Top 10 Best Bladeless Fans in 2018

Traditional table or tower fans are extremely dangerous if you have pets and kids at home. The reason is the presence of the high-velocity blades and any accidental movement can cause a severe situation. Therefore, you should always prefer to buy bladeless fans that are better than traditional fans in terms of airflow and soundless operation. They are also more energy efficient and you can let your kids and pets play in the room as they like even when the fan is on. The following is the list of the top 10 best bladeless fans in 2018 that you should consider buying.

List of Top Best Bladeless Fans Review

10. LOHOME Bladeless Fan


This is a combination of bladeless fan and an air humidifier. It can release moisture and even fragrance in the room. The increase in air moisture can help you get rid of certain symptoms like cold and flu. The bladeless fan is perfect for a single room and it has water shortage protection. The operation is noiseless and you have to refill water for the air humidifier to work. The tank is of one-liter capacity and it is removable and washable. The company provides one year of warranty.

9. GreenTech Environmental Bladeless Fan


The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the bladeless fan category. It is capable of moving 90 degrees in the vertical as well as horizontal direction. The cord provided is extra-long and it lets the air flow in all direction to fill the entire room. The product is energy-efficient and the air circulates quicker making the temperature of the room consistent. There are as many as 12 fan speed settings available and it is popular for its versatile use and noiseless operation.

8. Lasko Bladeless Tower Fan


A tower fan is for those who have space on the floor to keep a fan as opposed to keeping it on the desk. Therefore, the height of the fan is long and it has the patented fresh ion technology to let fresh cool air circulate in the entire room. It comes with a remote control for wireless operation and there are controls available on the body of the fan as well. The filter is washable and you can use a vacuum cleaner for the same. It comes fully assembled and the air flow is 30% more than the traditional bladeless fans thanks to its blower.

7. Honeywell Personal Table Fan


Honeywell is one of the most popular brands in the fan segment and this s a beautifully designed fan that will enhance the beauty of the room. The product is quite compact and will sit on your desk perfectly. It is capable of oscillating and spreading air around. There is auto timer available and it claims to consume 50% less energy due to the use of DC motor. There are four-speed controls available and there is a sleep mode available.

6. Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan


This is a popular brand product and the air multiplier technology is patented by the company. The air flow will be powerful and the temperature of the room will come down and be consistent quicker. It is easy to clean and safe for pets and children. The company offers two years of warranty and the operation of the fan is quiet. There is a remote control provided for convenience and there are ten fan speeds controls available. The remote is magnetized to stick with the machine and you can set a timer for its operation.

5. Honeywell Whole-Room Tower Fan


This is the bestseller in the household tower fans category. There are eight different speed controls to choose from and it has oscillation option to spread the air flow across the room. It comes with a remote control and there is a nest at the back side of the nest where you can store the remote for easy finding. You can set the preset timers between 1 to 8 hours for auto shut-off. You can set the light dimming options at distraction free night sleep.

4. Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan


Dyson has established itself as a popular brand and they have a patented air multiplier feature that makes the air flow powerful to reach the corners of a room perfectly. Its operation is quiet and there is a sleep timer available where you can set auto shut-off feature between fifteen to nine hours. A remote control is also available and it comes magnetized so that you can store it comfortably on the fan itself. There are 10 different airflow settings present and the product is easy to clean and completely safe for kids and pets.

3. Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan


This is a wide area cooling bladeless fan and there are electronics controls available on top of it with a LED display that helps immensely in easy controlling. There are standard 3 working speed modes available and you can turn on and off the oscillation. The sound level is very low and there are auto shut-off timer settings available from 1 to 8 hours. The product sits very stable and there is a carry handle available for easy replacement.

2. Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan


The product features under Amazon’s Choice in the tower fan category. It has a sturdy construction and you get a remote control to operate the fan from a distance wirelessly. It is a high-velocity fan with greater reach and air flow. It is also energy efficient and there are preset timers available. The product comes fully assembled and it is designed for complete safety for the kids and pets. The product is also easy to grip and carry and you can store the remote in the nest at the back.

1. Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan

Kaz Bladeless Fans

This is one of the bestsellers in the bladeless fan category and a complete value for your money product. It will bring down the temperature of the entire room quickly. There are remote controls and touch controls available on the top of the product. You can set among 8-speed settings and the operation is extremely quiet. There are two modes present – oscillating and breeze settings. You will also see a digital display and an adjustable thermostat. A timer is also available and you can carry it easily with the carry handle provided.


Do check out the size of the bladeless fan before buying on as desk or floor needs to have that much space to accommodate it. You should closely read the descriptions to understand the variety of features different bladeless fans have to offer and then buy that one which fulfills your required purposes completely.

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