Top 10 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers in 2022

Bathing time loved by the toddlers and the addition of bath toys take the excitement to a different level. Even the parents find this time quite chilling and enjoyable. There is a great variety of brands that sell the bath time toys for their customers. However, it is important to invest your money in the products right companies. Our team has created this post to help in that area. We will show you the top 10 best bath toys for toddlers in 2022 with complete detail. We believe that you will like each of them and buy some for your kids.

List of Top Best Bath Toys for Toddlers Review

10. Green Toys My First Tugboat

Green Toys Bath Toys for Toddlers

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This toy crafted in the shape of a boat that can also be used as a water mug. The company has added a built-in handle in this tugboat so that the toddler can easily pick it. You can easily remove the lower part of the boat for making the cleaning better.

The company has used recycled plastic that doesn’t contain PVC, phthalates, and BPA. Furthermore, the non-toxic color paint ensures that it doesn’t harm the toddlers even if they put it in the mouth.

9. Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy

Yookidoo Bath Toys for Toddlers

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This amazing bath toy by Yookidoo opens up plenty of different options for enjoying a tempting bath session. There is an endless stream of fun provided by this waterspout to make sure they never get bored. It develops a shower that has a spinning propeller.

The tumblers held by the swiveling arm and can place perfectly under the stream for better fun.

8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Bathtime Bongos

Fisher-Price Bath Toys for Toddlers

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If you want to add music along with some learning fun in your kid’s bath time, then this bongos toy should be your pick. It can also be used outside the bath for letting your toddler enjoy.  It comes with two innovative characters that help the kids to learn about the numbers, greetings, and words.

There are more than 25 sing-along songs are pre-installed in this toy that can be very convenient for the parents.

7. Skip Hop Zoo Bath Pull and Go Submarine

Skip Hop Bath Toys for Toddlers

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This signature skips hop zoo character’s main motive is to boost the motor skills of the kids along with teaching things like sinking and floating to them. The company has not used any phthalate to manufacture this toy to ensure kid’s safety.

There is only need to pull the string in the toy for activating the propeller and setting it on the motion. Overall, it is one of the best bath toys for toddlers that you can buy even with closed eyes.

6. Funerica Large Yellow Duck Bath Toy

FUNERICA Bath Toys for Toddlers

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If you want to buy an attractive and brightly colored bath toy, then this product by Funerica should be one of the major options to buy. It based on the water-driven movement and didn’t require batteries to work. It has two suction pumps added in this toy so that it can fit securely on the wall.

The company has used completely non-toxic materials and colors for manufacturing these toys. There are no sharp & rough edges to ensure the toddler don’t get hurt while playing.

5.  Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set 6 Pieces

Spin Master Bath Toys for Toddlers

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Buying this exciting toy will ensure that the fun reaches a different level during the bathing time. This set consists of Marshall, Zuna, Chase, Skype, and Rocky that allow the kids to enjoy bathing. It is a perfect birthday gift that available in four different variants.

These characters are often seen on the television and having them in the bathroom will take their imagination to a higher level.

4. Munchkin Bath Toy

Munchkin Bath Toys for Toddlers

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It is an exciting toy that equips with three squirtable fish toys along with a small toy boat. These toys float by sitting on this boat that loved by the toddlers. It made in such a way that even the tiny hands of toddlers are enough for squeezing it.

The company has used easily to hold material for manufacturing this product that ensures the toy never falls from the hands of a toddler.

3. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Bath Toys for Toddlers

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This toy set includes three floating plastic toys and one magnetic fishing rod. It is manufactured by the Munchkin brand that has a very positive reputation in the world of toys. The rod that comes in this set is specially crafted to fit in the small hands of toddlers.

Your child can enjoy an amazing fishing action that has proven by the science to improve eye-coordination. Also, it has completely non-toxic colors and BPA-free material.

2. Munchin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Munchkin Bath Toys for Toddlers

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This excellent wind-up toy specially made for the toddlers who prefer swimming objects. There is no need to install any battery in this toy to let it float on the water. It is one of the best bath toys for toddlers that crafted in the shape of bright colored penguin and made using BPA-free plastic.

It is a lightweight toy that obtained positive reviews from the parents who bought it for their young toddlers.

1. Boon Chomp Hungry Whale

Boon Bath Toys for Toddlers

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Considered best development toy for kids by many, the boon chomp hungry whale is the perfect toy to buy for. This beautiful whale made from highly flexible material that ensures your toddler never get hurt while using this toy.

Using this toy during bath time will boost the eye-coordination in the kids. You will get one whale and three creatures in this set of toys. The mouth of the whale can be opened by squeezing the tail of the whale that makes the bath time exciting.


We strongly suggest keeping an eye on your child during the bath to ensure a safer experience. Each of these best bath toys for toddlers is perfect, and you can buy them without any worry. If you have a question in your mind, then please drop it in the comment section.

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