Top 10 Best Gaming Mouses in 2019


It does not matter how much you invest in buying the best gaming PC, your gaming experience will never be what you thought it to be unless you buy an awesome gaming mouse. A gaming mouse has a different design and shape than a traditional mouse and hence, they are tailor-made to provide your hand the effortlessness it requires to experience the game playing enjoyment to the fullest. The following are the top 10 best gaming mouses in 2019 that you should consider buying if you want to bring your gaming experience to a full circle.

List of Top Best Gaming Mouses Reviews

10. HP OMEN Wired USB Gaming Mouse


HP is known for making sturdy and highly durable computer mouses and this is the best gaming mouse where you can fine-tune the accuracy as per requirement using the available DPI levels. You can also fine-tune the weight and balance as it has three removable weights. It is tailor-made for long-term and long hours usage without any pain to hand and you can adjust the settings on the go without interrupting gameplay. You get a one-year warranty for the product.

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9. Ansot Gaming Mouse 3200


It is a classic looking gaming mouse with black, grey and red color combination. There are 5 buttons to program your commands and macros. It fits perfectly in all hands and the DPI level can be adjusted from 1200 to 3200 DPI. It comes with multicolor backlight and you can do various customizations from the software it is compatible with. It is tailor-made for long hours usage without any fatigue.

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8. HIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse


This is aa RGB lighting gaming mouse that has a great look and feel. There are 8 programmable buttons and you can store 5 different profiles and settings in the memory. The USB cable is 6-feet long and braided. There are 5 different lighting modes to choose from and has the latest chop for superfast response and accurate movement. MacOS does not support the programmable keys but can be used normally.

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7. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse


This is the only wireless gaming mouse on the list. Even though wireless mouses are great for gamers but they generally go for wired ones as there is no requirement of a battery. But this one is one of the best wireless gaming mouses for professionals. It has an ergonomic design for an amazing grip and there are 6 programmable buttons and 5 DPI levels up to 2400. The maximum transition distance is 10 meters and comes with the advanced energy-saving chip. It is compatible with all platforms and there is 45-day full refund program in case you do not like the product after buying. It requires 1 AA battery.

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6. HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse


This is one of the stunning gaming mouses in terms of looks and there are 4 adjustable DPI levels up to 3200 DPI. The amazing look can be attributed to its circular LED lights and it fits naturally in all types of hand sizes. It is a plug and play mouse and it is compatible with Windows, MacOS and even Linux. You can change the color to 7 different colors and it is a perfect mouse to show off and enhance the beauty of your gaming setup.

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5. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse


This gaming mouse features under Amazon Choice category. It has an ergonomic design that is perfect for gamers at home. There are 5 programmable buttons and 5 profiles for saving settings to its memory. Furthermore, you get 8 weight tuning set for better balancing. There are Teflon feet and contoured body for better grip and smooth movement. It has anti-skid property and the construction material is high-grade ABS for long durability.

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4. UtechSmart Gaming Mouse


It is one best looking and performing gaming mouses that most of the professional gamers prefer due to its 16400 DPI optional sensors. The cursor speed and acceleration are outstanding and the clicks are firm and crispy. There are as many as 18 programmable buttons for the professional gamers to use to overcome the competitors easily. Furthermore, you can save 5 different patterns of lighting as per your choice. It comes with Teflon feet pads and well-contoured body which help in better grip and comfortable gaming experience. There is 18 month’s warranty from the maker. It is not suitable for MacOS as the driver is not available. You can optimize weight and balance and there is 6-feet braided USB cable.

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3. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse


Logitech is a popular brand in computer mouse and this is the best gaming mouse they have with 12000 DPI optical sensors. It is very accurate and extremely responsive to translating the hand movement on the screen. The weight and balance can be tuned as per requirement and it comes with customizable RGB lighting. There are as many as 11 programmable buttons and the scroll wheel is adjustable for accurate maneuver. You can customize further with Logitech gaming software.

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2. Razer DeathAdder Chroma


The design and shape are perfect to provide your palm the best comfort. There are 10000 DPI optical sensors which makes superfast and easy to move. The fluidity and accuracy are perfect for professional gamers. The mouse is capable of tracking Z-axis as some popular games take that into account. You can turn the mouse into any color due to various lighting option available. The grip on the mouse is very comfortable and tailor-made for rough use.

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1. Pictek Gaming Mouse Wired

Pictek-Gaming Mouses

This is the bestselling gaming mouse and there are 5 DPI levels which are adjustable. It is faster than traditional mouses in terms of transmitting signals. The mouse buttons are programmable and there are 7 buttons to make the mouse intelligent and as per requirement. There are fancy Led lights available and the material of the mouse is high-quality ABS. It is compatible with Windows XP and above. The ergonomic design makes it smooth for gamers even for long hours.

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Buy any of these above-mentioned top 10 best gaming mouses in 2019 as per your hand size and the design you like the best. You should also buy a gaming keyboard and a quality headphone and start playing games like a pro.

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