Top 10 Best Heated Mattress Pads in 2018

When the winters are on the way the only thing that comes to mind is getting inside a cozy bed. To make a bed more comfortable a good quality heated mattress pads comes to rescue. Easy to use and safe to function these pads are the best to have especially in the chilly winters. If you are also looking for the same, take heed to the content below.

List of Top Best Heated Mattress Pads Reviews

10. Serta Sherpa Plush Electric Heated Mattress Pad


The heated mattress pad from Serta Sherpa is known to be reliable and durable. This is the reason why people consider it foremost. Being ETL Certified is the most significant asset of the product.

Key features:

  • The whole product comes with a programmable digital controller which helps to set its functions.
  • Coming in king size, it fits perfectly with all beds.
  • The use of polyester makes the product durable.
  • The auto shutoff makes the product safe to use by all.

9. Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad


The next heated mattress pad comes from Sunbeam which is highly popular for manufacturing high-grade mattress pads for the users. Coming with a warranty of five years it is indeed one of the best.

Key features:

  • It comes with a simple-touch pro control making it user-friendly.
  • The use of cotton in its manufacturing elevates the durability of the pad even more.
  • One gets ten different heat settings with the product.
  • The auto shut-off function switches off the device after 10 hours automatically.

8. Biddeford 5301-9051128-100 Sherpa Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad


The next product comes from Biddeford. It is white in color and full in size, therefore, makes a great mattress pad for the users.

Key features:

  • The top portion of the mattress if soft, cushiony and gives a cozy feeling.
  • It can be washed in the machine and dried as well.
  • One gets ten heat settings with this mattress pad which is digitally controlled.
  • Getting shut-off automatically after 10 hours elevates its worth even more.

7. Electro warmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad


The heated mattress pad from Electro Warmth is another beautiful product which fits beds of all sizes correctly and makes them warm and comfortable.

Key features:

  • It comes in the dimensions of 38 X 84 inches.
  • There are ten different heat settings in the mattress pad to use as per the preference.
  • Utilizing the elector warmth warming system the bed remains warm and cozy throughout the time.
  • ETL approved and machine washable it is one of the best-heated mattress pads.

6. Biddeford 5202-505222-100 Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad


This is another great heated mattress pad coming from Biddeford. With its natural color and queen size, it becomes perfect for all.

Key features:

  • The topmost layer of the mattress is made with the blend of cotton and polyester.
  • The ten different heat settings can be controlled digitally.
  • It fits perfectly mattress with the size of 22 inches.
  • It ensures 100% safety and gets auto shut-off.

5. Sunbeam All Season KING Premium Heated Mattress Pad


Coming from Sunbeam this is another wonderful product made with perfection. The use of 250 threads counts cotton materials help in elevating the worth of the product manifolds.

Key features:

  • It comes with two digital controllers to control the heat settings of the pad.
  • The product fits perfectly with 21” deep mattresses.
  • There are two heating zones with the help of which you can control your side of sleeping.
  • It comes with a warranty of five years and is machine washable.

4. Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad


This is again a great product from Sunbeam which is loved by the users a lot. User-friendly interface makes it perfect to use by any member of the family.

Key features:

  • There are six heat zones in the product where preheat feature is also present.
  • The dual side controller helps to control own sleeping sides.
  • The backup display elevates the value of this heated mattress pad many times.
  • With the help of ThermoFine Technology, the heat can be adjusted as per the need.

3. Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with Dual


This product coming from the reliable brand Sun Beam makes the best product of the time. This queen size heated mattress pad is worth to spend money.

Key features:

  • The sleek set controllers elevate the outlook of the product many times.
  • It fits perfectly with all queen size beds.
  • The ComfortTec Controllers make this heated mattress pad From Sun Beam easy to use.
  • It comes with a warranty of five years and is made of 100% polyester materials.

2. Sunbeam Polyester Heated Mattress Pad


This is another heated mattress pad from Sunbeam with features worth to ponder. Made of 100% polyester materials is fits ideally with all queen size beds.

Key features:

  • There is dual zone controller in the pad which helps in controlling individual side.
  • Due to the presence of 10 heat settings, one can set the desired temperature.
  • ThermoFine technology helps to endow constant warmth in the bed.
  • It comes with a warranty of five years and worth every penny.

1. Soft Heat Micro-Plush Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Soft Heat Heated Mattress Pads

The best in the category of heated mattress pads come from Soft Heat which is white and look amazingly great.

Key features:

  • The use of micro-velour fabric makes the bed extra soft and comfortable.
  • It is machine washable, and due to this, it is easy to maintain.
  • Working with low voltage technology, it is safe to use by all.
  • The auto shut-off function closes the device after 10 hours to maximize its life and ensure the safety.


So, these are some of those heated mattress pads which work very efficiently to make the bed highly comfortable and warm for the winters. If the comfort of your family is your priority, getting one of these heated mattress pads would fetch the best results. So get one of these before they go out of stock.

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