Top 10 Best Handy Heaters in 2018

Winters may be a great time for many of us but we all hate the cold rooms. We all experience the uncomfortable atmosphere when the room gets cold. Due to the fault in our heating systems things might become inconvenient for us. It is very important to upgrade to a new and a better heating system as soon as possible. But up gradation many be a new task and may prove to be a bit expensive. So, to save the trouble we can always switch to these heaters. The list below is about the heaters that come at a reasonable price and will never disappoint you. The list given below will increase your knowledge about the best and the most handy heaters that you can use these winters.

Top 10 Best Handy Heaters Reviews

10. DuronicConvector


This model of a heater is a perfect design for a handy heater. The heater comes with three power settings. The heater can be used as a floor standing heater or can be straddling on a wall.


  •  Light in weight and can be moved around easily.
  •  The model is made using convector technology that makes it easily hot.
  •  Can be used in any part of your house.
  •  The heater has a turbo fan.
  •  The temperature can be controlled by the thermostat.


  •  The heater is a bit too expensive.

9. HOMCOM Electric Fireplace


This product is not typically a heater but it is a fireplace. The electric fireplace is manufactured keeping innovation and creativity in mind. The fireplace will not look out of place but will enhance the beauty of your house.


  •  Thermostat is used to maintain temperature.
  •  The electric fireplace is designed to keep the beauty of a fireplace intact.
  •  The power can be easily adjusted.
  •  The assembly is simple and decent.
  •  The temperature achieved is comfortable for you.


  •  Many people do not like this fireplace.

8. Glen Electric flat fan heater


The product is a flat fan heater. It is handy and can easily be moved from one place to another. The compact and flat design makes it most comfortable to use.


  •  The heat settings can be adjusted.
  •  The heater is provided with thermostat and frost settings.
  •  The heater also has the ability of cool blow settings.
  •  A handle is given to carry the material.
  •  The temperature is monitored by LED Screens.


  •  It may be too small.

7. Dimplex oil free heater


This heater is a unique and an innovative project. It works on the principle of oil free radiating system. The model may operate as the oil filled heater but actually it has no oil in it.


  •  Effective to use.
  •  Efficient in the production of heat.
  •  Sturdy appearance.
  •  Heating condition can be varied using a thermostat.


  •  May be too expensive.

6. Optimus H-1322 Portable 2-Speed Fan Heater


The product has all you need your heater to be. The design is the perfect for any room.


  •  The heat settings can be adjusted using various buttons.
  •  The heater is provided with thermostat that allows us to run at different temperatures.
  •  The heater also has the ability of automatic shut off feature.
  •  Light in weight.
  •  Presence of a power indicator.


  •  May be is too small.

5. DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat


The product is known for providing the best heating. This one is not a fan heater like the most of them. the radiator is filled with oil and the heat is produced as a result of this.


  •  Oil filled radiator.
  •  Pressure tested.
  •  Thermostat is present.
  •  When overheated it shuts down automatically.
  •  Light in weight.


  •  Requires some time to get warm.

4. Homeleader Electric Panel Heater


The Homeleader heater is among the best handy heaters that you can get for your room. The compactness makes it easy to port.


  •  Compact and portable.
  •  Light in weight.
  •  Coated with white mesh safety guard.
  •  Can be used for free standing use or can be mounted on a wall.
  •  Well finished.


  •  May prove a little bit expensive.

3. Fine Elements fan heater


The portable and silent fan heater by Fine Elements is the best thing that you will come across. The heater is perfect for your room. It provides the best heating experience.


  •  Light in weight.
  •  Portability design kept in mind.
  •  Presence of dual heat controls.
  •  A carry handle is present.
  •  Auto cut function is present.
  •  Works on adequate power.
  •  Cheap.
  •  Heats up quickly and efficiently.


  •  May not prove good in some things.

2. Home and office convector radiator


The convector radiator is another example of a perfect heating system. The model can be free standing or can be mounted on a wall. This heater takes less space and heats up your room effectively and efficiently.


  •  This versatile model can be mounted or made to stand.
  •  It comes with three heating systems.
  •  Adjustable thermostat is present.
  •  Meets all the British standards.
  •  Heats up quickly.
  •  Cheap.
  •  Comes with a warranty.


  •  Not that compact.

1. Lloytron

Lloytron-Handy Heaters

This portable electric heater can be moved from one place to another within no time. The compactness makes it stand out of the crowd. The heater heats up quickly and comes with many advanced technologies.


  •  Compact.
  •  The heater is portable.
  •  The heater can be used in any position; upright or flat.
  •  Automatic cut off feature is present.
  •  A handle is designed to carry the heater.
  •  Thermostat is present to adjust the energy level.


  •  May be a bit expensive.

The electric heaters mentioned in this article are among the best. These electric heaters are manufactured keeping compactness and portability in mind. They are manufactured to make your winters easy and warm. The list given above will enhance your insight about the heaters.

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