Top 10 Best AA Batteries in 2019


It is needless to mention the immense popularity and requirement of AA batteries in our daily lives. There are just too many electrical and electronic devices we use every day that run on AA batteries. Therefore, it is better to buy them in a lot instead of individually. Now, there are many brands available with AA batteries, and not all of them are up to the mark. Therefore, we are listing down the top 10 best AA batteries in 2019.

List of Best AA Batteries Review

10. EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries


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This set of batteries comes with four pieces of AA rechargeable batteries. All of these batteries also have the maximum capacity of 2800-mAh. Moreover, this set comes along with a smart and portable battery charger. The charger comes with rapid charging technology for faster charging. These batteries take only two hours to get fully charged.

These batteries are also perfect for game controllers. Furthermore, the charger can charge up to four batteries simultaneously. This efficient charger automatically faculties and detects any incompatible or leaked battery with the help of a red LED light indicator. You can utilize both the Micro USB and USB-C input to recharge the batteries.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Quick charging technology available.
  • Individual battery charging facility.
  • Auto detects fault in batteries.

9. Duracell Quantum AA Alkaline Batteries


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These AA alkaline batteries are extremely heavy-duty and offer a prolonged lifespan. All of these batteries are also suitable to use on the remotes, digital cameras, clocks, and more other household devices. Moreover, the batteries come along with the maximum shelf life of 10 years. The specially-built AA batteries deliver optimal performance.

The leakage-proof construction of the batteries also extends the service life of them. Furthermore, you can hassle-free use these batteries for flashlights, toys, wireless mice, radios, calculators, portable electronics as well as smoke detectors. This set consists of 6 pieces of AA batteries. These batteries are suitable for both commercial and household purposes.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Wide compatibility and protects the device.
  • Safe for using and dependable performance.
  • User convenience with long-lasting power.

8. Energizer AA Batteries


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This set includes a total number of 20 pieces of AA alkaline batteries. These long-lasting batteries are also free of power leakage and offer extended service life. Moreover, all of these batteries can retain power for10 years. The anti-leakage construction of these batteries can extend the battery life up to 2 years.

These AA batteries are also free of mercury to provide protection against danger. Furthermore, these batteries are extremely suitable for several electronic devices, like remotes, clocks, toys, and other home devices. Apart from that, you can use these batteries for any low to medium drain electronic devices.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Resistant to leak for safe operation.
  • High performance and set of 20.
  • Unique composition for wide application.

7. Anker Alkaline AA Batteries


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This set comes along with 24 pieces of AA alkaline batteries. These heavy-duty batteries also come along with power-locking technology to stand for durability. Moreover, the batteries have pre-coating of high-quality stainless-steel pre-coating to provide protection against leakage. The batteries come with universal compatibility with most of the electronic devices.

These batteries are also perfect for any small electronic devices, like remotes, toys, game controllers smart home devices and more. Furthermore, each of the batteries comes along with the maximum shelf life up to 10 years. The airtight and liquid-seal of the batteries offer protection against power leakage as well.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Leading technology for a powerful performance.
  • Adaptive output for universal compatibility.
  • Liquid and air-tight seal for power lock.

6. Rayovac AA Batteries


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This set of AA batteries comes along with 72 pieces of alkaline batteries. All of these pre-charged batteries also have the maximum shelf life of 10 years in not used condition. Moreover, these energy-efficient batteries are extremely durable, and you do not need to change them frequently. All of the batteries come with leakage protection.

This set is also very much cost-effective and suitable for several devices, like remotes, smart home devices, and flashlights. Furthermore, these heavy-duty batteries do not cause any damage to your electronic devices. Generally, the double ‘A’ batteries come along with five years of shelf life.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Set of 72 and universal compatibility.
  • Long-lasting and safe for use.
  • Prevents damage from quality testing.

5. ACDelco AA Super Alkaline Batteries


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These 40 pieces of alkaline AA batteries come in a set. All of these batteries also come with the power of 1.5-volt. Moreover, the batteries have protection against leakage. The batteries can retain the power for 10 years while not in use. The batteries are highly efficient in serving high and super-high drain devices as well.

The AA batteries are also effective in delivering highly reliable discharge performance. Furthermore, the stainless-steel pre-coating of the batteries provides protection against leakage. These AA batteries do not contain cadmium as well as mercury and keep them safe for any residential and commercial purposes.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Free from cadmium and mercury.
  • Outstanding performance on high-drain devices.
  • Leak-free design and long shelf life.

4. Energizer AA Max Alkaline Battery


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The set consists of 48 pieces of AA alkaline batteries. These batteries also come with the maximum shelf life of 10 years. Moreover, the alkaline batteries are free of mercury and absolutely durable and safe. Moreover, the multi-purpose batteries are suitable for various devices, like digital cameras, toys, remotes, clocks, and so on.

The batteries also come with a lower operating temperature range to work frequently under cold condition. Furthermore, the batteries are ideal for any low to middle drain electronic devices. These batteries come with leakage-proof construction. All of these double ‘A’ batteries have a prolonged service life as well.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Prevents leak with high-quality construction.
  • Durable performance and pack of 48.
  • Wide usage and free from alkaline.

3. Duracell Procell AA Batteries


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This set of alkaline AA batteries includes 24 pieces of batteries. All of these batteries also come along with up to 10 years of lifespan while not in use. Moreover, the ultra-powered batteries have extended battery life with over-discharge protection. The operational temperature range for each battery starts from minus 4 to 129-degree Fahrenheit.

These batteries also come along with cost-effective operation to lessen the expense of power usage. Furthermore, you do not need to change the batteries frequently, as all of them come with prolonged service life. These batteries are perfect for pagers, calculators, medical devices, door locks, electronic safety equipment, and cameras.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Superior shelf life and 24-pack set.
  • Saves power due to low operating expense.
  • Safe operation and wide temperature tolerance.

2. Panasonic AA Rechargeable Batteries


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This set of pre-charged AA batteries is easily rechargeable. The batteries also can retain the charge for 10 years of storage up to 70%. Moreover, these batteries can recharge for 2100 times. The AA batteries easily recharge them in partially or fully discharged condition. The lowest operational temperature for these batteries is minus 4-degree Fahrenheit.

The conductive section of these batteries is also of nickel-metal to deliver extreme conductivity. Furthermore, these durable batteries are simply rechargeable with solar energy. The batteries are suitable for the battery-operated lantern, tactical flashlight, camera, walkie-talkie radio and other devices. The AA batteries come with the maximum capacity of 2000-mAh.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Long-lasting use with rechargeable design.
  • Wide compatibility and no memory effect.
  • Safe operation and pack of 8.

1. AmazonBasics AA Alkaline Batteries


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This set of alkaline batteries is very much cost-effective as it comes with 48 pieces of them. With the power of 1.5-volt, each AA battery also comes along with 10 years of power leakage-proof lifespan. Moreover, these batteries are suitable for multiple devices, like game controllers, toys, clocks, and digital cameras.

All of these batteries also come with enhanced corrosion-resistant components and zinc composition. Furthermore, the Japanese technology of the batteries effectively provides protection against over-power discharging. These durable batteries deliver optimal performance equally for low and high drain devices. Even, the AA batteries provide protection against high temperatures.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Better performance for durable results.
  • High compatibility and safe materials.
  • Non-leaking design and Short Circuit Preventive Washer.

Buying Guide For AA Batteries

The following list contains the main points you need to keep in mind while buying AA batteries.

Shelf Life:

Shelf life is the most important factors that you need to consider while buying AA batteries. The large capacity battery will let you use it for a long time. It will allow you to save money and you don’t have to change your batteries frequently.

Rechargeable Feature:

A rechargeable battery will let you have the convenience, and you can use it multiple times. See if it has high capacity and comes with a minimum of 1900mAh capacity that will minimize the need of having multiple recharges.

Number of Batteries:

AA batteries come in a number of packs that lets you use it on different gadgets. Consider the number of devices and then make your buy. Always pick a package that fits in all your devices and let them conveniently. You can even have additional batteries and use your gadget while recharging the batteries.


The materials of the AA batteries have to be safe for use. Disposable AA batteries may contain alkaline, lithium, and other materials. Alkaline batteries are perfect for low drain devices and have better performance than lithium AA batteries. Lithium batteries have lower self-discharge and are suitable for less commonly used items. They are also less likely to release corrosive liquid when they age. Rechargeable batteries are safe for the environment and are made of safe materials. Ensure that it does not contain any toxic materials, and you can opt for the one that is made of recycled materials.

Discharge Rate:

Always look out for the one that has a lower discharge rate. Batteries tend to discharge when not in use, and you need to recharge them quite often. Some can have the capacity to hold the charge for a longer time, and you don’t have to bother about recharging it for almost a year. Make sure it delivers durable performance and will let you use it on multiple items.


AA batteries are standard batteries used across the world. We have listed the best possible AA batteries from the best brands so that they are durable and give you the best value for your money. Along with that, the buying guide will help you to understand the batteries better, and you can compare minutely before you can choose one to buy.

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