Top 10 Best GoPro Waterproof Cases in 2019


Everyone loves to capture photos and videos when they are doing various watersports. But there are afraid of taking their expensive cameras underwater even though the brand may claim water-resistant. GoPro is the most popular brand in action cameras and you need a GoPro waterproof case to protect it from the water. You can do driving in the rain, ski in the snow, go for scuba diving and snorkeling and whatnot. Check out the top 10 best GoPro waterproof cases in 2019.

List of Top Best GoPro Waterproof Cases Review

Preview Product Price
DECADE Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero(2018)/7/6/5 Black,GoPro Dive Housing Shell with Bracket Accessories
$14.99$29.00 (48% off)
FINEST+ Waterproof Housing Shell for GoPro Hero 7/2018/6/5 Black Diving Protective Housing Case 45m with Red Filter and Bracket Accessories for Go Pro Hero7/(2018) 6/5 Action Camera
$12.99$34.99 (63% off)
Waterproof Dive Housing Case for GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ Action Camera - Up to 40 Meters (131 feet) Underwater -Transparent Clear
$16.95$25.00 (32% off)
Trehapuva Underwater Housing Case Compatible with GoPro Hero(2018)/GoPro Hero7 Black/6/5 Waterproof Case Diving Protective Housing Shell Replacement Cover with Bracket for Go Pro Camera Accessories
$12.99$21.99 (41% off)
Deyard Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ with Quick Release Mount and Thumbscrew for GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ Action Camcorder - 45 Meters Underwater Photography
$13.99$15.99 (13% off)
Waterproof Case for Gopro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 2018 Black Accessories, Housing Case Protective Shell with Anti Fog Inserts and Filter Kit Suitable for Underwater Diving Photography 45M
$19.99$31.99 (38% off)
Suptig Replacement Waterproof Case Protective Housing for GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero3 Outside Sport Camera for Underwater Use - Water Resistant up to 147ft (45m)
Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case for Gopro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ with Quick Release Mount and Thumbscrew Protective 147FT 45M Underwater Photography Dive Hero Transparent (Presented One More Clip)
Kupton Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 7 Black Hero 5 / 6 Accessories Housing Case Diving Protective Housing Shell 45 Meter for Go Pro Hero7 Hero6 Hero5 Hero 2018 Action Camera with Bracket Accessories
$16.99$20.99 (19% off)

10. DECADE Waterproof Case

DECADE GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The waterproof case is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Pick any watersports and you can capture all the fun and thrilling moments in the water. This perfectly fits the GoPro Hero 5 and Hero6 cameras and protects them from the water. It is easy to attach other accessories to the product. Besides, it is a scratch-free product with AR dual coating. Moreover, it is dustproof and shockproof. It comes with the standard quick release mount.

9. FINEST+ Waterproof Housing Shell

FINEST+ GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The product is specially designed for GoPro Hero Black Action camera. It is made of a durable PC material which can be used underwater. The product is ideal for snorkeling, diving, and underwater activities. It has a large flat glass lens which gives clarity under the water. Whether it is above or below water, the sharpness is on-point. When you buy the product, you will receive a red filter which allows you to capture vibrant pictures.

8. QiuNiu Waterproof Housing Case

QiuNiu GoPro Waterproof Cases

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Everyone loves to click pictures inside the water, and that is precisely why this product should be bought. It is made of premium plastic, and it is extremely lightweight. It goes perfectly well with a premium look. The product is tailor-made for your GoPro Hero4. It is compatible with Hero3 and Hero4 as well. It is sturdy and you can take it up to 40 meters. Besides, the flat glass lens is instrumental in delivering sharp images. There are various color combinations available.

7. Trehapuva Housing Case

Trehapuva GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The waterproof housing case is specially designed for the latest models of GoPro. You can use the housing for 45-meter deep water. It is made of durable and high strength plastic. There is a rubber ring which ensures that one gets a sealed effect. You can use it while driving, skiing, surfing or even diving. It is quite lightweight and has anti-fog inserts. Moreover, there is extra protection for dust, scratches, and shocks.

6. Trehapuva Housing Case for GoPro Hero (2019)

Trehapuva GoPro Waterproof Cases

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When one comes with a lifetime warranty, it does not worry about the buyer because any damage can be repaired by the brand. This product is made for GoPro Hero5 and it can be used for capturing images while diving, snorkeling, surfing or even going skiing. It has a large flat glass lens which gives you sharp and clear images. It is designed for deep sea diving and has all the water-resistant qualities.

5. Deyard Waterproof Housing Case

Deyard GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The product has a high-strength shell and you can use it on GoPro 4 and GoPro 3+. The product takes clear images up to 45m deep. It has an HD scratchproof lens which allows you to do a clear shooting inside the water. Besides, it has a transparent rear cover and the product offers a perfect fit. The shell is shockproof as it is thick and durable. Choose any sport that you like, and you would get clear and crisp pictures. It has an external button for easy handling.

4. Sruim Waterproof Protective Housing Case Bracket

Sruim GoPro Waterproof Cases

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This housing case is tailor-made for GoPro Hero, and the good news is that you do not have to remove the lens for the care to fit. It can be used directly, without any hassle. The buyer can capture pictures while diving or snorkeling. Who doesn’t want to capture these memories? It is waterproof up to 45 meters, but it is also effective when it comes to keeping the camera safe from dust. There is a tempered glass which ensures that the camera is safe from water and dust.

3. Suptig Waterproof Protective Housing Case

Suptig GoPro Waterproof Cases

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This excellent product is compatible with GoPro Hero 4, 3+ and 3 cameras. It is waterproof up to 147 feet. You can do extreme water-based activities. It is easy to operate your camera by using this product. The housing is waterproof and gives your camera the protection it needs. The buyer does not have to worry about the durability because it has received excellent reviews on Amazon. It is also effective in protecting your camera from dust, scratch, and shocks.

2. Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case

Yimobra GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The product is compatible with GoPro Hero4 and 3+. Since it is lightweight, you do not have to feel the pressure of carrying a heavy tool. It has a thinner waterproof housing with a large button for convenience. Your hands will be comfortable while handling it. Take an underwater dive and enjoy clicking pictures. It is water-resistant for up to 40 meters. You would be happy to know that it is anti-rust and corrosion-resistant.

1. Kupton Housing Case

Kupton GoPro Waterproof Cases

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The product is made of a good quality PMMA material which is lightweight. The good part is that it is a durable product and can help in capturing the thrilling moments in water sports. The anti-surf pressure does not damage the photographic effect. You can easily connect it with GoPro accessories. Moreover, the movement of the person will not affect photo quality. You can also link it with other accessories. It is compatible with the latest GoPro cameras like Hero 2019, Hero 6 and Hero 5.

Buying Guide For GoPro Waterproof Case

Check out the following parameters while checking out GoPro waterproof case.

Construction and Design:

A GoPro waterproof case must come in a compact design so that you can take it anywhere you want. It must also be in a lightweight design. Look for the one that comes in an attractive finish allowing you to use it in a stylish way. You can also see if it includes straps making you hold it safely.


This is one of the most important considerations that you need to make while buying a GoPro waterproof case. If it does not give a perfect fit, then it will be pointless of having one. Some cases can easily go with different types of models allowing you to have better convenience. However, some waterproof cases come specifically for the selected model. You must know the model number properly so that you can have the right case.


Always select the one that lets you have access to controls even you put on the case. This will give you the advantage of filming in wet conditions, and you can use it according to your needs. Always select the one that lets you adjust your GoPro with ease. This will not only give you convenience but will make sure that you use it safely. You don’t have to compromise about anything, and there will be no straining.

Waterproofing Abilities:

Since it comes in a waterproof design, you must know the waterproofing ability. It will not only protect your device from water but also make sure that you use it safely. This will let you have better convenience, and you do not have to compromise about anything. Some of it can come with testing and can go deep in the water for up to 40 meters. However, this completely depends upon user preference, and you can select the one according to your requirement.


You must see if it lets you attach it anywhere you want. Some will let you use it as a watch and come with a strap. The adjustable design will also let you place it on your knees or shoulders. There can also be some that let you mount it on your bike helmet or bike frame and use it easily during rain.

Ease of Use:

A GoPro waterproof case that comes in an easy to use design will be a perfect buy. See if it lets you balance the shot so that you can have an epic photo. Some will also let you use it at a high frame rate and get outstanding results. Also, check if it lets you mount it conveniently and includes all the necessary hardware for easy installation. The one that has easy care will allow you to use it hassle-free without any restrictions.


If your GoPro waterproof case comes with accessories, then you can have better convenience. You can customize the shot and use it according to your advantage. Always go for the one that includes more number of accessories. However, you must know that more accessories can cost you more, and you can select the one that includes accessories that fulfills your needs.


While buying a GoPro waterproof case, you should check the compatibility of the case with the GoPro camera model. These are not universal cases that can fit every model. Moreover, you need to watch out for the depth up to which you can go in the water because, after that limit, it will not be able to protect the camera due to water pressure. All the above products are highly durable and will make your GoPro camera versatile.

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