Top 10 Best Beach Tables in 2019

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Vacation or weekends call for a short trip with your family or friends. However, if you are heading to the beach, then you must carry a beach table. In order to keep your foods and drinks in an organized manner, these tables are the choice to go for. It’s flexible, sturdy and you will have the fullest experience.

Having the options of too many products, make you confused. Hence, we have listed the top-rated beach tables which will not let you down.

List of Top Best Beach Tables Review on Amazon

Preview Product Price
Trekology Foldable Camping Picnic Tables - Portable Compact Lightweight Folding Roll-up Table in a Bag - Small, Light Easy to Carry Camp, Beach, Outdoor
Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top: Hard-Topped Folding Table in a Bag for Picnic, Camp, Beach, Boat, Useful for Dining & Cooking with Burner, Easy to Clean
Preferred Nation Folding Table, Polyester with Metal Frame, 4 Mesh Cup Holders, Compact, Convenient  Carry Case Included - Black
$25.99$36.95 (30% off)
#WEJOY Small Portable Personal Beach Tables for Sand, No-Slip Surface Prevents Spills and Slips, Blue
Portal Compact Folding Side Camping Table, Roll Up Adjustable Portable Utility Table for Picnic Travel, Beach Sand
Camco 51690 Aqua Large Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table, Perfect for The Beach, Camping, Picnics, Cookouts and More, Weatherproof and Rust Resistant
$17.58$18.99 (7% off)
Picnic at Ascot 548-RB Canvas Travel Folding Table, Royal Blue
Camp Field Camping Table with Adjustable Legs for Beach, Backyards, Party and Picnic Table (B)
Best Choice Products 28x28in Foldable Outdoor/Indoor All-Purpose Wooden Table for Picnics, Camping, Beach, Patio w/ Carrying Case
Portable Camping Side Table for Outdoor Picnic, Beach, Games, Camp, and Patio Tables Folding with Carry Case for Travel and Storage (Blue)
$36.21$36.79 (2% off)

10. Trekology Foldable Camping Tables

Trekology Beach Tables

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Known specifically for its portability, this beach table is ultra-weight in nature and certainly folds up into a storage bag. This is a backpacker’s ultimate choice, either for picnics or even for a sudden beach getaway.

Sturdy and durable in nature, this is created out of 1680D fabric and requires no specific tools for setting it up. Having a weight of only 1.75 lbs it no effort to assemble it. Finally, the sturdy canvas even features cup holders for keeping the essentials.

Reasons to buy:

  • Backed by the 100% guarantee of the manufacturers
  • Pop-up base frame indeed facilitates easy installation.
  • Has a specific hinge design for sturdier format.

9. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables


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If you are looking for an aluminum table top, this one from Trekology will not lose your sight! Whether it is at the back of your car or motorcycle, this always fits at every format. Next, this table is waterproof also resists all weather and is built of aluminum alloy that is of aerospace grade.

Since it requires no specific set-up tools, hence, its stability and portability are notable. Moreover, this is a complete workhorse, whether you play cards on it or cook meals on it. The hinge system adds to the simple open or close it.

Reasons to buy:

  • It can carry weight up to 50 lbs
  • The rubber feet make the movement of this table easier.
  • The aluminum construction is of aerospace-grade for maintaining durability.

8. Preferred Nation Folding Beach Table

Preferred Nation Beach Tables

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To start with, this folding beach table connects the plastic tubular cups with the metal frame of that table. Having 4-cups to hold your drinks, this beach table is known for its double shelves that make storage easy. With the mesh construction of the cups, you have no reasons to worry about the cups tripping over. Also, the multiple hues are an added benefit for those who are looking for some jazz into this product.

However, do you need some extra space to store the essentials? The rack that is indeed situated under the table keep the important stuff always in check.

Reasons to buy:

  • Created out of 600D polyester product with a frame of metal that assures durability.
  • Easy to assemble compared to its counterparts.

7. WEJOY Portable Beach Table


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Need a beach table that you can set up in seconds? This portable beach table is easy to carry and does not require any tools to be to set up. With a plug attached to a tube, this requires a double tube to fix the table. As a matter of fact, it is known for its non-slip stretch.

A small-sized product that is indeed lightweight, now transports the product from one place to another in no time.

Reasons to buy:

  • Created out of PP material and is durable in nature.
  • Electroplated tube leg is rather corrosion-free in nature.

6. Portal Compact Side Beach Table

Portal Beach Tables

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Lightweight in nature, this beach table weighs only 1.5 pounds and its leg height is adjustable accordingly. You can flip the legs accordingly and requires no tool for setting it up. And it offers two different adjustment options. Ideal for beach destinations and picnics, this table is certainly suitable to put into a small bag.

To top it all, you can fold this particular table down in just a second and store it in your carry bag for transporting it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Has an aluminum panel and therefore ensures a sturdy format.
  • Comes with powder coating to the steel finish for additional protection.

5. Camco 51690 arge Outdoor Side Table


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For those who want a weather-proof beach table, this multifunctional table is an apt choice. Being of the Adirondack style, this product hardly needs any maintenance. The will be no signs of rust formation and has a height of 19.5”.

As a result of its foldable design, this is easy for storage and you can set it up minus any tool. Weighing less than 3-pounds, this is weather-resistant.

Reasons to buy:

  • The top is UV stabilized with resin base ensures it is weatherproof.
  • High level of durability guarantees minimal wear and tear and is corrosion-free.

4. Ascot Travel Folding Table

Picnic at Ascot Beach Tables

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From Picnic at Ascot comes this ideal beach table. With a 30-inches diameter and 4-drinking pockets of mesh, this beach table is made of a polyester canvas of 600 deniers. You can plan a perfect beach day courtesy to this as addition and it weighs a minimal of 5.5 pounds. For a long life of the product, the table is built of a 600D polyester canvas.

Furthermore, his beach table comes with a carry bag that makes it comparatively easy to carry. And the shoulder straps added to it rather keep away unwanted strains.

Reasons to buy:

  • Its soft table top is truly notable.
  • Has a lower shelf attached to it, making space for additional storage.

3. Camp Field Beach Table

Camp Field

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Camp Field brings to its buyers the perfect table that surely easy to install as well as foldable in nature. Having a capacity to hold weight up to 66 lbs, this is detachable in nature. It is certainly suitable for picnics, beach outings, barbecues, to name a few.

Made of an alloy of aluminum, this can hold up to 4 people and weigh around 16 pounds. So, next time you are out partying for a long day, this table will indeed serve you well.

Reasons to buy:

  • Known for its leveler and adjustable feet to manage the standing postures of this table.
  • The inclusion of zippered cartons will accommodate all the essential.

2. Best Choice Products Foldable Portable

Best Choice Products Beach Tables

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Crafted from the perfect quality wood, this beach table’s portability rests in its hardwood that delivers the best results. With no requirement of tools and easy set-up, this is waterproof. In fact, you can use it in multiple domains as hiking and parties as well as display stands on a beach day.

Weighing just 6-pounds, this requires minimal storage space and is corrosion proof. The 16.5-inches height and it is indeed a compact choice. Hence, for any beach day to go about, this is your go-to product.

Reasons to buy:

  • Being waterproof it does not allow building up of fungus or molds.
  • Maintains safety issues in terms of managing the food products from dirt.
  • The inclusion of a carry bag secures the quality of the product while traveling with it.

1.Camping Table Portable Beach Table

Camping Table

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Another fold-up beach camping tables that one can store in their bags as they drive off to secluded zones. This portable beach table is one of the best on display! Specifically, in demand, this is not just easy to assemble but also requires the assistance of no tools.

Furthermore, it is light in terms of weight, this is perfect for camping and hiking – as you would prefer. However, the interesting feature of this table is that you can open it half or keep it fully flat. It has a round shape and has a sturdy metal frame to support the canvas.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made of a washable canvas of 600 denier capacity.
  • Comes with 4 mesh cup holders along with an extra tier for food products.
  • A perfect product for outdoor as well as indoor usage.

Buying Guide For Beach Table

The following is the list of the parameters you should check while you buy a beach table.


A compact and foldable table to carry around the beach would be pretty much more convenient than a heavy one. This is one such factor that should be considered as the unit should be portable causing not much weight to hold and walk all along the beach. However, active materials in the unit can add more to the table. Even carrying handles and cases would work at its best, and will make it easier for you to hold and take.


Setting up a beach table can be either smooth or stressful, but it ultimately depends on the table that we opt for. Folding and portable beach tables do not require any hardcore assembly as they come with easy tools and manufactures designs. Putting up a table on the beach would be quite simple with those expandable legs.

Generally, a lot of table models demand screws and fixing. Often, these units are made up of wooden roll-ups with screws attached. Even though the assembling and disassembling may take time, this type of tables is indeed robust and sturdy.


If you are buying a beach table for a quick lunch or a beachside dinner, then a waterproof table would be an ideal one to have around. Liquid proof tables are perfect when it comes to safeguarding the unit from fungus and, water mold and also this particular feature makes the table long-lasting and durable.

If it’s a wooden table, then you need to know that wood requires a lot of maintenance, compared to others. Aluminum tables, on the other hand, are water-resistant, but there are chances that it may oxidize and lose its shine by time.


A long-lasting product is what we all need for the price we pay. Unstable beach tables or chairs can be annoying if they keep toppling over. Tables that are made of wood or aluminum provides a strong base for stability and strength. The beach table generally has a powder-coated matte finish making it more durable.


Tables should be adaptable and not fixed if you want it to be sturdy. Uneven terrain helps in automatic adjustments, finding the right position. You can also go for adjustable legs beach tables for versatility, helping it to use for all the purposes, even when serving as a regular table.

The Make

  1. Fabric Tabletops

These are an excellent choice as these tables are very light to hold and to keep objects that don’t spill or get scattered. Unfortunately, fabric finish is not sturdy and cannot be used to hold food and drinks without spilling. However, there are a lot of units that come with cup holders.

  1. Aluminum Tables

This is lightweight tabletop that does not weigh more than 20pounds, sturdy over the beach sands at all times. These makes can easily handle all types of meals and drinks, but it retains hot temperature. However, you can use umbrellas above to keep it fresh.

  1. Wooden Tables

These are the preferable ones as they are sturdy, easy to carry, transport, and assemble too. Wooden tables are heavy, but gives a classy look, and also requires some special care than other materials. However, ensure that it is coated to prevent under sun and salt.

When you are out for beach parties, then carrying a portable table will help you to set up a mini feast right beside the beach. Arrange your food and drinks and enjoy the beach mood.

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