Top 10 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Dogs and Cats in 2018

Do you have a cat or a dog at your home? If yes, then you would surely be concerned about them. For some, their pets are as important as their family members. But, caring for a pet is not at all easy. What else, you need to devote your time caring for their needs and feeding them is the top priority. Your everyday schedule may make it difficult for you to fulfill this responsibility. The invention in technology has also helped us in caring for our pets. As we know how much important your pets are to you we have done a comprehensive research on this topic. This has helped us to get for you the top 10 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Dogs and Cats in 2018.

List of Top Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Dogs and Cats Reviews

10. Old Tjikko Food and Water Dispenser

Old Tjikko

Your cat or dog needs at least two things every day, food and water. By understanding both of these important needs this manufacturer has got a good solution. Here, are 2 automatic dispensers for food and water respectively. These sturdy dispensers are made up of BPA free plastic which is safe for your pets. The dispensers use the natural gravity and can control the overflowing of water or food with an anti over a braking device. Also, the bowls are non-slip that reduces unnecessary trouble.


  •  2 separate dispensers for food and water
  •  Does not require electricity
  •  Large capacity of 8.3 lbs / 3.8 l
  •  Made up of non-toxic plastic


  •  A basic yet effortless product. So, the flow of the dispenser cannot be controlled by a mobile phone or other devices.

9. isYoung Automatic Pet Feeder


This is our first electronically controlled pet feeder. It is expected that a pet feeder should have a good capacity and this one has a 5.5L capacity container. You can program the feeder to dispense food three times per day at the time you want. Also, you can record a 10 second audio of your to remind your cat or dog to eat regularly. The design of this feeder is very attractive and the large screen display lets you monitor the current feeding times, meals, programmed, meals served.


  •  Programmable to feed 3 times a day
  •  Large capacity of 5.5L
  •  Easy to clean
  •  LCD display shows meals served, scheduled


  •  Operates on battery. So need to change the battery every time it dies out.
  •  One of the greatest cons of programmed feeders is if there is an internal software issue then, you cannot do anything. You just need to contact the manufacturer.

8. PetFly Automatic Pet Feeder

You need a pet feeder that can feed your pet when you are out for a couple of days. This is a large capacity pet feeder can hold up to 5 L of dry food. This feeder operates on 3 batteries of 1.5V each. As this is a simple pet feeder, yet you can program it to dispense 1 to 12 cups of food for 3 times a day. You can record your voice in the voice recorder and it will play to call your pet at meal times. Altogether, this automatic pet feeder is best if you frequently have to work long hours at your office. The reasonable price of this feeder makes it the first choice of many.


  •  Easy to program and operate
  •  Large capacity
  •  Compact design
  •  Voice recorder to record and play an audio file to call your pet


  •  Works on 3 batteries that need to be replaced by turning the feeder upside down.
  •  One of the greatest cons of programmed feeders is if there is an internal software issue then, you cannot do anything. You just need to contact the manufacturer.

7. Vacnite Remote Automatic Pet Feeder


This is an era of electronic gadgets and we should be happy about it. Feeding your pets and tracking their meals has become easy more than ever. This feeder is packed with many benefits for you and your pet. The automatic feeder can be controlled through your iOS/Android mobile application. The internal software in this feeder lets you know about the time and amount of food your pet had. Now you can feed your pet as many times as you want through your mobile. This feeder has the anti-jammer conveyer system that has been tested rigorously to deliver flawless output.


  •  Use your mobile as a remote control to give command to this feeder
  •  Customised software for feeding management
  •  Surveillance camera helps you to monitor the meals
  •  Voice recorder and alerting for your pet
  •  Alerts sent directly to your mobile phone
  •  30-day Money back and 3-year warranty


  •  Even though it has an extra battery, normally it needs to be connected to a power supply all the time.

6. Greatic Pet Feeder


If you are looking for a feeder that is the combination of the conventional and advanced feeding devices then, this one is the best option. The large 5.5L capacity lets you hold enough food for your pets. Now, you can easily set and monitor the feeding times through the LCD panel. If your pet is habitual to listen to your voice, then its voice recorder lets you record a small message in your voice. This audio will play at the feeding time. Altogether, this feeder is made from a sturdy material and is very easy to clean.


  •  Customisable according to your requirements
  •  LCD panel to track and control the feeding times
  •  Compact design with transparent dispenser
  •  Value for money product


  •  No option of a dual power supply. Work on 3 D batteries that need to be replaced.

5. Hommini Automatic Pet Feeder


Every year more and more people are inclining towards fully automatic and remote controlled feeders. This one is certainly one of the best in this range because it can dispense both food and water. You can set a time for automatic feeding or you can also command this feeder to dispense food whenever you want through your iOS/Android device. Unlike other feeders in this range, this feeder has a 250 ml water dispenser made from eco-friendly ABS material. This feeder works on a power supply or you can use 3D batteries also.


  •  Dispenses food and also has a water dispenser
  •  1 mp camera enables taking photos or record a video at a 110°angle
  •  Works on dual power supply options
  •  Value for money product
  •  Remote control of feeder is possible with mobile application


  •  Food dispenser capacity is only 3.5 L
  •  As it is loaded with many features, this feeder is more expensive than others

4. PetFly Pet Automatic Feeder


This can probably be the best gift for your dog or cat you can ever give. Food plays an important role in your pet’s health. The large 5.5 L capacity of this feeder saves you from frequently loading food into it. The top-locking cover keeps the food fresh and safe. You can set 3 times per day feeding while choosing portions of 1 to 12 cups per meal. A 12-month warranty and full-year technical support are covered by the company.


  •  LCD screen to monitor and adjust meal timings
  •  Easy to assemble and dismantle for cleaning
  •  Compact design and transparent dispenser
  •  Built-in mic and speaker to record message for the pet


  •  Operates only on 3D batteries that need to be replaced.

3. WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs


You cannot find more convenient automatic pet feeder than this. You can program this feeder to dispense food from 1 to 39 portions and set up to 4 times a day. One of the distinguishing features of this feeder is its large 7L capacity. The screen will start functioning only when you press two buttons simultaneously. This protects damages and changes in settings by pets. You can connect the feeder to your power supply or can use 3D batteries in it. Also, your pet cannot open the lid as it opens only by pressing a button. This makes this feeder safe for your pet.


  •  Large 7L capacity and can last up to 4 days
  •  Program to dispense 1 to 39 portions as per your need
  •  Dual power supply for hassle-free operation
  •  Trusted brand by many customers
  •  A value for money product


  •  A sophisticated product. So you have to give time to understand the functions for the first time you use it.

2. FociPow Automatic Pet Feeder


This pet feeder is special in many ways. It is a beautiful combination of technology and conventional way of feeding. What you need every day is ensuring your pet to be fed 3 times a day. You can be sure for this pet feeder has a programmable software that enables you to set the feeding time according to your requirements. Also, by considering the diet requirement of cats and dogs this feeder can hold 5L of dry food in it. You can also record your voice in the recorder, which will be played at the set meal times.


  •  Set time as per your requirements
  •  Sophisticated LCD display
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Large 5L capacity
  •  Brand trusted by many satisfied customers


  •  Operates only on 3D batteries that need to be replaced.

1. Canine Star Automatic Pet Feeder

CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeders for Dogs and Cats

This is certainly the most sophisticated automatic pet feeder you can ever get. Most of the automatic pet feeders can hold only one type of dry food at a single time. This pet feeder is designed to store 5 different kinds of food and that too dry or even wet. Program this feeder as per the diet preferences of your pet. The best part of this feeder is that even though your pet touches the screen with its paws it’s not going to change the settings. Due to a dual power supply, you can be sure that even though your house runs out of power supply the internal 3 D batteries will continue to provide supply to the feeder for the next 5 months.


  •  Keep 5 different kind of wet and dry food in it
  •  Dual power supply for hassle-free operation
  •  Voice recorder plays your message at meal times
  •  30-day money back warranty and 12-month quality guaranteed and technical support
  •  Brand trusted by satisfied customers
  •  Reasonable price


  •  Each container can hold the only 240ml of food in it

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