Top 10 Best Floor Lamp with Shelves in 2019


If you want to provide a natural ambiance to your entire room and want some space to keep magazines & family photos, then there is nothing better than the floor lamp with shelves is the best choice. They not only offer the right illumination to the room but make sure you never short of the space to put things.

However, finding a perfect floor lamp with shelves isn’t an easy task as there are so many choices available in the market. That’s why you should check this list of top 10 best floor lamps with shelves for making sure you make a right selection. Check out each of them carefully and then buy one that looks best for you.

List of Top Best Floor Lamp with Shelves Review

Preview Product Price
SH Lighting 812045022745 6958BR-A 63
Oneach LED Shelf Floor Lamp with Open-Box Shelves Modern Standing Light for Living Room Bedroom and Reading-LED Bulb Included
$49.99$69.99 (29% off)
ELECWISH Shelf Floor Lamp with Linen Shade, UL Listed, Wooden Frame, Switch on/off, Etagere Organizer Shelf, White
$46.79$129.87 (64% off)
Coaster Home Furnishings Torchiere Floor Lamp with Glass Shelving Charcoal Black
$86.29$106.00 (19% off)
Brightech Maxwell - LED Shelf Floor Lamp - Modern Standing Light for Living Rooms and Bedrooms - Asian Wooden Frame with Open BoxDisplay Shelves - Havana Brown
Revel Toro 62.5
Adesso 3138-01 Wright 63 In. Floor Lamp - Smart Switch Compatible Light Fixtures with Two Storage Shelves. Lighting Accessories
Artiva USA A21038FLB Elliot/Modern Design 3-Tier Wood Display Shelf Floor Lamp in 1 Piece Sturdy Construction, 63
Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition - LED Shelf Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms - Includes USB Ports & Electric Outlet - Modern Standing Light - Asian Display Shelves - White
Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition - Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination - Modern Living Room Standing Light with Asian Display Shelves - Classic Black

10. SH Lighting 6958BR-A 63” Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp


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Our list starts with the SH Lighting 6958BR that comes with a pull switch and a shelf having the ability to hold up to 6 lbs. You will find its shelf well-decorated that add style to your living room.

The company has used the high-quality wooden material for adding elegance in style. Furthermore, you can assemble it in a short amount of time without any assistance.

9. Oneach Modern Shelf Floor Lamp


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Oneach Modern is a unique and stylish designed shelf floor lamp that can be placed anywhere in the home. It has a 63-inches tall frame that makes sure you can place it even in the tighter places.

There is a pull-chain switch installed in the lamp that allows you switch on & off pretty easily. The company has manufactured this product using high-quality and authentic wood that allows the product to stay protected.

8. Elecwish White Shelf Floor Lamp


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If you want to provide a serene feeling in the room without creating a high-level heat, then buy the Elecwish White Shelf without thinking further. It comes with three flat surface shelves that give you adequate space for keeping things like books, family photos, etc.

This magnificent lamp works perfectly with a 60-watt CFL and provides enough brightness in the room. Furthermore, you can buy this highly-functional lamp is available at an amazing price.

7. Coaster Contemporary Charcoal Black Torchiere Floor Lamp


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It is an amazingly designed floor lamp having three beautiful glass shelves that make sure you don’t have adequate light, but also a suitable place to store your things. The Coaster Contemporary has adequate length and size that is great for perfect illumination.

The company delivers this product in a black color that allows it to get matched easily with any décor. Furthermore, you can assemble this lamp easily by following the user manual

6. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp


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There is no doubt that this one is one of the best floor lamps with shelves available in the market. The Brightech Maxwell made from high-quality Asian wooden frame and added style to a living room or even an office.

There is a three-level shelf in this floor lamp that can be very handy for keeping things. Also, it has a thick shade that makes sure you enjoy an extraordinary and pleasant light. Another amazing benefit of having this product is its three-year warranty that proves the authenticity of the floor lamp.

5. Revel Toro Black Wood Floor Lamp


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If you are looking for a premium quality product in this list, then go for the Revel Toro Black floor lamp. It has a great amount of storage where you can keep photos and memorabilia conveniently. It has a versatile and convenient product that can bring to life to your home.

Additionally, there is a 23-watt energy bulb that makes sure warm white light stay in the room. To assemble this floor lamp, you only need a screwdriver.

4. Adesso Wright 63” Floor Lamp


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It is a 63-inches floor lamp that has black walnut wood frame adding style to your home. There are two extra storage shelves in this model of Adesso that are ideal for storing memorabilia and even magazines. It has a beautiful and elegant design that makes it perfect for offices, living rooms, etc.

The company delivers it with a unit that makes the installation process easier for everyone. Furthermore, this product available at a very affordable price. We can guarantee that you will fall in love with the contemporary style of this floor lamp.

3. Artiva USA Elliot Modern Design Floor Lamp


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Artiva USA Elliot is an elite-class floor camp having a fabric shade that provides perfect lighting. The shelf has a beautiful design & black finish that adds elegance to your room. Three built-in shelves allow you to utilize the space appropriately.

The company offers a 6-month limited warranty on the product that proves authenticity. They have used high-quality fabric material on the product allowing it last for many years.

2. Brightech Maxwell LED USB Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Floor Lamp with Shelves

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The Brightech Maxwell is a perfect combination of storage and lighting that makes it an ideal choice for the users. There are three flat surface shelves installed in this product that make it perfect for family photos as well as displaying ceramics.

Additionally, there are two USB ports on the top portion that can use for recharging your mobile or MP3 player. Furthermore, this lamp can assemble in a matter of minutes.

1. Brightech Maxwell Classic Black Shelf Floor Lamp


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We will end this list in style with Brightech Maxwell Classic Floor Lamp that comes in an Asian-influenced design. It equipped with three flat surfaces shelves that can use for magazines, décor, and many other things.

The thing that makes this product top this list is its low-cost price and off-white shade. This product boosted by a three-year money back warranty that makes you worry-free while using it.

Buying Guide For Floor Lamps With Shelves

Check out the points to compare while looking for a floor lamp with shelves:

Number of Shelves:

It is always better to look for the floor lamp with the number of the shelves as per your need. However, you can always look for the floor lamps which come with the minimum numbers shelves up to three. The three-shelve floor lamp will help you to keep your knickknacks in an organized.


A floor lamp has to be sturdy enough that can hold the weight of the heavy gears with no difficulty. Most of the manufacturers come up with the shelf floor lamps with heavy-duty material construction to maintain the shelf-life of the products. Before you opt for the floor lamp with shelves, just check the reviews of the customers if the products can withstand the load of the gears, you want to put on them.

Type of Bulb:

The producers of the rack floor lamps accompany various sorts of bulbs with various vitality utilization appraisals. It is smarter to search for the floor lamps which have the power-sparing lights; else, it won’t be a smart thought, on the off chance that you use rack floor lamps that can produce a long power bill. However, the present-day lamps come with LED lights which are no doubt power-saving. These LED lights are easily replaceable, so you do not have to be worried about the systems.


These lamps are mostly available in different material constructions, such as metal, wooden, and glass. To reflect ultimate sophistication, most of the people like to have their floor lamps with shelves in wooden material construction. The wooden ones are very much robust and offer exceptional durability. The metal ones are also durable and come with a prolonged life expectancy.

However, the glass floor lamp with shelves looks classy, but this type of set is very vulnerable and easily breakable.


Apart from being robust and long-lasting, these fixtures need to look good and should match your décor as well. If you choose a floor lamp with shelves with a versatile design, then it will benefit you with both durability and aesthetical way. A floor lamp with a few shelves helps you to organize your magazines, books, phones, decorative pieces and so on without making the scenery clumsy.

Quality of Illumination:

It is suggestible to know about the brightness level of the LED lights. You always need to look for a floor lamp that comes with super-bright bulbs and a prolonged lifespan. A floor lamp should come with at least 800-lumens of light output. It is not recommendable to select a lamp with shelves which come with a lifespan under 20,000-hours.

Color Temperature:

For LED lights, the color temperature plays a vital role, so before opting for a floor lamp with shelves, make sure that you can adjust the temperature of the bulbs. However, the LED lights with higher color temperature can increase the room temperature, which is not desired from any sort of lighting system. Some of the manufacturers bring their floor lamps with adjustable color temperature.


To conclude, we believe that you must have made your choice from this list of top 10 best floor lamps with shelves till now. All these products have features and benefits. You should go for the one that looks best as per your requirements.


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