Top 10 Best iPad Pro 11 Cases in 2022

IPad Pro 11 is one of the best creations of Apple when it comes to tablets. And it is just right that you purchase one of the top 10 best iPad Pro 11 cases in 2022. You need the most durable case so you can protect your precious device from scratches, water damage, dirt, and accidental drops. And in this post, we have listed the best cases that are perfect for the ultimate protection of your Apple tablet.

All the cases here are designed to fit the iPad Pro 11 devices, and they are made from reliable brands in the industry. They are chosen for their superior functionality and features, as well as their durable construction. In choosing a case for your iPad Pro 11, you need to factor in a lot of details, and that includes the safety and efficiency of the product to provide the needed protection.

Best iPad Pro 11 Cases in 2022 Reviews

10. Fintie Case for iPad Pro 11”

Fintie iPad Pro 11 Cases

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The Fintie iPad Pro 11 Case is designed to be lightweight, slim, and durable. It is crafted for strength and flexibility thanks to the premium PU leather and microfiber interior for scratch resistance. This case has a tri-fold cover and it has a magnetic system, as well as wireless charging capability. This product is just what you need to protect your favorite tablet from drops, impacts, and spills.

Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight, durable, and SlimShell Cover
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Seamless clip-on application

9. i-Blason Case for New iPad Pro 11 Inch Case


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The i-Blason iPad Pro 11 Case will not work with other Apple iPad models except the Pro 11. It has a rugged appearance that is super strong and durable. The dual layers of this product excellently protect your tablet from drops, liquid spills, and impacts. It is made from high-quality materials, and it is designed to last for so many years. This case has a built-in pencil holder for wireless charging, which is absolutely convenient.

Reasons to buy:

  • Full body TriFold Stand integrated with a Protective Case
  • Built-in pencil holder, without a pencil
  • Auto Sleep/Wake feature

8. UAG Folio iPad Pro 11-inch Metropolis Feather-Light Rugged Case

URBAN ARMOR GEAR iPad Pro 11 Cases
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The Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro 11 Case is very lightweight and it is exceptionally impact resistant. It is majorly important for your chosen case to have this feature because you never know when you accidentally drop or bump your tablet.

Plus, this product is water-resistant as well, so spills are not going to be a problem for you. Also, this case has a built-in pencil holder for Apple products, which is perfect for wireless charging while the cover is still intact. Moreover, this iPad Pro 11 case passed the strict military standards for drop tests.

Reasons to buy:

  • Impact-resistant and feather-light construction
  • Water-resistant with adjustable stand
  • Passed the military test standards of dropping

7. TineeOwl iPad Pro 11-inch Ultra-Slim Clear Case


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The TineeOwl iPad Pro 11 Case is an amazing case that is capable of handling the Apple pencil wireless charging technology. You can easily charge your table without detaching the cover, which is definitely convenient for you. This product is extremely lightweight and ultra-slim, so it is not hard to install this on your tablet and bring the device anywhere.

Plus, this case is made from high-grade TPU material that makes this case efficiently shock absorbent. It utilizes the air-pillow technology that safeguards your iPad Pro 11 from unintentional impacts. And, it is exclusively designed for your particular tablet and no other.

Reasons to buy:

  • Shock absorbent case
  • Made from flexible TPU
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin

6. SupCase UB Pro Series Case

SupCase iPad Pro 11 Cases

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The SupCase iPad Pro 11 Case is shock-resistant, thanks to the lithe TPU lining and PC hard shell that composes the dual layers of this case. It protects your tablet from accidental bumps, high impact, and drops.

Plus, this durable case is equipped with a built-in screen protector that does not allow scratches to appear on your device. This product has a magnetic attachment that is exclusive for Apple pencils to process wireless charging. This incredible tablet case is indeed a powerful accessory that your device needs in order to last longer, even after constant use and abuse.

Reasons to buy:

  • Built-in Screen Protector
  • Shock resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

5. GreenLaw iPad Pro 11 Case with Keyboard


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The GreenLaw iPad Pro 11 Case is designed to cover your tablet as well as the keyboard. It is a popular product that is made from superior grade materials for extreme durability and functionality. This case offers a 360-degree rotation, which is great for your viewing angle preference. It has a very slim and lightweight design that makes it easier for you to carry your tablet anywhere.

Plus, it contains an auto sleep/wake feature that helps you save energy. By using this product, you are opening yourself to the optimum tablet experience. And, your iPad Pro 11 is properly protected from water, dirt, and other pollutants.

Reasons to buy:

  • Specifically designed for iPad Pro 11
  • 18 backlight colors and spacious layout
  • Lightweight and super slim design

4. ProCase iPad Pro 11 Case with Apple Pencil Holder

ProCase iPad Pro 11 Cases

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The ProCase iPad Pro 11 Case excellently supports the feature of pencil wireless charging for Apple. It is manufactured using high-quality leather and flexible TPE materials. This case is your ultimate tablet protection, and it absorbs shock in case you accidentally drop your device.

It is designed with a magnetic smart cover that has a tri-fold capability, sleep/wake feature, and offers two viewing angles. Also, this product is crafted with a built-in pencil holder for Apple devices. And so you can seamlessly charge your tablet wirelessly without removing this durable iPad Pro 11 case.

Reasons to buy:

  • Protective smart cover case designed for iPad Pro 11
  • Auto sleep/wake capability
  • Built-in pencil holder

3. TiMOVO Cover Compatible for iPad Pro 11 Inch Case


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The TiMOVO iPad Pro 11 Case is an extremely lightweight case that is super slim. It is made from premium grade materials, and it provides superior protection for your tablet. This case has a magnetic stand with a trifold functionality for your utter convenience.

Purchasing this product is a great decision since it includes all the necessary features that you are looking for, like the auto sleep/wake capability. This iPad Pro 11 case is not taking up much space in your bag, so it is perfect for its portability. Also, the sturdy PU leather cover ensures that your tablet is protected from every angle.

Reasons to buy:

  • Sturdy magnetic attachment
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Made from durable PU leather

2. ZtotopCase for iPad Pro 11 Inch

ZtotopCase iPad Pro 11 Cases

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The ZtotopCase iPad Pro 11 Case has an exclusive design that is not compatible with other iPad models except the Pro 11. It is designed with a pencil holder that allows you to use the 2nd gen pencil wireless charging for iPads. This product has an auto sleep/wake feature that is very convenient for you to save battery even without doing anything.

Plus, this case is extremely durable thanks to the high-quality PU leather construction. And it is resistant to drops, so can rest your heart well when you accidentally drop your tablet. Moreover, the honeycomb inner layer ensures that 80% of heat is released from the device, making the lifespan of your device longer.

Reasons to buy:

  • Exclusively created for iPad Pro 11
  • Features an auto sleep/wake capability
  • Produced using PU leather

1. ZUGU Case The Muse Case


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The ZUGU CASE iPad Pro 11 Case is most popularly known as the “The Muse Case”. It is made from extremely durable materials that result in the superior performance of this case. This product is specifically designed for the iPad Pro 11 tablet, and it contains a magnetic stand that can be conveniently adjusted in 8 different angles.

This excellent case passed the strict military standards for drop tests. And so you can accidentally drop it within 5 feet and your device will still be okay.Plus, this case is backed with a one year warranty.

Reasons to buy:

  • Durable magnetic stand
  • Auto sleep/wake feature
  • Lightweight and super thin


An iPad Pro 11 case is an essential accessory that you cannot live without. Your tablet is an extension of your work, and you need to be efficient in your work in order to continue living a good financial life. So for you to take care of your tablet, you must choose one of the featured cases in this post. Every piece is selected because of superior performance and efficiency. And as you well know, an excellently working device makes your job a lot easier. Plus, you never have to worry about scratches or water penetrating your iPad Pro 11 with the cases we listed.

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