Top 10 Best Helium Tanks in 2018

Are you a party lover and love to organize party every now and then? Then the need of a helium tank is the call of time. Isn’t it? Whether it’s a kids’ party or party for adults, balloons are considered as major decorative items in the list. And they look the best when filled with helium gas. So if you are thinking to buy the best helium tank for your next party and confused between numerous helium tanks present in the market, take a heed to the content below. Here we have enlisted some of the best helium tanks of the year. Check them out!

Top 10 Best Helium Tanks Reviews

10. Zephyr 55 Cu.Ft. Aluminum Helium Tank


The helium tank from Zephyr is made all because they want you to rock your party and its decoration. The 55 cubic feet helium tank is made up of aluminum and is a sturdy piece. With the capacity to fill 200 latex balloon of 9 inches and 100 latex balloons of 12 inches, this is just a perfect one to make use. it comprises a standard CGA 580 helium valve which helps in filling the air with the balloons. There is a handle as well to carry it comfortably. Coking in a brushed body this is just the perfect piece to splurge upon.

9. Varies New 60 cu ft Aluminum Helium Cylinder


Coming with CGA580 Valve the helium tank from Varies is a 60 cubic feet tank made of aluminum. The durability of the tank can be known with the fact that it can withstand at every place as the walls are thick and strong. Apart from helium one can make use of it with other gases like argon, nitrogen, neon and other mixed inerts. Thereby this is a versatile helium tank which can be used for multi purposes.

8. BIMS Standard Helium Balloon Kit


BIMS has brought one of the amazing helium tanks for the users and this is the reason why it has attained all the attention in the recent past. Being a standard helium kit it comes along with 1 tank with the capacity of 8.9 cubic feet, 9 inches latex balloons and one curling ribbon so that your party could go with the full swing. This tank has the capacity to fulfill around 30 balloons with ease. Coming with a 100{391d42f6f9f244eb3b0ebb7153e217a50debc16a3500bdee99fb7a9331c18b58} satisfaction guarantee the whole kit is worth to splurge upon.

7. Blue Ribbon Balloon Time Disposable Helium Tank


Blue ribbon is one of those which have brought some the amazing party props among which this helium tank is one. With the capacity of 14.9 cubic feet, one can make use of it in filling around 50 latex balloons easily. If you buy this product you would get an extra perk of having 50 additional balloons along with white ribbon. This makes your decoration really awesome and your party a rocking one. it also comprises one planning checklist ensuring you plan the whole party in a great way.

6. Worthington Cylinder Corp 14.9CUFT Helium Tank


This is yet another wonderful product to ponder upon. Coming in the pack of 2 the helium tank from Worthington Cylinder Corp is something which can be relied upon. One tank of the set has the capacity to fulfill around 50 balloons on an average. Thus the 2 tanks can blow up around 100 balloons making your decoration worth cherishing. This item weighs around 23 pounds as it comes in a set of 2.

5. BALLOON TIME Disposable Helium Kit


Coming with the capacity of 14.9 cubic feet, the helium tank from Balloon Time comes in a kit. This kit encompasses almost everything a person requires to decorate the party with balloons. Along with the tank, there come 50 latex balloons and a ribbon to secure every balloon properly in the party place. the helium tank is also of a jumbo size and can properly arrange your balloons to make the party grand.

4. 5Star-TD Party Favors Supplies Large Helium Tank


When it comes to the helium tank from 5Star-TD, no one can doubt the authenticity of the product. It’s a large helium tank with the capacity to fill around 50 latex balloons of size 9” with ease. Coming with the weight of 11 pounds this product is worth every penny. If you want to splurge on something affordable and equally reliable, then 5Star-TD Party Favors Supplies Large Helium Tank is just for you.

3. 5Star-TD Disposable Helium Tank


This is yet another wonderful product from 5Star-TD as it comprises some of the most amazing features that people crave for. One of the most alluring features is it is a disposable tank. So once your work is finished you don’t have to keep the empty cylinder in your storeroom. You can easily dispose of it. It is light weighted and very easy to use. While the presence of an easy fill nozzle helps in filling the balloons in a hassle free manner, the big capacity of the tank can fill a large number of balloons in seconds.

2. BALLOON TIME 8.9CUFT Helium Kit


Matching with the pace is yet another helium tank from Balloon Time. Coming in the dimensions of 9.8 x 9.8 x 16.9 inches it weighs just 4.2 pounds and thus a perfect item to have if wanting to throw a grand party. It could help in making your decoration worth remembering and you could make the whole event just amazing.

1. WORTHINGTON CYLINDER CORP 347138 14.9 cu. Ft. Disposable Helium Tank


This helium tank from Worthington cylinder Corp has managed to grab the attention of people due to the appealing features and great specifications. It is very durable and has the capacity of 14.9 cubic feet which is just the perfect one to fill many balloons at a time. Weighing around 9 pounds the dimensions of the helium tank is 12.3 x 18 x 12.3 inches.

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