Top 10 Best Crossbow Pistols in 2022

Crossbows have been used by men for hunting and other purposes for more than five centuries. Advancements in weapons making have brought significant improvements to the crossbow, through the creation of crossbow pistols and other accessories. The crossbow pistol has an automatic draw mechanism. It also requires minimal stamina to operate. Across online stores, there are now wide ranges of crossbow pistols from different brands to choose from. This article reviews the best ten crossbow pistols currently on the market and gives you vital information on what to consider before purchasing any from the variants available.

Now that you have gone through what you need to know before making a purchase, it is now time to review the 10 best crossbow pistols based on user experience. Here they are:

Best Crossbow Pistols Top 10 Reviews:

10. Light Crossbow 50lbs Pistol Fiberglass

MysticalBlades Crossbow Pistols

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The Light Crossbow as the name suggests is custom made for small game and has limited FPS distance. It is constructed with fiberglass and is very lightweight. It has a draw weight of 50lbs and gives a bolt distance of 150 feet per second.


  • Light weight and flexible construction
  • Easy operation


  • Limited feet per second distance
  • Can’t be used for big game hunting

9. PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow


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The PSE Viper, manufactured by Maurice Sporting Goods is one of the highly rated crossbow pistols on the market. It gives a bolt distance of up to 215 feet per second, with a 50lbs draw weight, making it a user-friendly pistol with low draw weight and high bolt range. It has a locking mechanism with three safety features; two trigger safety locks, and one finger guard for user safety. It has a low weight of 1.5lbs and is flexible for hunting small to medium-sized game.


  • Long bolt distance of 215 feet per second
  • Three safety mechanisms


  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • Comes without extra accessories

8. Kings Archery Crossbow Self-Cocking 80lbs

KingsArchery Crossbow Pistols

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The Kings Archery Crossbow is a complete archery package, as it is sold with the following items;

  • 15 aluminum arrows
  • High-tech fiberglass construction for equal flexibility and durability
  • Adjustable sight feature for better aim
  • Spare crossbow string and caps, and
  • An easy self-cocking feature for increased usage ease and faster bolt release

The Kings Archery Crossbow is made to give greater accuracy when taking shots. It also has a draw length range of 5.5”-8” making bolt loading easy. It has a bolt distance of 160 FPS and is very affordable.


  • High tech, state-of-the art construction
  • Spare equipment for extra value


  • Low bolt distance
  • High draw length range, making it unsuitable for beginners

7. Bolt Crossbows

BOLT Crossbows

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Tactical Crusader manufactures the Bolt range of Crossbow pistols, and the Seeker is currently one of their best products. The Seeker is fitted with an automatic safety mechanism to prevent accidental bolt discharge. It also has a draw weight of 80lbs; and produces a bolt distance of 200 feet per second, making it suitable for hunting medium sized game. The Seeker is also equipped with an extended foregrip for greater stability and aim.


  • Long bolt distance (200 FPS)
  • Automatic safety mechanism
  • Extended foregrip for better precision


  • No extra equipment
  • Difficulty in usage for beginners

6. iGlow 80lb Black/Camouflage Aluminium Hunting Pistol Crossbow

iGlow Crossbow Pistols

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The iGlow Pistol Crossbow has one of the most complexly built, but user-friendly build. It is made with an aluminum stock and is fitted with an aluminum barrel for the auto-safety cocking mechanism. Moreover, the 17 inches in length and weighs 1.62lbs. It is sold with 2 strings and 15 free arrows. The iGlow Pistol crossbow is mainly designed for use in hunting small game


  • The iGlow has a good auto safety mechanism
  • It is sold with extra arrows and accessories


  • High draw weight with average FPS distance

5. SAS 80lb Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow


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The SAS 80lb self-cocking pistol crossbow is a lightweight, durable crossbow that guarantees you extra value for money with 27 bolts and an extra string. The SAS crossbow pistol comes with an adjustable rear sight for increased aim and better shooting results. It requires little energy to cock with its fitted self-cocking mechanism. It provides a bolt distance of up to 160 feet per second; with a draw weight of 80lbs. it is very efficient in hunting small game or for target practice.


  • It is sold with a high number of extra bolts, giving you extra value for your cash.
  • Adjustable rear sight function


  • Low bolt distance at 160 FPS
  • Can only be very efficient for small game hunting

4. Prophecy 80lbs Aluminium Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow

SAS Crossbow Pistols

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The Prophecy is one of the easiest crossbow pistols to use in game hunting and working on your aim. The crossbow pistol fires bolts at high speeds of up to 165 feet per second, making it a weapon to be used with great caution as it could cause real damage if not handled carefully.

The Prophecy 80lb also packs a semi-automatic loading feature, and an adjustable sight feature to enable increased precision. It is also worthy of note that the Prophecy Crossbow Pistol is extremely lightweight at just a little below 2 lbs. The crossbow is also available in wood, aluminum or plastic finish. It can be used for hunting small game and provides high accuracy over short distances.


  • Semi-automatic loading feature
  • Adjustable sight feature
  • Extremely light weight


  • Low FPS distance
  • The plastic finish of the Prophecy is very fragile

3. Last Punch 80lbs Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow

Last Punch

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The Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow by Last Punch is designed to provide the user with faster shooting and reloading features. It gives a bolt distance of 160 feet per second which is lethal for targets at close proximity. It is fitted with an auto-safety feature that activates when cocking. With an 80lbs draw weight, it packs a punch, making it no household toy. It is also constructed with an advanced aluminum alloy and fiberglass construction. It is sold with 15 arrows, giving you value for money.


  • Comes with 15 extra arrows
  • Auto-safety feature
  • Advanced construction


  • Low FPS distance making it unsuitable for targeting at long range

2. 80 LBS Self-Cocking Crossbow with 15 arrows and Scope

Last Punch Crossbow Pistols

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The self-cocking crossbow comes with an advanced scope feature for ease in finding targets. It gives an impressive bolt distance of 160 feet per second. The crossbow pistol is also sold along with 15 metal arrows, providing extra value. It is also constructed with highly durable materials.


  • Scope feature for better aim
  • Comes with sturdy 15 metal arrows


  • Relatively low FPS distance

1. Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow 80lbs

Snake Eye Tactical

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The Snake Eye Tactical, also from Last Punch, comes with a high tech fiber glass design, making it a flexible and durable piece of equipment. It also includes a speedy self-cocking mechanism which gives faster reloading. It weighs a little over 2lbs and is fitted with a tactical adjustable sight feature for better aim at targets.


  • High tech fiber glass design
  • Faster reloading


  • No extra arrows
  • Not enough safety features

The Champion of Crossbow Pistols 2022

Based on the customer reviews on Amazon, the best crossbow pistol for the year 2022 is the Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow 80lbs, as it has the highest customer rating value (of 4.4 out of 5 stars as at October 14, 2022) and the highest number of reviews (453 reviews as at October 14, 2022).

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Crossbow Pistol

Crossbow pistols are in wide usage for entertainment, training or professional purposes. They come with different specifications which may complicate the selection process for a beginner in the world of archery. These are some of the points to consider before purchasing a crossbow pistol;


Crossbow pistols are sometimes meant for repeated usage in a short period of time, while others are meant for entertainment. Depending on the need, crossbows are manufactured with wood, plastic, fibre glass or metal. Selecting your crossbow pistol involves you selecting the product for you with your desired usage at heart. This is vital so that you don’t get your crossbow pistol broken easily.

Bonus Items:

It doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate when you look out for the free stuff, as they could be valuable in properly using your crossbow pistol, and making your user experience more rewarding. Some crossbow pistols come with an extra number of bolts while others come with waxes and other types of useful accessories. Take as much time out as you can to get knowledge of the best deal you can get from purchasing your crossbow pistol.

Self-Cocking feature:

Crossbow pistols vary in terms of design specifications, weight and extra features. They also come with variants in their self-cocking mechanisms. Some are much harder to operate than others making it necessary to consider this feature before ordering for a crossbow pistol.


Crossbow pistols have different features and are made by different manufacturers, naturally meaning their prices would vary. Crossbow pistols are valued by the manufacturer/brand name; the accessories that come along with the product; or the specifications of the crossbow pistol. It is necessary before purchase to tailor your preference for any of the available products according to your financial capability and what you desire from the crossbow pistol.


There are different draw weights required for operating crossbow pistols. The draw weight of pistols can vary from 50 pounds to over 100 pounds, and these produce different feet per distance (FPS) and can be used for hunting small to the big game as the draw weight increases.


There are a great number of crossbow pistols to select from, but I’ve narrowed the search down to the best ten to choose from with respect to speed, accuracy and value for money. Check them out on, but remember that these weapons could be fatal if toyed with. Never use them if you are not sure how they work, or if you are not up to the age limit (which is 12 years in most countries where archery is legal).

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