Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

If your life is dull without computer games, you need to invest not only in a gaming computer but also in a good gaming keyboard. A good gaming keyboard ensures that you get the most comfortable and best gaming experience even when you play games for hours. It makes playing games fun, effortless, and super smooth and most importantly, they are highly tailor-made for rough use which is always the case with gamers. If you want to buy the best gaming keyboard, you need to go through the following top 10 best gaming keyboards in 2022 that have both the look and high durability.

List of Top Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

10. Pictek Gaming Keyboard


This keyboard comes with 26 non-conflict keys so that you can press multiple keys without any friction with other keys. There is rainbow backlight which will help you play games at night in the dark. The LED brightness is adjustable and there are multimedia keys. This keyboard is supported in all the latest operating on all platforms. The wrist rest and two foldable stands are provided for ultimate comfort when you play games for long hours. The keyboard is quite sturdy and prints are non-fading.

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9. Ombar RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The keyboard is made of high-quality anodized aluminum frame and hence, it is quite rugged and highly durable. All the keys are anti-ghosting so that you can press multiple keys simultaneous with full precision. It is compatible with Windows 7 and above as well as with MacOS. There are different colored backlights for each key and the brightness and colors are adjustable. It has the ergonomic suspension design for greater comfort.

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8. Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard


Logitech is a popular brand in computer keyboard category and this gaming keyboard is spill-resistant. The company claims that the keyboard’s performance is 4 times faster than traditional ones. You can personalize different light zones for the suitable of gaming experience. There is a section of dedicated media control and the function keys are programmable. It is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

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7. TEC.BEAN Rainbow LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard


This is one of the highly rated gaming keyboards and the construction is tailor-made for the ultimate gaming experience. There is rainbow backlight which is fully adjustable and there are 19 anti-ghosting keys. Most importantly, the keycaps are removable for cleaning and the space key is highly strengthened as it generally gets loose on most keyboards. The USB cable is braided and it is waterproof and anti-skid and anti-slip in design. It is compatible with Windows XP and above and even MacOS.

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6. Razer Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard


This is the most comfortable keyboard for gaming because of the presence of thick wrist rest. You can play games all the day without any complaint of pain in the hands. You can set different backlights for different keys using Razer Synapse and also set the overall color pattern. The keys are designed so that you do not press multiple keys by mistake. There are various lighting modes available and you can press as many as 10 keys together for executing something in a game.

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5. CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard


CORSAIR is considered to be one of the best brands for gaming keyboards. It is one of the bestsellers in PC gaming keyboard category and it comes with RGB backlight. There are three zones of lighting and you can choose over 10 different modes of lighting. There are 6 programmable macro keys and there is also a dedicated section for multimedia controls. It is super responsive and the keys have anti-ghosting property for a smooth gaming experience.

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4. TeckNet Gryphon Programmable Gaming Keyboard


This is a very sturdy gaming keyword and it can even take bumps during intense gaming. There are three adjustable backlighting mode and 10 programmable keys. The 19 important gaming keys are specially designed for absolute precision while pressing them. There are dedicated multimedia controls and you can disable a few keys during the gaming mode so that accidental press of those keys does not stop the game suddenly.

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3. Redragon K552 KUMARA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


This keyboard is having a red backlight and the keycaps are perfectly designed for clear backlighting. It has metal and aircraft-grade aluminum ABS construction and the USB connector is gold plated for a hardcore gaming experience. All the keys are conflict free and the keyboard is water-splash proof and non-slip. This is the ultimate durable keyboard for professional gamers. The rear feet are adjustable for the best angle for gaming. You can disable the Windows key while playing games to prevent accidental stoppage of the game. This is one of those mechanical keyboards that can be subjected to rough and regular use.

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2. DBPOWER Keyboard for Gaming


This is the bestselling gaming keyboard in Mac Gaming Keyboards category. It is tailor-made for intense gaming. There are 3 color LED backlights which are changeable among red, purple and blue and the keycaps are removable. You can adjust the backlight and other modes available. The USB cable is braided and it has non-slip, non-skid, and waterproof property. The design is gamer-friendly and there is a dedicated space for quick controls. The keycaps are fully injection molded and UV coated. Along with MacOS, it is also compatible with Windows XP and above versions.

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1. CORSAIR K70 LUX RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR-Gaming Keyboards

It is the bestselling and best-rated gaming keyboard because it is the fastest, most comfortable, and highly durable. All the keys have anti-ghosting property and the response time is ultra-fast. It is made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame which is anodized and brushed. There are advanced controls for lighting and the colors are very vibrant which makes it easy for gaming at night in the dark. There is a detachable super comfortable wrist rest. The keycaps are well contoured for an easy and fast press. The overall size is compact but the keycaps are large enough for smooth gaming.

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You can buy any of these gaming keyboards from the above-mentioned top 10 best gaming keyboards in 2022 and get the best value for your investment and enhance your gaming experience to the best possible level.

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