Top 10 Best Handheld Massagers in 2021

Having a handheld massager is very useful in our life. Due to extensive working, our muscles get cramped and start to ache or pain. With a handheld massager, you can release the muscle tension and regular the blood flow in certain areas like the neck, legs, feet, and back effortlessly. Most of them are battery operated and very lightweight so that you can use it for hours without straining your arms. The following is the list of the top 10 best handheld massagers in 2021 with different features and functionalities.

List of Top Best Handheld Massagers Review

10. Hangsun Handheld Massager


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The massager with double-headed percussive feature enables more comfortable massage than most of the other massagers. 3500 pulses in a minute speed of the motor give the intense pleasure of deep tissue massage technique. You can effortlessly adjust the intensity or the speed of the massager according to your own comfort. The grip of the massager is very comfortable and not slippery. It comes with three pairs of adjustable nodes for the better massaging experience. It allows you to have an entire body spa without going to the parlor.

9. Oregon Handheld Percussion Massager


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This body massager is wireless and allows mobility. It’s a handheld product with a super-strong grip. The six compatible massage nodes give you various massage experience. Basically, this product helps to reduce your stress; and on the other hand, the percussion technology also reduces the tension of the muscles and tissues. This product enables easy charging at anywhere and anytime. This massager also provides the home-ready Spa. You can control the speed and intensity of the copper motor with 3200 pulses in a minute for your ideal massage experience.

8. NURSAL Handheld Percussion Massager With Heat


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The mobile massager enables full body massage with six different replaceable massage heads. It basically relieves you from stress as well as boosts up your muscles and tissues. This product provides speed control facility for greater massage experience. The percussive technology helps your body to have proper blood circulation. You can also have the heat option to adjust the temperature at which you are comfortable to massage your body. The anti-slip, stronghold with long wire assures stress-free body massage.

7. Thumper Sport Percussive Massager


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The massager is a handheld product with an easy grip. It has percussion technology. This massager is best suited for massage areas like legs, neck, back, and shoulder. It helps to reduce the stress and tension of your muscles. This product ensures reliability and durability. You can set the speed of the motor on your own. This massager penetrates deep into your tissues and frees you from muscle swelling, burning tissues and so on. Once you set your pulses of the motor, it remembers your preference.

6. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager


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This product is cordless, and you can easily take it with you almost everywhere. The massager allows full body massage with six various types of replaceable silicone massage heads. With the help of rotating control, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the motor of your own preferences. The maximum power of the motor is 3800 in a minute which, gives a sensory feeling of massage. The collision technology with heat option enables relaxing and various ‘deep tissue’ massages.

5. Pado Cordless Percussion Massager


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The body massager is wireless and effortlessly enables mobility. Many types of massages you can have with it, like ‘acupressure,’ ‘deep tissue’ and ‘Swedish’ massages. It helps you to remove all your frozen back, shoulder, muscles or full-body pain. It has three removable heads for a different type of massage requirements. The durable and inbuilt Li-ion battery enables minimum charging necessity. You can use the massager continuously for 180 minutes. It allows fast charging. You can use this product without anyone’s help.

4. VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager


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The dual-node massager avails mobility and gives the feeling of therapy. It is made for deep tissue massage and good for neck, back, feet and leg massage. This helps the body to have a proper circulation of blood. The 3350 pulses per minute motor with manually controllable speed and intensity level make it a proficient massage kit with three changeable heads. You can easily hold the massager is made of non-slippery rubber base with a tight grip. The long cord enables free movement while massaging.

3. RENPHO Handheld Deep Massager


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This massager intensely and relaxes your muscles and tissues. You can have three types of versatile massaging tops and can use it according to your preference. With this massager, you can get a whole-body massage all by yourself. The percussion technology creates a collision with your skin and gently rubs off your pain from feet, shoulder, calf, neck, arms, legs and muscles. It allows portability and wireless facility. It’s chargeable, and with a single charge, it works for 140 minutes constantly. The motor generates 3000 pulses in a minute for extreme relaxation. Do not use it while charging.

2. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager


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This is a very lightweight handheld massager with ergonomic rubber handle and interchangeable massage heads. There is an optional heating system, and the heat can penetrate deep into the muscle tissues for a soothing experience and relieving pain. There are dual pivoting massage heads for deep tissue massage. You can increase the intensity of the massage with easy controls available. There is a wall outlet adapter provided, and the company offers two years warranty.

1. Pure-Wave Cordless Massager

Pure-Wave Handheld Massagers

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This is a powerful massager with the percussion motor speed up to 3700 RPM. There is a facial micro-vibration motor available, and you can vary the speed as per your requirement. Starting with relieving muscle tension, knots, and aches to increase blood flow, this is a highly useful product to have at your home. You can use it on your neck, legs, feet, back and other muscular areas. The product is lightweight not to cause any strain on the arm, and the innovative slim design with soft grip makes its operation effortless.

Buying Guide For Handheld Massager

There are a few features to check before picking the finest handheld massager:

Massage Mode

Generally, most of the handheld massagers come with multiple massage modes.

Percussion – This kind of massaging mode lets you enjoy the massage of any professional masseur. It imitates the real kneading style massage of the experts. This process also comes with some faster movements by the wrists to your body to hit alternately. Percussion-style massaging either has either adjustable modes or not, and it entirely depends on the model you choose. This kind of massage improves blood circulation, stimulate muscles and skin.

Kneading – The masseurs create a sensitive pressure against your underlying bones and skin tissues by using their palms and fingers. The same kind of sensation you will feel when you choose the kneading mode or attachment for your handheld massager. This kind of massage works well for sore muscles and relieves pain.

Tapping – Generally, the expert masseurs use the pounding and striking technique to perform this kind of massage. The handheld massager imitates this kind of movement by some attachments. You will feel a continuous strike to your body and which is helpful in promoting blood circulation while maintaining the elasticity of the muscles.

Heat Therapy

Most of the handheld massagers come with heat therapy functions. This kind of therapy is suitable for regular massaging purposes. As it can relieve post-work stress and help you to reduce your muscle and joint pain. However, most of the people like to use heat therapy to soothe their lower back pain or pain around the legs, arms, joints, shoulders, and lumbar. You can effectively use this therapy to cure muscle knot as it produces a continuous pain. Even, the heat function works well on exertion soreness, arthritis, painful muscles, and more. Mainly, heat therapy targets the injured muscles and joints and promotes blood circulation around the areas.

Speed Adjustment

It is always recommendable to pick a handheld massager with speed adjustable function. This function helps you to adjust the massaging speed and intensity, so you can achieve the ultimate and comforting massaging session. The wide range of speed adjustments lets you enough both relaxing and rougher massages alterably.

Attachment Heads

The handheld massagers on the market come up with several attachment heads. The kneading head is the most common massage head available with most of the handheld massagers, and it supports deep-tissue massage. However, the roller heads are suitable for delivering firm massage to promote blood circulation. Apart from that, the wide massage head delivers the ultimate relaxing massage to soothe your stress. To make your skin ageless and glowing, you can definitely select the scraper head. Very few of the handheld massagers come with scalp massage head.

Cord Length

If you want a relaxing massaging session, then it is better to look for a handheld massager with a long power cord length. So, you can use this massager on several parts of your body without much stretch. Apart from that, you want any hassle-free operation then it is good to select a cordless model.


It is important to go through the product description before buying a handheld massager. Different massagers have different applications and effectiveness. Some are best for the facial massage while some are for the neck region or overall body. You can control the intensity and do deep tissue healing. It is a great tool that you can regularly use when you come back home and sitting idle. You can save yourself from having painkiller and apply pain relief spray and get healed naturally.

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