Top 10 Best Bingo Sets in 2019

Be it a gathering of friends or a festival like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc, bingo sets serve as the best source of entertainment. It is a fun interactive game and lifts the mood of such gatherings. But the variations of these sets in the market are mesmerizing. Some have got a beautiful style whereas others may be pretty huge.

So, confused which one to pick? Well, here is a sorted review on best bingo sets that will make the game night challenging and fun.

List of Best Bingo Sets Review on Amazon

10. Regal Games Bingo Cage Game Set

Regal Games Bingo Sets

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Looking for a fine bingo board to bring some fun into those boring times? Look no further because the Regal Games Deluxe Bingo Set is here! Firstly, the bingo set has an exclusive tell crafted bingo cage, 8” in diameter. Its fine metal cage is rather given a black finish. As results, makes the cage look trendy and also provides immense protection from dust, weather and so on.

With 75 different balls which are color-coded, this cage can expulse balls through an automatic ball selector. Furthermore, a single master board constructed from plastic is also provided.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Have 18 5.256” cards featuring a large print.
  • It is a “Frustration-Free” Package. No extra bits of package material being used for the user’s convenience.
  • The board is indeed spill-proof.

9. Bingo Royale Bundle Complete Bingo Set

Royal Bingo Supplies

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A bingo game set created with a penchant for simplicity, this in doesn’t need the use of cages or boards. The set comes with a uniquely numbered stack of cards. It is easily visible from the center of the table and easy to move about.

As a matter of fact, the set gives full satisfaction with 100 bingo playing cards featuring prominent numbering. The combination of readable numbered cards and 100 bingo cards allows the game to be played with up to 100 people.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 1000 different see-through chips are given.
  • The deck certainly contains 8 blank cards as replacements.
  • Game set contains instructions for game variants, to give a wonderful time.

8. Regal Games Family Bingo Set

Regal Games Bingo Sets

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Bingo is played to socialize or one can enjoy it over to enhance personal bonding. For the latter, Regal Games has come up with their Family Bingo Set, for all those wonderful families out there. The set comes with a pack of 4 bingo cards featuring a Finger Tip Shutter.

Moreover, this game set also has the usual cage, coated black to prevent corrosion by weather and dust. It features an automatic ball selector, selecting random balls at each turn. Finally, with these artilleries at hand, one can be sure of having a fun time with family.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The cage can rather accommodate up to 75 different numbered balls, each color coded.
  • A master board has molten plastic.
  • The master board is spill-proof always firmly holding on to the balls.

7. Lulu Home Bingo Game Set

Lulu Home

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Simplicity is the key to having a fun time with family and so on. The Lulu Home Bingo has the simplest design. The set comes with an innovative cage which releases one ball at each turn. Next, it is given a black colored protective coating.

With 18 bingo cards, this is an all-suitable game; allowing up to 18 players to play at one go. The cage is of 18-inches and now you can enjoy game-time fully.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 75 numbered plastic balls are included in the pack.
  • Certainly, a suitable companion for both kids as well as adults.

6. Regal Games Jumbo Party Bingo Set

Regal Games Bingo Sets

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Make way for an exciting Bingo gaming session with trendy, new Regal Games Jumbo Bingo! It comes with 50 jumbo bingo cards to allow up to 50 players to play at one go. The cards along with transparent, colored markers form a set within itself.

However, to complete the set, the makers also provide a metal cage serving as a ball dispenser. It is indeed 11.75-inches and the given black finish keeps it neat.

Reasons to Buy:

  • An oversized, well-readable Bingo master board is provided.
  • The metal cage has an automatic ball selector which gives out one ball at each turn of the cage.
  • One gets 18 bonus cards that are of a standard size to make the game more interesting.

5. Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Bingo Game

Royal Bingo

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If you are tired of that boring Bingo set with plastic equipment, then go for the Royal Wooden Bingo Game. This board brings along a vintage feel, along with a plethora of fun time. A wooden Bingo gaming board that can hold the balls is given in this packet to complete the essence.

Having black bingo cards, it is readable. Nevertheless, the handle attached to it makes spinning easy.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Has a portable 6” brass-crafted cage.
  • Includes numbered balls constructed of wood.
  • 150 Bingo chips and 18 cards are an important inclusion in this set.

4. GSE Games & Sports Deluxe Bingo Game Set

GSE Games & Sports Bingo Sets

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Bingo is an ideal gamer to pass time among a group of friends. GSE Games makes a bingo set that provides all the requisite articles to play Bingo. It has a wonderful cage with a beautifully crafted wooden handle. Next, the cage has a spherical shape having 10.5” diameter and 12” from the ground to the top.

As a matter of fact, the 18 Bingo cards completes the game set. All of them are randomly and differently numbered for a great game.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Each card is 17” x 7” and has large numbers.
  • Includes multicoloured numbered balls.
  • The cage rather automatically ejects a ball each turn.

3. Liberty Imports Bingo Machine Cage Game Set

Liberty Imports

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The Liberty Exports set is an all-inclusive product that promises a good time. To bring in a feel of a Bingo Hall, the game set includes a metallic ball spinner. It’s exclusive way to eject one ball at a time is impressive.

With 20 balls, you also get a tray for keeping your essentials neatly. Finally, it is fun for a child and also an adult. However, the specialty is that you don’t need markers in this set.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The set has a trendy looking tray. It holds the balls once it is released from the spinner.
  • Features 18 cards and 75 numbered balls.
  • Rather replacing the need for markers as well as chips. One can just simply fold the numbered card.

2. Royal Bingo Supplies EZ-Reset Professional Tabletop Bingo

Royal Bingo Supplies Bingo Sets

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Bingo is such a game that is played at homes, in a gathering, or in large halls. This product is appropriate for large halls. It has a tabletop Bingo tray that is large and placed anywhere, even on narrow table tops.

Furthermore, the EZ-Reset feature is designed in a way that all the balls will make its way back to its cage from the master board. This fast Bingo set will definitely not need any assembly.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction to make it ultra-durable.
  • 75 carved wooden balls certainly make this Bingo set very appreciable.
  • Perfect for commercial use.

1.Cardinal Industries Wire Cage Bingo Set

Cardinal Industries

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Choose a winner for a grand gaming experience. This bingo set includes a metal cage, given a proper finish so as to make it durable. It can auto-release one ball, each time it is given a turn. The released balls are placed on the given tray.

Moreover, it features a metal wired cage and hence, the game becomes more interesting. Lastly, apart from the balls, it also includes cards.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The numbers on the balls are large and easy to read.
  • The suitable use of markers placed upon the cards makes it reusable.

With a complete pack, look forward to having a hell of a fun time with guests and family alike. The best bingo sets will make the competition intense and every time a memorable one.

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