product relaxes your body with excellent functionality.

It is manufactured using high-grade materials that make this chair extremely durable with exceptional performance. This product includes a footstool that provides additional comfort and convenience in your massage experience. When you are not enjoying a massage, you can use this chair for normal sitting purposes, like watching a movie, reading a book, and other activities.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multi-functional with automatic function
  • Pre-programmed massage and manual massages
  • 10 point massage chair


Your body is your ultimate weapon to earn a living and protect your family. Never ignore the discomfort and pain you feel, but rather, invest in a massage chair so you can do something about it. You can simply sit on your massage chair, relax for a couple of minutes, and feel rejuvenated.

We have featured 10 of the most reliable massage chairs in the country today. Take your pick for personal use, or purchase one to give away as a gift to a special friend. Whatever your reason for buying one, know that a massage chair brings many benefits.

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