Top 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Boards in 2022

A magnetic drawing board is an excellent tool for your kids to learn how to draw and write. It can also be a means to keep your kids from running all around the house while you clean. You can keep your kids happy and entertained with this new incredible toy, and at the same time gain the freedom to finish your chores.

Buying this product benefit you, since you no longer need to stress about stains and crayon dirt on your children’s clothes. And so to help you out, we have gathered the top 10 best magnetic drawing boards in 2022. They are all perfect in their own ways, and they provide the best durability in the market. And when it comes to kid’s toys, you definitely need something that can survive more than a day with your children.

The Best Magnetic Drawing Boards

10. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

VTech Magnetic Drawing Boards

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The VTech Magnetic Drawing Board offers an exciting fun way for kids to learn how to draw. It is such an exceptional method to teach your kids to love the art of drawing. They can use the provided stylus and begin with creating simple shapes and lines, and then gradually move on to the 26 various objects.

The best thing is, your little humans can truly stay engaged with this product thanks to the animated demonstrations. Your adorable kids can simply trace the animation and learn how to create proper strokes for lowercase and uppercase letters. This product is your perfect tool to teach your children how to write their names step-by-step. Plus, the package has 2 AA batteries included, but you would need to buy new ones for regular usage.

Reasons to buy:

  • Pre-K learning drawing board with animated demonstrations
  • For kids 3-6 years old
  • Drawing with stylus

9. SGILE Large Magnetic Erasable Doodle Board


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The SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board is what you truly need to help with your kids’ development. It is a very fun tool that is equipped with 4 vibrant colors of red, blue, green, and yellow in 8 different zones. Your young children can learn how to draw, write their names, and even play using this informative board.

Plus, it is so easy to erase mistakes or wipe out the whole surface to give way to a new doodle creation. The best part is, this magnetic drawing board is manufactured using premium ABS material that is absolutely non-toxic, and safe to use. And there are also 3 geometric stamps of triangle, round, and square to help your young ones trace shapes.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from non-toxic and premium ABS material
  • Includes 3 geometric stamps
  • Easy to erase

8. CHUCHIK Toys Magnetic Drawing Board Set for Kids and Toddlers

 CHUCHIK Magnetic Drawing Boards

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The CHUCHIK Magnetic Drawing Board is made from extremely durable plastic. In fact, your adorably rowdy kids can step on this drawing board, or sit on it, and it still will hold its ground and will not easily break. So no matter the abuse or prolonged use, this product will stay as it is and provide exceptional performance.

Plus, it includes 4 pieces of colorful mini drawing boards that you can bring with you while you travel. The small boards can fit any bag, so your kids will surely love to draw when you reach your destination. Aside from teaching your kids how to draw and write, this magnetic drawing board is also a perfect method to keep your kids in place while you cook or do household chores. In short, it is a brilliant means of distraction.

Reasons to buy:

  • The large size of 15.7 inches
  • Magnetic stamps
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

7. Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board


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The Gamenote Magnetic Drawing Board offers a more colorful tool to learn drawing and writing. It has a large surface area so you can even have two of your children to play around with the drawing board. You can be confident that your kids are safe while playing since this product is made from non-toxic materials. It includes a couple of drawing accessories that your young ones will surely love.

Plus, the erasing process is quite easy. Buying this magnetic drawing board is a smart move, since you no longer need to deal with paint, crayons, and oil stains on your children’s clothing. And this product is super lightweight and portable. You can bring it to a picnic or to a park or beach to keep your kids occupied and happy.

Reasons to buy:

  • Huge drawing board of 18 x 13 inches
  • Includes drawing accessories
  • Premium ABS material

6. Meland Magnetic Drawing Board

 Meland Magnetic Drawing Boards

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The Meland Magnetic Drawing Board is an extremely safe drawing and writing tool that includes a picture book. Your kids are guided on how to use the board, and mostly how to draw and write. They will have no issue letting their wild imagination take shape in their drawing using this product.

Indeed, it is quite easy for your little ones to draw in this drawing board thanks to the 4 colorful panel sections. This is a very engaging product that all kids love to have. And when it is time to erase their work, your happy kiddos need to simply slide the eraser and they can start a new drawing. Moreover, the little hands of your kids will not have a problem carrying this drawing board because of the handle. Plus it is very lightweight, so weight is not a burden.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large drawing/writing space of 275 x 180 mm
  • Superior grade ABS plastic
  • 4-panel partition with different colors

5. NextX Magnetic Drawing Board


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The NextX Magnetic Drawing Board is made from premium quality ABS plastic, which makes this product extremely safe to use for kids. It is a no-toxic drawing board that is also smell-free, so your young rascals can draw in this tool without you worrying about their safety.

By purchasing this product for your kids, you are giving them an opportunity to discover their drawing potential. They can have fun with doodling anything that comes to mind.

Reasons to buy:

  • Megasketcher at 16.15 x 13 inches
  • Seamless slide eraser
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 30 days money-back guarantee

4. Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers

Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Boards

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The Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board is the best way to teach your kids how to write their names in a fun way. It is a highly safe product for your kids to play with, plus it is quite durable, so you do not have to worry about accidental breakage that can hurt your kids.

This is a super lightweight product that your young ones can easily carry from the living room to their rooms, or anywhere else in the house. With this magnetic drawing board, your kids will learn to appreciate their creative side.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials
  • Includes a carry bag, magnet pen, and 3 stampers
  • 100%60 days money-back guarantee

3. FONLLAM Updated Magnetic Drawing Board


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The FONLLAM Magnetic Drawing Board is ideal for girls. It is an extremely safe and break-resistant product, thanks to the sturdy and non-toxic materials used for production. This tool has an easy slider that allows your girls to remove their current drawing and start to get creative with another piece. Your girls will surely love the pink color and the artistic design of this magnetic drawing board.

Plus, there are stamps included in the package, which makes this product more interesting. And in case your pretty little kids find this drawing board unsatisfactory, you can have it replaced or refunded.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large 8.5 x 5-inch drawing surface
  • Premium ABS plastic material
  • Resistant to breaking

2. pidien Magnetic Board Travel Size for Toddlers Kids

 pidien Magnetic Drawing Boards

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The pidien Magnetic Drawing Board Is the best product to keep your home clean while your kids draw. No more colorful materials lying around, since you young ones can now draw colorful things using this tool. It is extremely sturdy and safe to use, so no need to sound that parent alarm. This is indeed a good way to teach your children drawing and writing.

Reasons to buy:

  • BPA-free and non-toxic materials
  • No mess drawing
  • 100% 60 days money-back guarantee

1. Hailey&Elijah Magnetic Drawing Board


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The Hailey&Elijah Magnetic Drawing Board is an engaging tool for your ids to learn how to be creative in drawing and writing. It is a safe product, lightweight, and super durable to play with. Your kids will surely love to use this tool for drawing and discovering their artistic selves. This drawing board helps your kids draw and write in a super fun way.

Reasons to buy:

  • ABS plastic and non-toxic materials
  • Easy slide eraser
  • Cute stamps


Choosing among the 10 amazing products can be confusing, but as a parent, simply trust your gut.

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