Top 10 Best Inflatable Chairs in 2018

If you are looking for a chair that you can carry anywhere you go and place it anywhere at your home without having to carry extreme weight, the inflatable chair is what you need. You can inflate and deflate this type of chairs anytime and nowhere. They are extremely lightweight and tailor-made for indoor as well as outdoor conditions. People carry them when they go out on a trip. There are various shapes and features of inflatable chairs available. We have listed the top 10 best inflatable chairs in 2018 for your consideration.

List of Top Best Inflatable Chairs Review

10. Intex Bag Club Chair


It goes with pastel shading decisions, and the surface of the sack is sketched out with vertical lines adds an extraordinary appearance to your room. It requires irrelevant speculation to fill the air. You can go without quite a bit of a stretch blow air to deal with and oust from it with no pressure. You can put the seat wherever in your room. This expandable seat goes with the condition of bean sack, anyway with no beans. This thing can without quite a bit of a stretch get trims and openings, so be to a high degree vigilant with this inflatable seat. This thing includes lesser space, however than to diminish to allow convenience.

9. HAKE Inflatable Lounger Chair


This lounge chair is made of durable nylon. This inflatable chair is so tough that you can use it on any surface like water, rock, grass or sand. It is very easily cleanable and also a waterproof product. This chair is best suited for camping, picnics, fishing or any sort of musical occasions, but you can also place it in your home. The head support of this air chair enables great comfort. The lesser weight makes the movement of the product easy. You need no pump to fill the air in the bag; natural air passing can inflate it naturally.

8. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair


The chair comes in pink shades. The combo valve with wide openings involves the seat to suitably fill the air and push-back air easily. The design of the seat is perfect for your patio, kitchen room, and school homes. The ground state of this seat endowments you to sit with comfort. The seat is basically crafted for youths and college goers. It is appropriate for both domestic use and outside purposes. The secured base of this thing guarantees its future. The product carries sophistication.

7. WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Sofa


The main advantage of this inflatable sofa is that it does not require any pump to inflate it, easily you can wave the bag in the air and fill it with air. There is an easy tip for you to fill the bag is, just close the sleeve after every waving you do to fill this up; it will help you to inflate the sofa easily. This product provides a design of a cushion for your superior comfort, as you can place your head on the cushion shaped place and can do the relax job. Once the air is filled, you can relax 5 to 6 hours without the worry of deflation. The sofa comes with a carry bag which permits suitable accessibility and a supporting base to have a great grip on the sofa.

6. Intex Empire Inflatable Chair


The diagram of the seat is ideal for your terrace, kitchen room, and college habitations. The curved state of this seat aids you with comfortable sitting. Basically, this thing is suitable for family utilization, be that as it may, you can similarly use it for outside purposes. The seat is generally expected for adolescents and young working people. The two in one valve with broad holes empowers the seat to fill air and push-back air effortlessly viably. This area situate is made with the bleeding edge shape. The secured base of this thing ensures its life expectancy. It goes with a look of favored. This item is offered in lime green color.

5. Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair


This expandable chair comes with the shape of bean bag, but with no beans. It comes with pastel color options and the fabric of the bag is designed with vertical lines adds a great appearance to your room. You can easily blow air into the bag and remove from it with no worry. It takes minimal time to fill the air. This product can easily get cuts and holes, so be very careful with this inflatable chair. But you also can fix this fabric of the chair with the help of cost-effective repair-box. You can place the chair almost everywhere in your room. This product occupies lesser space and yet too compact to allow movability.

4. Intex Inflatable Multicolor Chair


The design of the chair is ideal for your drawing room, veranda or college dormitories. Basically, this product is well-suited for domestic usage, but you can also use it for outdoor purposes. The two in one valve with large holes allows the chair to fill air and push-back air effortlessly easily. This empire chair is crafted with the advanced shape. The chair is mainly designed for teenagers and young working people. The coated base of this product assures its longevity. It comes with a look of the aristocracy. It is available in different colors. The round shape of this chair permits you to sit with comfort.

3. Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge


This inflatable chair is a full water-resistant product. You can rapidly inflate the chair with air and also reduce the air effortlessly from it with the support of a combined valve with a large opening. Additionally, it comes with a pocket where you can put the cups of beverages. It certainly saves your space with its foldable structure. This chair comes with the tough but delicate seat. The maximum weight endurance of this chair is 220 pounds. The lesser weight of the product allows you mobility.

2. Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed


This Inflatable Chairs is a versatile inflatable chair that can be converted into a twin size bed. The backrest is highly comfortable, and so are the armrests. You can fold it for easy storage. The switching from chair to bed is seamless. There is an extra-wide opening for fast inflation and deflation. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, and the fabric is soft and very cozy for the human skin. There is no smell in the high-quality vinyl, and it is a must-have for any home.

1. Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

Intex Inflatable Chairs

This is engineered to be the most comfortable inflatable chair. It is in the shape of the recliner or lounge, and the product is made in China. There are 2 air chambers and 2 cup holders so that you can sit on it and enjoy movies and reading books. The product is made up of 18-gauge vinyl, and there are 2 heavy-duty handles for the ultimate comfort. The maximum weight support is 275 pounds. It has featured under Amazon’s Choice and definitely the best value for money purchase as an inflatable chair.


There are various types of inflatable chairs available. Some are in typical chair shape while others are like a lunge or sofa. The lounge type inflatable chairs are more comfortable and some of them have cup holders so that you enjoy watching movies or reading books. You can place them outdoors under an umbrella in the daytime. You should not worry about the quality as we have handpicked the best ones.

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