Top 10 Best Crepe Pans in 2018

Crepe pans are the ultimate choice when it comes to making crepes. They are not only delicious but also easy to make even for a novice. The meal can do for breakfast, dinner as a snack or dessert. If you buy the utensil, you will have an easy time cooking and cleaning after use. Nevertheless, finding one that has all those benefits is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. As shocking as that sounds, I don’t see why you should worry about the matter. Below is a list of the top 10 best crepe pans in 2018.

List of Top Best Crepe Pans Review

10. Norpro 9.5” Nonstick Breakfast Pancake Crepe Omelet Tortilla Kitchen Pan – 700


This product is a perfect definition of killing two birds with a single stone. The reason is that it is multipurpose hence perfect for cooking crepes, pancakes, omelets and grilled cheese among others. Its total length is 9.5 inches. Those for its diameter and handle are 8 inches and 6 inches, respectively. In addition to that, it is non-stick as well as durable.


  • Since it is non-stick, cleaning it is an easy task
  • It is multifunctional
  • The slanting sides make releasing ready food effortless
  • The handle stays cool throughout the cooking


  • You cannot use metal utensils when cooking. One should use wooden and nonstick strictly.
  • It is not dishwasher safe

9. Large Crepe Pan 10-inch nonstick coating and Bakelite handle


If you have a large family who loves crepes, quesadillas, sandwiches, and tortillas, I can’t imagine a better crepe pan. It heats quickly and evenly hence great for busy schedules. Its surface is non-stick. The weight is 6.7 Ounces. Its dimensions 16 x 10 x 0.8 inches.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Its handle remains cool for the safety of your hands while cooking
  • Thanks to the shallow rim, the crepes get a perfect shape
  • It is easy to release food of the sloppy sides

8. HIC Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France, 8-inch cooking surface


With De Buyer, you have a fantastic option when it comes to crepe pan. Other than making amazing crepes and pancakes, you can caramelize vegetables and pan sear meat. Its surface is 9.5 inches, and the cooking surface is 8 inches. The handle is comfortable thus little fatigue if cooking for a long time.


  • It is easy to clean because it is non-stick
  • Flipping and releasing food is only quick and easy
  • The handle has a comfortable grip


  • It is not dishwasher safe
  • It requires seasoning before use

7. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe maker with recipe guide-1447 100% Nonstick


Other than being a crepe pan you can rely on for better crepes; it adds beauty to your kitchen. It ensures that you get your blintzes and crepes ready as soon as possible. Its length is 7.5 inches. It is non-stick as well. You get to know when it is hot enough to cook because of its ready light. It has an electric base that has a cord wrap.


  • It is easy to clean because it is non-stick
  • Storage is also easy since the base has a cord wrap
  • It comes with a spreader


  • It takes relatively long to heat, but once it does, all will be well

6. Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker, 13-inch griddle & spatula


This crepe pan guarantees you better cooking moments. It will do excellent come breakfast, supper or if you need a dessert. It can also create traditional pancakes as well as tortillas. Its cooking surface is 13 inches which makes it perfect for flipping and folding. It has a non-stick coating, and that comes bearing benefits.


  • It is easy to use whether you are a professional or a home cook
  • It is also easy to clean
  • The package includes batter spreader, measuring cup and spatula
  • It has eight heat settings


  • The maximum heat is 250 degrees Fahrenheit only

5. Caphalon C1210p Commercial Nonstick 10-inch International Griddle/ Crepe Pan


Are you a fan of making crepes, tortillas, and omelets? If yes, this crepe pan will help you cook that and other types of food. It is a good product for the value of your money. It heats quickly and evenly. Its sturdy construction includes three layers. From the top, we have a three-ply non-stick finish, aluminum core and last but not least a hard-anodized exterior. Its length is 10 inches.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Once the food is ready, releasing it is easy because of the sloppy sides
  • It comes with a recipe
  • It is also multipurpose


  • Metal utensils and abrasive cleaning can quickly destroy it

4. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French As Classic Tri-ply Stainless 10-inch Nonstick Crepe Pan


It is a crepe pan that has a non-stick surface. The construction material is tri-ply stainless steel. It significantly contributes to its longevity. Even after years of use, it will never disappoint you. Other than creating omelets and crepes. It can also fry a burger. You can turn to it for searing fish as well. The three layers make it durable and also sees to it that it heat optimally.


  • The handle offers a comfortable grip and remains cool
  • Feel free to use it on induction stovetops
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is also freezer safe


  • Given the size of the crepe pan, the handle is relatively long

3. Crepe Maker and Nonstick 12” Griddle Electric Crepe Pan with spreader and recipes


CuisinaPro is a brand that is giving those who are looking for a crepe pan yet another incredible selection. The cooking surface is non-stick, to begin with. Its length is 12 inches. Thanks to its aluminum plate, you can use it as a griddle. It is ideal for cooking crepes, blintzes, bacon and pancakes among others. There is an on/off ready light that notifies you when it is hot enough.


  • It is easy to clean because you only wipe it
  • It has extra stability due to its rubber feet
  • It comes with recipes of various food
  • It has five temperature settings


  • It lacks handles

2. Lodge L90G3 Cast Iron Griddle, Pre-seasoned 10.5- inch


After many years of manufacturing great products, Lodge has earned customers’ trust internationally. This crepe maker is one of those products, and it has passed the test of time. It is ideal for sautéing, searing, frying, baking as well as stir-frying. Due to the use of Cast Iron material, the item will offer you its great services for an extended period. Its diameter and depth are 10.5 and 5 inches, respectively.


  • You can use it on campfires, grills and all cooking surfaces
  • It is also oven safe
  • It retains its heat for long and heating occurs evenly
  • Its cleaning is effortless


  • Its pre-seasoning is not enough

1. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-inch Crepe Pan

Cuisinart Crepe Pans

Cuisinart again! That is a name that is familiar to both home cooks and professional ones. The brand knows what a client wants, and that is what they base their design on entirely. Its hard anodized exterior is not only dense but also porous. In addition to that, it is hard to wear. With all that, durability is a guarantee, and the results are remarkable. The interior is nonstick and non-toxic. Its length is 10 inches.


  • Its handle is comfortable and safe to hold
  • It is oven safe up to 500F
  • It is easy to clean
  • As a result of the tapered rim, dripping during will be a thing of the past


  • It is not safe for use on induction stove tops


You have the ultimate list of top 10 best crepe pans in 2018 no doubt. They are useful for making crepes as well as other kinds of food. That include sausages, bacon, traditional pancakes, and omelets. We have provided details regarding size, induction compatibility, handles, material, and coating. With such information, making a decision is easy. Grab one today, and it is advisable to pick from the list above.

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