Top 10 Best Electric Smokers in 2018

People have started preferring an electric smoker over the traditional wood or charcoal smoker for cooking smoky food items. There are various reasons four such a preference such as electric smokers are easy to operate as one does not check the fuel, clean the ashes and one can control the temperature. There is no risk involved due to no flammable item present. You can get delicious and flavorful food conveniently and it is cost-effective in comparison to wood and charcoal smokers. The following is the list of top 10 best electric smokers in 2018 that you should consider buying if you want to cook mind-blowing smoky food dishes at your home.

List of Top Best Electric Smokers Reviews

10. Dyna-Glo Digital Electric Smoker


This is a newly introduced product from Dyna-Glow which is quite a popular brand in the market. The product is beautifully designed and it comes with a digital thermostat and push-button controls. There is also a meat thermometer and it is dual-walled for full protection. It is completely insulated not to let the heat escape outside. The total cooking space is 732 square inches. The wood chip loader is situated on the side and this makes it convenient to load wood chip without heat loss.

9. Landmann Electric Smoker


This is a compact electric smoker and there is a 3-in-1 tray with the grease tray, water pan and the wood chip box integrated into one component. Apart from the usual dual wall door, there is a viewing window provided so that you can watch the cooking process completely. The availability of the wrought iron side handles have cool touch and they are easy to transport. There is also a temperature controller to maintain the temperature required conveniently. The base is form and stable due to 4 adjustable feet provided.

8. Dyna-Glo Analog Electric Smoker


This is another electric smoker from Dyna-Glo but this one is an analog one. The cooking space is 505 square inches. There are steel cooking plates available and they have food-grade chrome-plates. There are various features available to ease the cooking process and the wood chip loader is on the side to add wood conveniently and not to let heat escape. You can control the temperature with the dial provided and a stainless temperature gauge is available for temperature monitoring.

7. Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker


Smoke Hollow is a popular brand in the electric smoker industry. The design of the product is stunning. There are 4 racks available for cooking and the plates are chrome-plated and multiple adjustment levels are available. A window is available so that you can monitor the cooking process. It is a large capacity electric smoker with the size of 3.0 cubic feet. There is a LED display to monitor the temperature and push buttons are available to perform the desired action.

6. Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker


This is another electric smoker from Smoke Hollow with a new door and window design. It lets you adjust the temperature completely and the dual-walled construction helps to achieve the desired temperature quickly. Furthermore, the temperature is maintained perfectly. There are three cooking grids available and there is porcelain coated water pan and painted wood chip box with a lid are available for better durability.

5. Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker


This is a compact electric smoker with two chrome plated racks available. You can control the temperature conveniently. The temperature is also easy to read as the gauge is provided on the door and pans and tray are removable for washing. It is an ideal electric smoker to carry with you while traveling. The legs are foldable and it requires minimum space for storage. You can cook turkey, ham, ribs slabs, BBQ and various other delicious and mouthwatering dishes.

4. Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker


This is the most advanced and modern electric smoker from Smoke Hollow. There are three cooking grids available with chrome-plating and the levels are adjustable. The tempered glass window helps you to monitor the cooking process and a digital thermometer is also provided for probing the meat. The cooking capacity is 2 cubic feet and you can load the wood chip externally without any loss of smoke or heat.

3. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker


This is a modern electric smoker with smart technology and Bluetooth integration. The design and look of the product are outstanding and there are 721 square inches of cooking space available. There is four chrome-coated smoking racks present and the heating is consistent up to 275 degrees.are remote control is provided for controlling the temperature as well as the time of cooking. You can also switch on the food light and monitor the cooking.

2. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker


The electric smoker is totally insulated with dual-wall construction. There is an advanced control panel and a blue LED screen. The food thermometer is removable and the glass door helps you in constant monitoring. The finish of the external body is dual-toned for glossiness. It has a tight seal not to let the smoke escape and a large stainless steel locking latch. There are 4 adjustable smoking racks present and with on refilling, you can operate it from 4 to 7 hours.

1. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt-Electric Smokers

Masterbuilt is the most reputed brand in the electric smoker industry and this is the best product they have to offer. The product features under Amazon’s Choice for being an ultimate package. It is the best seller in the outdoor smoker segments as well. In spite of its high sales figures, there are extremely positive reviews and super high average rating. Apart from the usual features of 4-racks and digital controls for time and temperature, there is an adjustable air damper for smoke control. The smoking is consistent and the unique side wood chip system helps you to add wood without opening the main door.


If you love smoked food dishes, you need to buy an electric smoker at home so that you do not have to buy smoked food for outside. Furthermore, you should avoid manual charcoal and wood smokers because they are difficult to operate and the temperature and time controls are not available which can lead to overcooking or undercooking if you are not experienced. Therefore, an electric smoker is a perfect option and the top 10 best electric smokers in 2018 as listed above as a total value for your money.

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