Top 10 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers in 2018

Cutting the hedges from time to time is a necessity so that your outdoor area looks neat and clean. There are three types of hedge trimmer available, but the gas-powered hedge trimmer is the best. There is no need for cords and no stopping in between an operation for the low battery as it is the case with an electric and battery powered hedge trimmer. You can see the fuel tank and refuel whenever required. A gas hedge trimmer can do all the things effective that other hedge trimmer types can do. We have listed the top 10 best gas hedge trimmers in 2018 that you can consider buying.

List of Top Best Gas Hedge Trimmers Review

10. Tanaka Pole Hedge Trimme


This is one of the longest hedge trimmers that run on gas supply. It comes with a 2-stroke engine, and it is lightweight with a proper emission system. There is hardly any maintenance required, and it has double-sided blades for smooth and faster cutting. You can extend the hedge trimmer to 7.7 feet to reach out to high and tough areas safely. The trimmer is rotatable from 45 to 90 degrees, and the company offers seven years warranty.

9. CHIKURA Chain Saw Hedge Trimmer


This is a complete gas powered hedge trimmer that comes with all the required accessories for versatile functioning. There are 10 types of cutters available, and you can prune trees and shrubs easily. There is a safety chain brake and also manual backup for complete safety. The chain lubrication is done automatically to prevent friction and provide smooth performance. You can do mowing and trim around different obstacles comfortably.

8. Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer


This is a professional-grade hedge trimmer, and it has a 2-stroke engine for powerful performance. The product comes with commercial-grade air filtration system for longer durability. The handle is very comfortable due to its large size offering greater control over the operation. There are double-side 20-inch blades for laser cut, and the sharpness stays for a long time. Furthermore, there is a front handle for greater control and comfort. The support bar helps in precision and targeted cutting.

7. Poulan Pro Powered Trimmer Combo


It is a versatile hedge trimmer with the pull starting system. The air purge removes air from the carburetor and fuel tank, and the switch returns to reset position for starting the machine faster and with the least effort. The shaft is detachable, and it is easy for storage and transport. The overall construction is sturdy for higher durability, and you can attach accessories for blowing, edging, pruning, and brush-cutting.

6. Poulan Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer


The gas powered hedge trimmer has a full crank engine for a powerful performance. There are dual-action blades made up of high-quality stainless steel which are 22-inch wide and the thickness is 1-inch. The handle is rotatable for greater control on the operation, and the grip is highly comfortable. Moreover, the advanced anti-vibration cuts the fatigue issue, and overall, the product is lightweight.

5. Tanaka 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer


This gas powered hedge trimmer has 2-cycle engine for greater performance. There are 5 different positions that you can change the rear handle too. The grip is ergonomic, and the comfort level is maximum and so is the maneuverability. The exhaust is front-facing which helps to prevent any burn to the user. The blades are 24-inch long, and the fuel tank is also large for uninterrupted operation. The S-start technology ensures fewer effort requirements for starting the trimmer.

4. Husqvarna Dual Action Hedge Trimmer


Husqvarna is a popular brand in the hedge trimmer category, and the smart start engine ensures the least effort required for starting. On top of that, the carburetor air purge system is highly effective in removing the air for the fuel tank and carburetor for starting the engine. The rear handle is adjustable and therefore, cutting the side and top of the hedges is very easy. The support bar has an ergonomic grip, and the anti-vibration mechanism reduces the stress on the hands and prevents any fatigue buildup.

3. Husqvarna Double-Sided Hedge Trimmer


This is another product from the reputed brand Husqvarna, and in comparison to the previous one, it is slightly better. The noise of operation is quite low, and it is extremely lightweight due to which there will be no fatigue buildup. It starts quickly with the least effort, and when it stops, the switch resets to start position for easy starting again. Furthermore, the air is removed from the carburetor and fuel tank, and there are anti-vibration dampeners to reduce the usual vibration to the bare minimum.

2. Trimmer Plus Dual Action Hedger


The hedge trimmer has 22-inch blades, and it has a large span of movement to cut hedges at different angles conveniently. The blade can be locked at different angles up to 135 degrees conveniently thanks to the die-cast design. You can attach the hedger to multiple models of gas hedge trimmers, and the company offers two years warranty of the product. The hedger has a long life and dual action for faster and precise cutting.

1. Remington 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

Remington Gas Hedge Trimmers

This is a rather short but highly effective hedge trimmer for those with small individual hedges to trim. It is gas powered, and you can cut limbs and branches conveniently. The product has 2-cycle engine for superior performance, and the blade is mounted on a 7-foot extension to reach out to tough areas comfortably. The chain system is properly lubricated automatically, and it is suitable for different types of attachments like the blower, edger and likewise. This is undoubtedly a true value for money purchase.


We have listed the different categories of gas hedge trimmers. Most of them have an easy starting system and an efficient engine for smooth and powerful performance. You can choose according to your needs like some have longer and dual blades while some are short and only hedger that you can attach to any gas hedge trimmer for operation. Some of them are also very versatile and come with various accessories for pruning, edging, blowing and various such extra activities.

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