Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2022

If you are a coffee-addict and the taste of the coffee is the topmost priority for you, you need to buy a French press coffee maker instead of the traditional electric coffee maker. A French press coffee maker is tailor-made to produce the best taste of your coffee. It does not need an electric connection but you will need hot water to prepare coffee anywhere you want. You have to give grounded coffee and press the plunger to prepare it. You can also make tea and other juices if you want to. The following is the list of top 10 best French press coffee makers in 2022.

List of Top Best French Press Coffee Makers Reviews

10. Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press


There are multiple color options available. It is a travel-friendly coffee maker that you can prepare tea or coffee on the go. You can also drink the coffee or tea from the container itself. It is made up of stainless steel with double wall protection and the product is vacuum sealed to keep the beverage hot for a long time.

The design is great and it is spill resistant. It holds 15 ounces of coffee and can be washed using a dishwasher. The grip is non-slip and you can prepare coffee or tea within a few minutes. You will get a complete user manual to understand the preparation process.

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9. Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Maker


This French press coffee maker has the holding capacity of 31 ounces. All you have to do is add course grounded coffee, hot water and press the plunger. It is thermally insulated with double wall protection and keeps the beverages hot for two hours at least.

It is popular for the taste of the coffee as it extracts the oil and flavors from the coffee rather than allowing them to be absorbed for the paper filter. Its stainless steel design is durable and the lid is air-tight and spill-roof. You can wash it with a dishwasher.

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8. LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker


It is a large coffee maker with the capacity of 1.5 liters. It is very easy to use and clean. The coffee maker comes with stainless steel filter screen and there are two bonus screens also available.

There is double wall construction and the stainless steel used is of high-quality food-grade one. The design is beautiful and it has a mirror finish and the product comes with 2 years of warranty. It is a complete corrosion-free and shatterproof French press coffee maker.

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7. Frieling French Press Coffee Maker


This coffee maker comes with 36-ounce container but there are small and higher capacity containers also available that you have to choose while buying. It has the mirror finish and double wall protection. The handle length is long for comfort and there is dual filter system with pre-filter and super filter.

There is a metal wire that presses the plunger against the wall so that so coffee stick to it. It is completely insulted and it is easy to disassemble and wash with the dishwasher. The product comes with 5 years of warranty. It takes 4 minutes to press coffee or tea.

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6. Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker


This is another French press coffee maker from Bodum which is quite a popular brand in this category. The glass beaker is made up of borosilicate glass which is toxic-free and heat-resistant.

The plastic handle is also BPA-free and the stainless steel filter makes sure the flavors are not absorbed. The holding capacity is 34 ounces and you can get the best quality coffee with 4 minutes. All the parts can be disintegrated and washed thoroughly.

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5. SterlingPro French Press Coffee & Tea Maker


It is one of the bestselling French press coffee makers on Amazon. The holding capacity is 1 liter and the construction is highly durable and the beaker is made up of borosilicate glass. It is heat resistant and the beverage stays hot for a long time. It is highly efficient in the removal of grounds from the coffee so that it is smooth and tasteful. Furthermore, It can also be used to prepare tea and there are two extra screens available for the product.

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4. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker


It is one of the highest selling and best rates French press coffee maker on Amazon. It is made up of high-grade stainless steel that is both durable and corrosion-free. Another feature keeps the coffee hot for long hours due to its dual protection wall with vacuum layer. The handle is long and stays cold all the time. It is popular on the market for preparing the tastiest coffee and the design is premium. It is BPA-free and shatter-resistant.

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3. KONA French Press Coffee Maker


This French press coffee maker has the highest sales figure on Amazon and it is unique in design. It comes with reusable stainless steel filter instead of traditional paper filters and this makes sure that the flavors are not absorbed. The design is quite attractive and the thick glass container is shatterproof. The handle is comfortable to hold and it is BPA-free. You can disintegrate the product and wash the components with a dishwasher.

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2. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker


Kitchen Supreme is a popular brand in kitchen appliance and this French press coffee cum tea maker is the best they have to offer to let you make coffee anywhere on the go. There are 4 filter screens and the holding capacity is 1 liter. It is made up of aircraft-grade thick stainless steel and even the lid is of double-layered stainless steel.

You can use it to make hot chocolate, frothed milk, fruit juice, and much more. The coffee produced is creamy, smooth, and foamy with ultimate flavor. You can disintegrate the product into all the different parts and wash it off dish dishwasher or manually.

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1. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Secura-French Press Coffee Makers

This is the highest rate and the most beautifully designed French press coffee maker on Amazon. It made up of the best quality stainless stain and there is 3-layer of filter to produce the best flavor for the coffee prepared. The filter screen is reusable and washable. The cool-touch handle is ergonomically designed and there is a knob provided for easy and spill-proof pouring. Its holding capacity is 1 liter and it has advanced thermal retention construction.

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Go ahead and buy any of the above-mentioned top 10 best French press coffee makers in 2022. Make sure you choose the capacity of the coffee maker before purchasing so that you prepare coffee for your family members at once.

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