Top 10 Best Fake Security Cameras in 2021

In today’s world, the rate of burglary has increased exponentially. Security is very important and installing security camera has become a necessity. However, due to budget restraints, you cannot install security cameras in every room or everywhere around your home. Therefore, you can install a few security cameras and the rest, you can install fake security cameras and make people think that you have security cameras everywhere. Check out the top 10 best fake security cameras in 2021 available online.

List of Best Fake Security Cameras Review

10. DPI Fake Security Camera

DPI Fake Security Cameras

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This pack consists of four dummy dome cameras which exactly look like the real surveillance cameras. The realistic design of this equipment also easily merges with any of your real surveillance cameras. Moreover, this fake security camera is suitable for installing at your home, foyer, business space, dark hallways, and so on. These cameras come with the symbol of Wi-Fi.

This equipment also helps to keep your home and office safe. Furthermore, the red recording lights make these cameras look extremely realistic. The fake dome lights support stress-free installation with included mounting hardware. The lights help you to deter trespassers from your private or professional workspace with ease.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easily merges with a real camera.
  • Easy installation with mounting hardware.
  • Helps to deter trespassers and WiFi symbol.

9. ZOSI Fake Security Camera


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This set consists of two fake CCTV cameras which accurately look like any real surveillance camera. With the help of mounting screws, the equipment supports hassle-free installation against wall, ceiling and other surfaces. Moreover, you need six AAA batteries to operate these dummy security cameras. These bullet-style cameras make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

With the help of three-axis equipment stand, these simulated cameras are also angle adjustable. Furthermore, the cameras come along with 48 pieces of red blinking LED lights to stay illuminated in the dark. The sliding Aluminum shelling of this equipment provides protection against the weather.

Reasons To Buy

  • Runs on AAA batteries and easy installation.
  • Wide application and LED lights.
  • Adjustable housing with three-axis equipment stand.

8. YSUCAU CCTV Security Fake Camera

YSUCAU Fake Security Cameras

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This simulated camera comes along with flashing red LED light to make it look realistic. The equipment is very much easy to mount on any wall, ceiling, and other surfaces. Moreover, the camera comes along with a video cable to add a realistic impression to the dummy camera. The equipment is a replica of any solar-powered CCTV.

This fake security camera also comes along with a yellow warning sticker. Furthermore, with the help of two AA batteries, this dummy camera works exactly like a real security camera. You can effortlessly mount this equipment at your home, business space, workspace, garage, shop, and other indoor or outdoor places.

Reasons To Buy

  • Realistic impression due to wide video cable.
  • LED lights and easy mounting.
  • Allows using from anywhere and warning sticker.

7. BNT Fake Security Camera


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These two dummy security cameras look exactly like any bullet-style real surveillance camera. The CCTV cameras also require four AA batteries to operate them. Moreover, these cameras come along with the internal photoelectric sensor. You can hassle-freely install these cameras on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. With the help of three-axis rotation, you can effortlessly change the angles of the cameras as per your need.

The red LED lights of these fake cameras also stay illuminated in the dark. Furthermore, the protective shells of the cameras provide protection against weather and water. You can hassle-freely change the batteries. These cameras come along with realistic dummy lens.

Reasons To Buy

  • Bullet-style design for a realistic look.
  • Protective shells for weather resistance.
  • LED lights and three-axis rotation.

6. Fake Security Camera by Armo

Armo Fake Security Cameras

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This set consists of four simulated dome cameras. The real-like look of these cameras also makes them extremely convincing to the eyes of the ordinary people. Moreover, the realistic surveillance cameras easily merge with your real CCTV cameras. You can stress-freely mount them against walls, ceilings, and more other surfaces.

The dummy security cameras also come along with required stainless-steel mounting screws. Furthermore, the red LED lights of the cameras make them look like the real CCTV cameras in recording mode. You can effortlessly install these at your home, warehouse, garage, workspace or shop. The cameras involve the construction of heavy-duty material.

Reasons To Buy

  • Complete set and easy mounting.
  • Recording mode for user advantage.
  • Durable construction and mounting screws.

5. IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera


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This simulated camera set consists of four dummy CCTV cameras. These fake cameras also involve the construction of high-quality plastic material. Moreover, the pack comes along with the standard yellow surveillance warning sticker. The fake security cameras have an artificial lens and infrared LED lights. The cameras are suitable to use at your home, garage, backyard, and your workspace.

The surveillance cameras also come with a high-end finish to make them look like the real ones. Furthermore, the dummy cameras have authentic video cable to make them look extremely convincing. You can easily mix these fake ones along with your real surveillance cameras.

Reasons To Buy

  • Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Infrared LED lights and artificial lens.
  • Wide application for user convenience.

4. Fake CCTV Dome Dummy Camera by Armo

Armo Fake Security Cameras

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The pack consists of four pieces of simulated dome surveillance cameras. These dummy cameras with their extra-ordinarily realistic design also look like any real surveillance camera. Moreover, the cameras are perfect for several indoor and outdoor surveillance purposes. The dummy cameras support hassle-free installation on the walls, ceiling, and other surfaces.

The CCTV cameras are also suitable for mounting at your home, workspace, business, backyard, garage, and other places. Furthermore, with the help of the stainless-steel screws, you can stress-freely mount these dome cameras without any difficulty. The red LED flashlight of these makes them look like the real dome cameras.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy installation and attractive look.
  • Real feeling red flashing LED.
  • Allows setting up anywhere.

3. Dummy Security Camera by Armo


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This pair of simulated cameras accurately looks like a real bullet-style surveillance camera. The accurate construction of the fake cameras also helps you to use them along with your real CCTV cameras. Moreover, the fake cameras are suitable for installing at your home, garage, backyard, front door, store, warehouse, and office.

The high-quality material construction of the bullet cameras also makes them durable. Furthermore, the Aluminum shells of the equipment are resistant to weather and stand for durability. The dummy security cameras seem to work like real surveillance cameras. The fake cameras are easy to install against any wall.

Reasons To Buy

  • Real look and durable materials.
  • Easy installation and resistant to water.
  • Wide application for user comfort.

2. WALI Fake Security Dome Camera

WALI Fake Security Cameras

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This set consists of two fame dome cameras. The simulated cameras are also ideal for both installing at indoor and outdoor spots. Moreover, you can easily protect your home, business, and shop by installing these dome cameras along with the real CCTV cameras. The equipment comes with activation light just like a real surveillance camera.

These fake cameras also involve the construction of high-grade material. Furthermore, the dummy cameras support hassle-free installation almost everywhere. You need four AA batteries to operate the dome cameras. Just like a digital surveillance camera, this fake equipment has one flashing red LED light.

Reasons To Buy

  • Activation light for user safety.
  • Runs on AA batteries.
  • Fame dome cameras and easy setup.

1. WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Camera


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This simulated camera exactly looks like a real CCTV camera to frighten the thieves with ease. Derived from heavy-duty material construction, the fake camera works just like a security camera. Moreover, you just need a pair of AA batteries to run the device. The LED light is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities.

The contemporary design of the CCTV camera also makes it an ideal fake surveillance camera of this time. Furthermore, the fake camera supports hassle-free installation against the wall. The CCTV comes along with a LED light. The aluminum casing makes the fake camera resistant to weather as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-quality materials for a real look.
  • Easy installation and LED light.
  • Resistant to weather for wide application.

Buying Guide For Fake Security Camera

Here are some difficult to deny factors to go through beforehand picking a fake security camera:

High-Quality Material Construction

To get a perfect fake security camera, you must ignore buying the cameras with cheap plastic material. Actually, the cheaper ones come with a better finish than the real security cameras, so an expert criminal can easily spot the difference. So, in that case, if you are aiming to purchase a fake plastic CCTV, then you should go for the good quality plastic material construction. To match the construction of a real camera, you need to select a moderate-level fake plastic camera.

Turn Off The LED Light

It is to inform you that the LED lights are only available on motion-activated security cameras. The smart thieves always know that the real cameras with LED lights will move after detecting the movement in front of the cameras. However, do not be a fool to turn on the LED lights of your fake security camera, otherwise, these thieves will easily point out the fake ones. To turn off the LED lights, you just simply avoid using batteries the fake cameras.

Hide The Cables

To make the fake security camera more authentic, you need to hide the cables professionally. Majority of the criminals know that a CCTV camera generally consists of two cables, one is for power, and another one is for data transmission. If you want your fake camera look like the real one, then hide the cables inside of the walls or other large objects. Some of these cameras come with brackets to keep the cable out of the cameras to make your job easier.

Careful About The Labels

In fact, the real CCTV manufacturers sell their cameras without any organization logo or printing of the brands. Be that as it may, you should be cautious in picking the fake ones and you ought to maintain a proper distance from any camera which has a clear symbol at its front. The real camera manufacturers all the time leave their lettering in front of the lens. You should tally the principles between the real and fake ones before purchasing the best one for your security.


There are different types of fake security cameras available, and they look as good as new. You should not install fake cameras everywhere because you should have real security cameras at important places. It is better for you to go through the buying guide before you can buy the product because there are various factors to understand while going through the fake security cameras we have listed. This will help you to choose the right products as per your requirement and budget.

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