Top 10 Best Digital Pianos in 2018

Do you enjoy playing different instruments? How about bringing home a piano? As a music lover, you must invest in a piano. Most people think that pianos are expensive but the good part is that you can get home a digital pianos. It does not pinch your pockets! Acoustic pianos are expensive and most people shy away from buying them because it does not fit their budget.

By getting home a digital piano, you can save money and the high-quality sound will enthrall you! It is time to learn piano! Many manufacturers/brands make digital pianos. There are a number of features that one finds and so, it becomes difficult to choose the best.

Why should you opt for a digital piano?

  •  Low cost as compared to acoustic pianos (traditional)
  •  Versatility and volume – you can practice the piano silently using headphones. This way you can practice playing the piano middle of the night without disturbing your neighbors.
  •  Portability – the digital pianos are much lighter than the traditional acoustic pianos.
  •  Record your performance – Most of the pianos allow you to record your music. You can play the piano and record it. Listen to it later or post it on your YouTube channel.
  •  Learning made easy – Most of the digital pianos have inbuilt lessons for beginners.

Here is a quick guide for you and we have also listed the Top 10 Digital Pianos in 2018. This will help you to choose the best digital piano!

Buying Guide for Novices

  •  Expertise Level – Are you a beginner? Are you an expert? If you are a beginner, you must invest in a low-cost model. Practice on a low-cost model and then you can invest in an expensive and high-quality piano.
  •  Space – Purchase the product which will fit in the space you have in your home. Buying a large piano and then not having space in your home is not a wise idea.
  •  Portability – If you are planning to store the piano, you must opt for a product which is easy to store.
  •  Tone and voice selection is an important factor for most of the musicians. Most people want a product which creates realistic acoustic piano tones.
  •  Does it offer advanced connectivity features?

The Top 10 Digital Pianos in 2018

Let us skim through the list of the 10 best digital pianos available in the market.

10. Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano


It is time for you to spend some time making music. This piano is a great product for learning. The product is versatile and contemporary. Also, it belongs to a trusted brand called Yamaha. The product has an inbuilt audio recording which allows you to record your musical creations. If you wish to buy a concert style grand piano then you must get Yamaha DGX 660 home!


  •  Lyric display
  •  Score is easy to read
  •  Pure CF Sampling
  •  Piano touch (authentic)
  •  GHS Keyboard (88 note weighted)
  •  Audio recording and playback (USB)
  •  Damper resonance


  • Some buyers/reviewers felt that it should come with a manual of how to operate the musical instrument.

09. Yamaha YPG-235 76 Key Portable Grand Piano


The Yamaha YPG 235is a portable digital piano with 30 preset songs, 500 voices, and 160 preset styles. The coolest feature is the built-in recording. You can record songs and listen to it later. The product has 76 piano-style keys. It allows you to perform like a pro!


  • Piano keys with Graded soft touch Technology
  • 160 preset styles, 500 voices, and 30 preset songs.
  • In-built recording feature
  • Comes with a learning tool (Yamaha Education Suite) which teaches you how to play the instrument
  • USB connectivity


  • Some reviewers felt that the speakers make unusual sounds.

08. Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano


If you are looking for a piano which has silent listening then you can opt for Casio Privia. It has two headphone outputs which allow you to listen silently. It comes with the extended warranty as well. You can connect it to your Windows or MAC device. Simply connect it to an external loudspeaker and you can practice at home or even on stage.


  • 3 Year extended warranty
  • Two headphone outputs
  • USB connectivity
  • Pure functions make the listening experience pleasurable for the human ears!
  • AiR sound generation
  • New speaker system


  • It is a basic piano which can be used for learning and not for stage shows

07. Korg B1SP 88 key Digital Piano


The classy white digital piano is an instrument that you cannot miss noticing! It is a portable product which does not take up much space. If you are planning to take piano lessons or you want to begin again, the Korg digital piano will be an excellent choice. It offers you ease of use, superior sound and it looks superb.


  • Easy to use
  • Superior sound
  • Elegant looks
  • Portable product
  • MFB technology to stay true to the acoustic tones


  • There is no MIDI output

06. Yamaha P115 88 Weighted Key Digital Pianos


The Yamaha P115 88 bundle comes with a stand and bench. You cannot miss this supreme Yamaha product because it has intelligent acoustic control. There is a Duo mode which allows individuals for side-by-side practice. People can use this product for teaching piano lessons in school. There is a special new digital piano controller application as well.


  • Acoustic control provides a balanced and lovely sound.
  • A digital piano controller application
  • Duo mode which allows you to practice side-by-side. Two students can learn the lesson together.
  • 192 note polyphony


  • Most reviewers had an issue with the stand and the bench.

05. LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Piano w/pedal board


The LAGRIMA 88-Key digital piano has an LCD display. There are 480 tones that are plenteous. You can experience a number of feelings through the accompaniments. Whether it is rock, jazz or pop music, you will be able to experience all the feelings. You can get the same acoustic experience with this piano!


  • LCD Display
  • Chord volume/Master volume control
  • 480 tones that are top class and abundant
  • Digitalization sampling which gives you an excellent acoustical experience

However, there were no negative reviews regarding the keys or sound. It is an excellent product.

04. Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano


Alesis Recital 88-Key is an ideal product for beginners. The fully-featured piano has an adjustable touch response. There is a powerful built-in speaker (20 watt) and 128 note polyphony. The product fits your budget and you would be glad to know that you can add modifiable reverb. If you wish to tailor the sound, there is pedal resonance FX and chorus as well.


  • Built-in speaker (20-watt)
  • 128 note polyphony
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Modifiable reverb
  • Allows you to tailor the sound with the help of chorus and pedal resonance FX


  • Some reviewers felt that the keys are not as supreme. However, it is an affordable product and is great for beginners.

03. Flychord DP330 88 Key fully weight console Digital Piano


The Flychord DP330 88 key digital piano is a good addition in your living room or instrument room. Your kids and family members will love it! The product looks great and it is an efficient variant. What’s more? You get 1-year replacement warranty. If you are not happy with the product, it will be replaced. The 128 note polyphony allows you to play efficiently without a drop of note.


  • 128 note polyphony
  •  Full-replacement – one year warranty
  • 200 preset style, 500 voices, 10 user songs and 5 demos.
  • Offers a professional yet natural piano playing experience


  • Some reviewers felt that it is expensive.

02. Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Piano


Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series piano keys are special matte which is specially designed to absorb the moisture. It does not get slippery after it comes in contact with water. There is a special controller application for iOS devices with a supreme graphical user interface. There is a dual mode which allows you to combine two voices.


  • AWM stereo sampling
  • GHS weighted action – light in high keys and heavy in low keys
  • Closest to acoustic piano
  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo sampling
  • Dual mode allows you to combine two voices
  • There is a controller application for iOS devices.
  • There is a recording function


  • Some reviewers felt that the customer service is not efficient.

01. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano


Yamaha rules because it is a trusted brand! This is an exclusive model on Amazon. It comes with a power adapter as well as sustain pedal. The fully weighted 88 piano style keys give you the feel of playing an acoustic piano. The keys are just like the one you would find on an acoustic piano. The pure CF produces a lovely tone which you can only hear in a concert piano. It is a basic model which is ideal for beginners.


  • The keys are similar to the ones in the acoustic piano. GHS weighted 88 piano keys.
  • There is a controller app for those, who are using iOS devices.
  • Sustain pedal and PA150 power supply included
  • Pure CF produces the finest tone just like a concert piano


  • Some reviewers felt that the sound is hindered or scattered.

Words from the Wise

What should you look for in a digital piano? It is the ease of use, useful features, sound quality, durability, and price. If a piano ticks all the boxes, you must get it home.

If music is on your mind and you want to create magic with your fingers then bring home a digital piano! You can either gift it to your child or your friend. It could be an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. If someone enjoys music, you can gift them a low-cost digital piano. Choose one of the above-mentioned products and create magic with music!

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