Top 10 Best Filtered Water Bottles in 2022

Filtered water bottles can give you peace of mind especially when you are on the go. It removes any doubt regarding what is in the water that you are drinking. With the right one, parasites, viruses, as well as bacteria, will be a thing of the past. Equally important, a great filtered bottle eliminates contaminants including heavy metals. Those benefits are amazing. However, some of the ones on the market are not worth it. To ensure that you buy an efficient water bottle, we have a solution. Consider our list of the top 10 best filtered water bottles in 2022.

List of the Top 10 Best Filtered Water Bottles in 2022

10. Sole Survivor Gear Filtered Water Bottle for camping, Travelling, Sports Adventure


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These filtered water bottles are the ultimate outdoor companion for a thirst-free experience. It has an inbuilt carbon filter that eliminates almost all the bacteria. The manufacturers combine style and functionality. That means, it has an awesome design and has a great performance. It is lightweight hence easy to transport, handle and store. This water bottle has a great filter capacity of up to 396 Gallons. In case of leak and breakage, the manufacturers offer 100% guarantee. Unlike other bottles, these water bottles are available in different colors. As a result of that, the customers may choose their favorite color.

9. pH HYDRATE Glass Alkaline water Filter Bottle-Portable Alkaline Water Filter


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Invigorated water manufacturers feature a stylish and classy filter water bottle. The material of construction is high-quality class. It features a double-walled glass which makes this bottle leak free. Consequently, your items in the bag can never get wet. The bottles have a perfectly fit lid with a sturdy carrying handle. It simplifies operation and management of these bottles. The filter housing material of construction is stainless steel which is strong and durable. Its manufacturers a return your money in case the water bottle is not satisfying to the customer.

8. Aquamira Frontier Filtered Water Bottle Green Filter


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These water bottles are medium-size and have a perfectly fit handle. It eliminates all the unnecessary bacteria and minerals. Other than the bacteria, it keeps off odor and bad taste. The flow rate of the bottle is 500ml per minute hence manageable water outflow. Its maximum amount of water it can treat is 100 gallons. This filtered water bottle has the advanced Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology which eliminates germs. In addition to the great filtering performance, these water bottles are stylish and elegant.

7. Personal Water Filter Bottle and 2-stage Integrated Filter Straw for Hiking


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Purewell filtered water bottle is a water bottle ideal for outdoor events. This product removes 99.99% of the germs. It does that without using any chemical. The filter is replaceable in case of any damage. Its flow rate is up to 550ml per minute. It has a two-stage filter which eliminates 100% bacteria and germs. Its transportation is convenient. As a result of that, it is usable for multiple outdoor activities. It has a 550lbs bracelet which eases carrying of the filtered water bottle. This product is lightweight hence easy to transport.

6. Refresh 2go 34oz Sleek Filtered Water Bottle, Blue (11080-BL)


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It is a one-liter filter water bottle with calibrations. The calibrations help the user monitor his or her water intake. It is lightweight hence easy to transport, hold and store. This product’s material is Tritan plastic which is strong and durable. It has a mouthpiece which folds in a cap-like design for cleanliness. The built-in filter eliminates water bacteria and germs for up to 40 gallons of water. These bottles deliver odorless and chlorine free taste. Unlike glass bottles, this plastic bottle is crack free.

5. pH Revive Alkaline Water Filter Bottle & Carry Case-Water Purifier Bottle


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It is a new filtered water bottle that features a stylish and classy design. It eliminates all the bad smell, awful taste, and harmful germs. The maximum capacity of water it can hold at a time is 750mls. It has a flip top locking lid which keeps off the dirt. In addition to the water bottle, the customers also receive a carry case. The product comfortably carries all your items. It has inbuilt filters which have Alkaline balls which raises the pH up to 9.5. These filters can clean up to 60 liters of water.

4. Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier (+filter) Bottle


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It is a lightweight carrying bottle with a filter. The filter eliminates germs, virus, and harmful pathogens. It is the ideal water bottle for emergency purposes, traveling and all outdoor activities. This bottle has a compact design for convenient transportation and easy usage. It uses a simple technology which uses no power or chemicals. The filtered water bottle cleans up to 16oz of water at a time. In addition to the great work, these bottles are also durable and reliable.

3. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-stage Integrated Filter straw for Hiking


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These Filtered Water Bottles are easy to use personal water bottles. The bottles have a 2-stage filter straw which eliminates bacteria and germs. It is the ideal outdoor water carrying a bottle to purchase. These bottles require no chemicals or a power source. The bottles have easy to install filters which operates efficiently at all times. It has a maximum water filtering capacity of 4000 liters.

2. Brita 20 ounce Sports Water Bottle with 2 filters-BPA free-Twin pack, blue or orange


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These are water bottles from Brita manufacturers. A full set comprises of two similar water bottles. The maximum water capacity of each bottle is 20 ounces. Its drinking spout is spill free, leak proof and easy to use. Its material of construction is high-quality plastic which is free from breakage. These bottles feature a carrying loop which eases transportation. The filtered water bottle is the ultimate water carrying bottle. It is a dishwasher safe product which eases cleaning.

1. Brita 20 ounce Sport Water Bottle with filter-BPA Free, blue

Brita Filtered Water Bottles

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Brita filtered water bottle is a 20oz bottle with an easy to sip spout. The plastic behind its construction is lightweight but strong. For easy portability, the manufacturers have a strong carrying loop. These bottles are dishwasher safe hence easy to clean. During purchase, a complete set comprises of a sports bottle, instruction book, and a high-quality filter. The bottles work perfectly in offices, houses, school, during adventures and other places. It has an inbuilt filter which eliminates contaminants from the drinking water. The filter is removable from its housing in case of poor work.


The next time you are traveling, you have an idea of one of the must-have products. As far as clean water is concerned, the filtered water bottles above can be of great help. The list contains only 10 out of the millions of options in the market. Thanks to the details, choosing one out of them will also be a breeze. Just gran one for safe drinking water all the time.

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