Top 10 Best Electric Blankets in 2022

When winter comes, it is best to be prepared with an electric blanket to keep you from freezing. An electric blanket is incorporated with electrical heating wires in order to warm up the blanket when needed. This product has different types which include throws, under blanket, duvets, and over blanket. Electric blankets are safe to use, and they are very efficient in providing warmth on a cold day or night.

In this post, we discuss the top 10 best electric blankets in 2022. These products are carefully chosen for their functionality, durability, and brand.

Best electric blankets in 2022 Review

10. MaxKare Oversized Flannel Heated Blanket

MaxKare Electric Blankets

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Are you looking for an electric blanket that can warm up your cold nights? Then the MaxKare Electric Blanket is the perfect choice for you. This heated blanket can fit two people, which is absolutely great for cuddling with a special someone while watching a movie at home. You never have to fear about overheating since this oversized electric blanket turns off after 8 hours, ensuring that you are always safe. You can easily adjust the temperature of this product to suit your needs, and it allows you to sleep peacefully. Plus, this electric blanket is machine washable so you can easily care for it.

Reasons to Buy:                  

  • Overheating protection and even distribution of heat.
  • Easy one-button control with 3 options for heating and automatic shut down after 8 hours.
  • High quality materials including soft flannel.

9. Beautyrest Ultra Soft Sherpa Berber Fleece Electric


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The cold weather often limits your ability to work from home, and that sets your schedule backwards. But with the help of the Beautyrest Electric Wrap Blanket, you can sit on your home work station and feel warm while working. It is 100% microlight, and this product is extremely safe to use. This electric blanket is made from premium materials including extra soft Sherpa berber fleece. Wrapping this electric blanket all over your body is definitely offering a heavenly feeling.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Near zero electromagnetic radiation, and certified 100% by UL.
  • Therapeutic relief with 3 levels for heat temperature.
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty

8. iTeknic Electric Blanket Heated Throw

iTeknic Electric Blankets

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Heat therapy is highly efficient in treating body pains like muscle sores or achy neck or painful back. And during the cold months, you can keep the cold season from ruining your days by using the iTeknic Electric Blanket. This electric throw is very safe to use around your body, and it offers an auto-shut down mechanism that keeps you safe. Plus, you can easily set the timer from an hour to 180 minutes.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Whole body warm relief with extremely soft and comfy flannel.
  • 10 temperature settings is perfect for heat therapy.
  • ETL certified for superior safety.

7. Micro-Plush Full Size Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort

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It is always great to stay warm at night without getting interrupted with poking cords from your electric blanket. Indeed, the Degrees of Comfort Micro-Plush Electric Blanket has an excellently positioned cord that stay out of your way while you sleep. You never have to be afraid of burning your skin or getting exposed to radiation. This product is extremely safe to use, and keeps you comfortably warm enough to let you sleep peacefully. When you wake up in the morning, you feel extremely rejuvenated and ready to face a beautiful day.

Reasons to Buy:

  • EMF Radiation Safe and UL Certified for safety.
  • 20 heat temperature settings through custom controller with LCD screen.
  • Lowers electricity consumption and save money on the bill.

6. Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece

Biddeford Electric Blankets

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When the night is cold, your body tries harder to keep you warm. And the process can leave you stressed out due to the energy used for keeping you naturally warm. This is where the Biddeford Electric Blanket comes in. It has ultra-thin wires that allows you be warm while covering your body with this blanket. You can modify the heat settings through the 10 modes available for this electric blanket. And you can choose from twin, queen, and king sizes. Additionally, this product is highly durable and it can last for a long time.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from 100% polyester for superior comfort.
  • Therapeutic physical relief with adjustable temperature modes.
  • Advanced technology for safety, with auto shutdown timer.

5. MP2 Heated Electric Sherpa Throw Blanket


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The MP2 50” x 60” heated throw is perfect for keeping you warm like you are on your sofa to watch TV, read a book, or check you phone. This is an extremely plush electric blanket that makes you feel ultra-cozy at home. And it is available in numerous color options, so you can choose which one suits you best. Furthermore, this product is fairly easy to clean and wash. Simply take out the plug and machine wash carefully. Without a doubt, this electric blanket offers superior warmth when the night is cruelly cold to the bones.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from high quality 200GSM microlight and berber.
  • Auto shut down after 120 minutes, with 3 fast heating features.
  • Backed by 5 years warranty, and reliable customer service support.

4. Vremi 50 x 60 Electric Blanket

Vremi Electric Blankets

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To add superior comfort to your journey to dreamland, choose a heated blanket that is ultra-soft to the touch. Purchase Vremi 50 x 60 Electric Blanket and gain access to the secret of sleeping comfortably. It is lightweight, and the premium materials used are flannel fleece fabric, and reliable micro-thin wires. You can easily adjust the active hours of this product, from 30 minutes, every 30 minutes, and up to 4 hours. With this electric blanket, you can save on your electric bill. Plus, the long cord stays out of your way so you will not get disturbed while sleeping.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from premium thick and plush flannel fleece fabric for ultimate warmth.
  • Digital 10 heat temperature options with LCD controller.
  • ETL Certified for safety and it has auto shut down functionality.

3. Westerly Queen Size Microlight


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As you grow older, your body becomes prone to back pains, neck pains, sore muscles, and joint pains. Most of the time, these conditions led to uncomfortable sleep. To avoid having an irritable day ahead, use the Westerly Electric Heated Blanket to keep you comfortable and warm while you sleep. It is queen sized, and you can share this blanket with a loved one, or selfishly hold on to the warmth alone. This product is safe for you, but avoid using this on small babies or pets, since their skin are not suitable for the direct heat.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Crafted using 100% 200g microlight polyester.
  • 10 hours auto shut off, 10 heat settings, and 2 programmable digital controllers.
  • Energy saving with preheat feature.

2. WAPANEUS Electric Heated Blanket

WAPANEUS Electric Blankets

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Overheating is not an issue with WAPANEUS electric Blanket. It is completely safe to use, without the risk of short circuit or burning your skin. You can use this heated blanket during the winter months, and you can also use this in normal days by detaching the electric cord. By using this product, you can save on electricity usage, which allows you to save some money. More than that, this electric blanket helps the circulation of your blood. This is especially true if you are experiencing any form of pain in your body.

Reasons to Buy:

  • ETL Certified with heat protection and auto shut down after 4 hours.
  • Flexible with 9.8 feet power cord for added versatility.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty and fast customer support resolution.

1. Pure Warmth Queen Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

Pure Warmth

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Do you often suffer from insomnia? Help yourself by purchasing the Pure Warmth Electric Blanket. This product tells your body that it is time to rest and sleep for the night. It offers such a soothing and comfortable feeling that tempts you to fall asleep when you cover yourself with the warmth of this electric blanket. This product uses advanced technology with an auto shut down mechanism for your own protection. Plus, it is quite easy to clean and wash this electric blanket, thanks to its machine-washable feature. Just make sure to detach the controllers prior to placing this product in the washing machine. Moreover, this electric blanket is backed with a 5 years limited warranty.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Therapeutic whole body relief with 10 heat settings.
  • Made from 100% polyester for ultra comfort.
  • ETK and UL Certified for superior safety.


Electric blankets are highly beneficial not only for cold weather but also for your overall health. Your muscle sores and body pains are greatly helped with a warm blanket. So buy one or even two now from the list provided, and get ready for a warm day or night at home. Moreover, having an electric blanket is energy-saving, since you can rely less on your central heating system.

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